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Cleaning equipment and Taski product

TASKI manufacturer of scrubber-drier and monobrush

TASKI machines are recognized for their technology and their ergonomics which allow to bring real benefits in performance and optimization of cleaning costs. They competed and won Innovation Awards for their performance optimization.
TASKI is a brand of Diversey but Taski is a historic brand in the world of professional hygiene.
It was in 1955 that the first TASKI machines appeared with the birth of Wega monobrushes, which conquered cleaning professionals by their efficiency, their ease of use and the considerable time they saved cleaning agents.
From this time, the mechanization of cleaning revolutionized the cleaning profession by improving ergonomics and above all by reducing intervention times. TASKI will now continue to support professionals and anticipate their needs in order to simplify and make the cleaning tasks profitable. This will go through important stages such as the continuous increase in the efficiency of the machines, and the appearance of ergonomic machines designed for better comfort of use.
The excellence of the result is the constant of TASKI. It is in the laboratories of Diversey in Switzerland that the machines
TASKI are developed according to strict requirements, and in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Monobrush Taski Ergodisc

In the Taski range, the Ergodsisc series single-brushes are the image of this know-how. Due to their design, the Taski Ergodisc monobrushes take all the parameters into account in order to obtain significant efficiency with easy handling.

Low speed monobrushes
TASKI ergodisc HD - Heavy Duty • 150 rpm; diam = 43 cm • 54kg + removable 10kg weight • Ideal for restoration work
TASKI ergodisc 165 - The all-rounder • 165 rpm; diam = 43 cm • Powerful motor and adjustable weight (5kg) • Excellent value for money
TASKI ergodisc 200 - The economical • 200 rpm; diam = 43 cm • Motor height adapted to congested areas • Versatile at low cost

Two-speed single brushes
TASKI ergodisc duo - The powerful • 2 working speeds: 165 and 330 rpm • Robust and powerful • Great versatility

High speed monobrushes
TASKI ergodisc 400 - The specialist • 400 rpm; diam = 43 cm • Aggregate and suction skirt for spraying and buffing
TASKI ergodisc 1200 - The fast • 1200 rpm; diam = 50 cm • Linear work for easy and ergonomic use
TASKI ergodisc omni - The expert • 900 rpm; diam = 43 cm • Multidirectional with strong pressure • Allows stripping, spraying and buffing
TASKI ergodisc 2000 - Ultra high speed • 2000 rpm; diam = 50 cm • Brilliant rise in record time • Integrated suction system

Taski Swingo scrubber-dryer

The scrubbers range Taski Swingo offers powerful cleaning results for a real time saver. Maintenance is made easier by the presence of a yellow mark which clearly and precisely indicates the parts to be cleaned after each use. From the Taski swingo 150 to the Taski Swingo 3500, the width of the range makes it possible to respond to all situations.

Taski Aero and Vacumat vacuum cleaner

The Taski vacuums with the Taski Aero 8 and Taski Aero 15 as well as the Taski vacumat series of water vacuums allow you to efficiently respond to all of your toughest working conditions.
The Taski Aero series is one of the quietest vacuum cleaners on the market with a noise level that can be reduced by up to 50 dB (A) while a conventional vacuum cleaner develops up to 82 db (A).

Taski maintenance products

Of course even if the purchase of Taski by the Johnson Diversey group to refocus certain range of Taski products, it remains in the product offering flagships such as Taski TR101 and TR103 carpet products, the Taski Radikal for soil stripping, the Taski Vision range for protection.
Choosing Taski is choosing an indisputable quality for a result.
You will find in the link below the list of transfers.
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TASKI 2013 product transfer table

Gradually the JONTEC and TASKI ranges will migrate.
Here is the list of correspondences as and when the references are exhausted

