Soap dispenser

Cartridge or bulk soap dispenser

A soap dispenser comes in several types. A distinction is made between the cartridge liquid soap dispenser and the soap dispenser accepting bulk liquid soap.

Cartridge soap dispenser

In the case of the cartridge soap dispenser it has the advantage of being very hygienic , no filling problem since a cartridge change is made. On the other hand, the price of cartridges is very often higher in price per liter than a liquid soap in bulk (can of 5 liters for example). However, this is to be weighed against the fact that a cartridge soap dispenser consumes much less than a bulk soap dispenser. In fact, the latest generations of soap dispensers dispense foam and thus consume 5 to 7 times less than with bulk liquid soap. In general, the manufacturer of cartridge soap dispensers guarantees them for life like Deb for example.
On the cartridge dispensers we offer several manufacturers including Deb, Stoko, Tork and also Lotus.

Bulk soap dispenser

The bulk soap dispenser is inherently the economy choice . Indeed, the hygienic aspect is not guaranteed by the access to the filling tank. In addition, there is a risk of error when filling the product level as well as a risk of product stagnation in the tank if it is not maintained regularly. Then there can be overconsumption and leakage under the soap dispenser if the soap dispenser pump is not serviced and replaced.
Clearly, if you are looking for absolute savings, prefer a bulk soap dispenser but if hygiene remains your priority, prefer a cartridge soap dispenser. Choosing a good system will allow you to control your budget .

Automatic contactless dispenser

In recent years, dispensers of consumables for hand hygiene have developed, in particular automatic soap dispensers.
These devices are of significant interest with regard to hygiene . Indeed, the big concern of the major of soap dispensers is the fact that the user comes into contact with the lever or the pusher allowing to dispense the dose of product. Consequently, the hygiene of this pusher in the context of successive passages by users represents a major risk in the context of the transmission of germs .
The contactless dispenser is triggered via an infrared cell and the dose of soap is therefore delivered without any contact between the user and the device.
Beyond the reinforced hygienic aspect, it is also the consumption that will be optimized because it is clear that on a manual device, the user will reflexively press the button several times but on a cell device it does not. will not have this reflex. There will therefore be a reduction in consumption
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Distributors and compatible cartridges

Lotus soap dispenser

In the range of Lotus soap dispensers, a distinction must be made between liquid dispensers and foam dispensers.
Foam soap dispenser is available in blue and white, reference 401795 and 402711.
Consumable compatible references 401796, 401797 and 401798
Spray soap dispenser reference E02230 compatible consumable J95816E
Liquid soap dispenser 350 ml reference 80010 compatible consumable 80012
Lotus Enmotion dispenser in blue or white 403605 and 403589. Compatible consumable: 403609, 403608, 404390,404389.

Tork Sca soap dispenser

At Tork SCA there are several models. The same device can be compatible with several types of formulas (washing, disinfecting ...)

Deb soap dispenser

Deb restructured its entire range in 2011/2012 as part of a European approach.
As a result, a certain number of widely implemented standards have been removed due to their aging. Thus the Hypor range with heiress, deb and florafree soaps have been removed from the range.
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Automatic JVD sapphire soap dispenser

39,90 € HT 19,80 € HT
Ref: 844397

Automatic Saphir soap dispenser and JVD infrared contactless hydroalcoholic gel. sapphire model. is conta…

JVD 562 In stock

JVD cleanline black soap and gel dispenser

25,90 € HT 14,90 € HT
Ref: 8441379

JVD gel soap dispenser, cleanline gel line, specially developed for communities and to limit consumption.…

Voussert 289 In stock

JVD cleanline white dispenser

19,90 € HT 15,90 € HT
Ref: 844479

JVD gel soap dispenser, cleanline gel line, specially developed for communities and to limit consumption.…

Voussert 262 In stock

Soap Dispenser Tork Elevation black S1

26,75 € HT
Ref: 560008

Soap dispenser Tork Elevation S1 black. Tork System Dispenser S1 System Maxi Liquid Soaps, Liquid soaps. …

