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Tork industry non-woven cloth

The industry partner

Choose your Tork non-woven cloth.

The range of Tork non-woven cloths is the widest and most qualitative for professional needs, in restaurants, cleaning companies and in industry.
With more than 30 references in its catalog in this field, Tork offers you the best product adapted to your use, by its efficiency, its economic performance, and its durable aspect.
Tork non-woven cloths intended for industrial use are identified by W1, W2, W3, W4, W7, W8, W10 W Tork dispensers can be refilled with paper towels or non-woven cloths. Several models are available, depending on your choice of a wall-mounted, standing or even a dispenser on wheels.

The qualities of Tork non-woven cloth

4 qualities
Tork Cleaning Cloth Color white and blue
Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth Color gray
Tork Ultra-resistant Cleaning Cloth Color white and blue
Tork Ultra-resistant Industrial Cleaning Cloth Color white and blue

To choose your cloth quality, here are the criteria to consider:
Choose a reference 510 or 520: when you need a light cloth for tight spaces, angles, and when absorption and resistance are not the most important parameters.
Choose a reference 530: when absorption and resistance are the most important parameters.
Choose a reference 570: for really difficult stains, when the need for absorption is great and when great strength is required.
To choose your distributor, here are the criteria to consider:
-Central unwinding or sheets or cardboard package, folded rags, etc.)
-Sheet-by-sheet distribution or not
-Paper protected or not
- Large or small sheet and dispenser format, depending on available size and location
-Need mobility or not (casters, wall mounted, or installed)

The Tork industrial rag 520 series

• Soft, with a textile feel
• Very flexible, allows you to clean in every nook and cranny
• Effective with most solvents
• Grey
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Non-woven cloth Tork W7 gray industrial cleaning

39,90 € HT
Ref: 520372

Tork Premium non-woven multi-purpose cloths. Very resistant. The Tork premium non-woven cloth Perfectly r…

Tork 11 In stock

Nonwoven cloth Tork Premium 520 gray reel 950 wipes

178,50 € HT
Ref: 520304

Non-woven cloth Tork 520 gray multi-purpose roll of 950 formats of 38 x 42 cm. Soft touch feeling, simila…

Tork not Available

Non-woven cloth Tork W4 cleaning 520 gray 42x35 cm

157,35 € HT
Ref: 520678

Tork Premium 520 non-woven cloth gray multi-purpose. Sold in boxes of 5 packs of 140 cloths 42.8x35.5 cm …

Tork not Available

Nonwoven Tork Premium 520 Grey cardboard 8 x 55 cloth wipes

107,40 € HT
Ref: 520350

Non-woven cloth Tork Premium 520 gray box of 8 packs of 55 cloths 32 x 39 cm. Soft touch feeling, similar…

Tork not Available

Nonwoven cloth Tork Premium 520 Grey Multi coil 390 wipes

86,40 € HT
Ref: 520337

Tork Premium 520 gray non-woven cloth reel of 390 cloths 38 x 32 cm. Soft touch feeling, similar to texti…

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