7515069 TASKI crystal NC plus 6x1L => 7515067 TASKI Sani 100 NC conc 6x1L

7515071 TASKI crystal NC plus 5L => A100955 TASKI Sani 100 NC conc 5L

7513107 TASKI crystal 2x5L => 7512815 TASKI Sani 100 2x5L

7516352 TASKI Sanicit plus 5L => 7519051 TASKI Sani Cid conc 5L

7513221 TASKI sanicit 6x1L => 7512833 TASKI Sani Cid 6x1L

7513222 TASKI sanicit 2x5L => 7512835 TASKI Sani Cid 2x5L

7516355 TASKI calcacid 6x1L => 7519052 TASKI Sani Calc 6x1L

7516356 TASKI calcacid 2x5L => 7519053 TASKI Sani Calc 2x5L

7512990 TASKI alconet 6x1L => 7512859 TASKI Sprint 200 6x1L

7512991 TASKI alconet 2x5L => 7512861 TASKI Sprint 200 2x5L

7515074 TASKI alconet NC plus 6x1L => 7515072 TASKI Sprint 200 NC conc 6x1L

7515076 TASKI alconet NC plus 5L => A100958 TASKI Sprint 200 NC conc 5L

7513034 TASKI sanofresh 6x1L => 7512878 TASKI Sprint Flower 6x1L

7513035 TASKI sanofresh 2x5L => 7512882 TASKI Sprint Flower 2x5L

7513038 TASKI energy 2x5L => 7512892 TASKI Sprint Ammo 2x5L

7516347 TASKI force 2x5L => 7519193 TASKI Jontec Total 2x5L

7512315 TASKI combibest 2x5L => 7512308 TASKI Jontec Best 2x5L

7512339 TASKI combiplus 2x5L => 7512953 TASKI Jontec Combi 2x5L

7512343 TASKI tensio 2x5L => 7513139 TASKI Jontec Tensol 2x5L

7512360 TASKI vision star 2x5L => 7512357 TASKI Jontec Resitol 2x5L

7512933 TASKI R50 2x5L => 7512925 TASKI Jontec 300 2x5L

7512934 TASKI R50 2x5L => 7512928 TASKI Jontec 300 2x5L

7515079 TASKI R50 NC plus 6x1L => 7515077 TASKI Jontec 300 NC conc 6x1L

7515081 TASKI R50 NC plus 5L => A100952 TASKI Jontec 300 NC conc 5L

7512957 TASKI P44 2x5L => 7512345 TASKI Jontec Spray 2x5L

7513165 TASKI topshine 2x5L => 7513160 TASKI Jontec Extra 2x5L

7513197 TASKI vision matt 2x5L => 7513194 TASKI Jontec Matt 2x5L

7513326 TASKI vision silk 2x5L => 7513323 TASKI Jontec Luna 2x5L

7514166 TASKI quartz 2x5L => 7514159 TASKI Jontec TimeSaver 2x5L

7518305 TASKI radical 10L => 7517390 TASKI Jontec Futur 2x5L

7513211 TASKI TR103 2x5L => 7513206 TASKI Tapi Extract 2x5L

7513215 TASKI TR101 2x5L => 7513212 TASKI Tapi Shampoo 2x5L

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Taski Jontec Eternum F2E Diversey floor wax emulsion 5 L

107,26 € HT 49,95 € HT
Ref: 7512694

Taski jontec Eternum is a high-gloss, anti-slip emulsion for all types of hard, smooth and water-resistan…

Taski 103 In stock

Taski sprint spitfire E5c powerful cleaner 750 ml

12,92 € HT 6,60 € HT
Ref: 7513489

Diversey's Taski Sprint Spitfire is a professional ready-to-use heavy-duty cleaner. Powerful multi-purpos…

Taski 71 In stock

Taski sprint glass Diversey 750 ml

7,31 € HT 3,70 € HT
Ref: 7513050

Taski sprint Glass is a ready-to-use spray detergent for streak-free cleaning of windows, mirrors and oth…