Tork 167 In stock

Soap dispenser Deb Cleanse Antibac 1000 foam and lotion

30,87 € HT 18,75 € HT

Unique range of 1L devices for sealed product cartridges, meeting the different needs of each workplace a…

DEB 145 In stock

Black automatic gel soap dispenser

67,00 € HT 27,40 € HT
Ref: 895DSB

Automatic soap and gel dispenser containing 1 liter. This automatic soap dispenser is hygienic because t…

Neutre 132 In stock

JVD Cleanline gray soap and gel dispenser

25,90 € HT 16,95 € HT
Ref: 844731

Liquid soap and hydroalcoholic gel dispenser JVD Cleanline line specially developed for communities and t…

JVD 122 In stock

Tork S4 black foam soap dispenser

25,25 € HT
Ref: 561508

Tork foam soap dispensers are suitable for all types of sanitary facilities. Very large capacity: 2500 do…

Tork 115 In stock

Tork S4 white foam soap dispenser

25,25 € HT
Ref: 561500

Tork foam soap dispensers are suitable for all types of sanitary facilities. Very large capacity: 2500 do…

Tork 108 In stock

Soap Dispenser Deb Cleanse Biocote Wsahroom 1000 - 1L

30,87 € HT 18,75 € HT

Hand shower and sanitary dispenser: A unique range of 1L, 2L and 4L appliances, for sealed product cartri…

DEB 103 In stock

JVD foam child soap dispenser

30,90 € HT 19,95 € HT
Ref: 844478KIDS

JVD Kids loose foam soap dispenser has a playful design to facilitate the use of barrier gestures for chi…

JVD 100 In stock

Mini wall mounted soap dispenser pump JVD Isiss white

11,99 € HT
Ref: 8441768

The JVD Isiss soap and gel dispenser is very easy to use. Isiss JVD in white is wall-mounted and compact …

JVD 91 In stock

Deb Soapy soap child soap dispenser

30,87 € HT 18,75 € HT

Fun soap dispenser for children and more particularly in schools. How to make washing and disinfecting ho…

DEB 86 In stock

Automatic soap dispenser gel yaliss JVD

49,90 € HT 36,90 € HT
Ref: 8441448

Automatic gel soap dispenser 1L Yaliss JVD. The soap dispenser is hygienic because the soap is delivered …

JVD 79 In stock

JVD cleanline gray foam soap dispenser

29,00 € HT 21,90 € HT
Ref: 844732

JVD metal gray Cleanline loose foam soap dispenser. Specially designed for foam soap. Minimizes consumpt…

JVD 73 In stock

Soap dispenser Deb shower space 1L

30,87 € HT 18,75 € HT
Ref: PRO00P

Deb Stoko Refresh Washroom 1000 Translucent Black and Chrome Plated. Hand shower and sanitary dispenser:…

DEB 73 In stock

800 ml ABS bulk gel soap dispenser

33,95 € HT 21,90 € HT
Ref: 878802

Soap dispenser accepting all types of liquid soaps and hydroalcoholic gel. This distributor is a referenc…

Neutre 56 In stock

JVD 1000ml crystal II gel soap dispenser

25,63 € HT 15,95 € HT
Ref: 844102

JVD liquid soap and hydroalcoholic gel dispenser capacity 1000ml. Silicone pump. Handling system: push …

JVD 54 In stock

Instantgel hydroalcoholic gel dispenser 1L

30,87 € HT 18,75 € HT

Dispenser for Instantgel complete hydro-alcoholic gel cartridge. Unique range of 1L devices for sealed pr…

DEB 41 In stock

Soap dispenser Soft Care Line Diversey

22,10 € HT
Ref: 7514295

Soft Care Line Diversey gel soap dispenser. Dispenser suitable for hydroalcoholic gel lotion cartridges r…

Diversey 39 In stock

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