Taski 71 In stock

Microfiber cloth taski mymicro red

1,11 € HT
Ref: 7524115

Microfiber cloth taski mymicro red. TASKI MyMicro is a high quality microfiber woven mop for professional…

Taski 69 In stock

Microfiber cloth taski mymicro blue

1,11 € HT
Ref: 7524116

Microfiber cloth taski mymicro blue. TASKI MyMicro is a high quality microfiber woven mop for professiona…

Taski 52 In stock

Taski Jontec N°1 F1c stripper without rinsing 5 L

107,75 € HT 45,90 € HT
Ref: 101102722

Taski Jontec N°1 no-rinse stripper is a powerful no-rinse stripper for floors. Powerful stripper for emul…

Taski 47 In stock

Taski sani 4in1 sprayer

3,90 € HT
Ref: 7524055

Taski sani 4in1 sprayer. The sprayer is sold empty. The Taski sani sprayer is ideal for using the produc…

Taski 46 In stock

Taski Aero 8 Aero 15 vacuum cleaner bag

22,81 € HT
Ref: 905097

Adaptable vacuum bag Taski Aero 8 and Taski Aero 15. Double wall paper bag. Dimensions 450 x 240 mm bell…

Taski 44 In stock

Taski jontec Resitol F2j wax resistant to disinfectants 5 L

65,41 € HT 39,90 € HT
Ref: 7512357

Taski jontec Resitol F2j is an emulsion that can be used on modern floors resistant to alcohol and disinf…

Taski 43 In stock

Taski sani calc W1714 powerful sanitary descaler 5L

64,69 € HT 29,95 € HT
Ref: 7513254

Taski sani calc W3b by Diversey is a powerful descaler for sanitary facilities, for surfaces compatible w…

Taski 40 In stock

Taski trolley bucket press with stand

251,04 € HT 79,00 € HT
Ref: D7524591

Household trolley Taski bucket with wheels with jaw press. Supplied with bucket with 4 wheels, jaw press,…

Taski 40 In stock

Taski Jontec Matt wax finish matt 5L

69,52 € HT 39,90 € HT
Ref: 7513194

Taski Jontec Matt from diversey is the evolution of Taski vision matt emulsion matt soil resistant to alc…

Taski 39 In stock

Vacuum bag Taski Bora 12 Vacumat 12 pack of 10

18,84 € HT
Ref: 905724

Vacuum cleaner bag compatible for Taski bora 12, Taski baby bora, Taski vacumat 12, Vacumat 35, Vento15, …

Taski 36 In stock

Taski Jontec combi scrubber cleaner 5L

40,22 € HT 19,95 € HT
Ref: 7512953

Taski jontec Combi is a detergent / maintenance product, low foaming, based on polymers for hard water re…

Taski 36 In stock

Taski jontec stride scrubber degreaser 5L

42,24 € HT 19,95 € HT
Ref: 100864294

Taski jontec stride scrubber degreaser powerful alkaline detergent, specially formulated for use in scrub…

Taski 36 In stock

Taski sprint 200 multipurpose detergent

21,90 € HT 18,90 € HT
Ref: 100898868

Taski sprint 200 NC is a highly concentrated alcohol-based detergent for water-resistant hard surfaces th…

Taski 34 In stock

Vacuum bag Taski Baby Bora Ghibli AS 5 Cleanfix S10 10 pack

19,19 € HT
Ref: 905707

Bags for vacuum cleaner models Taski Baby Bora / Taski Bora (old model) / S4 and S6, Sorma 515/310, D6, G…

Taski 33 In stock

Plateau coach door hard monobrush Taski Ergodsic

79,00 € HT
Ref: 8504410

Standard Taski compatible disc holder tray for Taski Ergodisc series monobrushes. Adaptable to monobrushe…

Taski 33 In stock

Taski sprint multi E4c degreaser vertical rough surfaces

12,64 € HT
Ref: 7513060

Sprint Multi from Johnson Diversey is an aerosol degreaser for rough / vertical surfaces. Foaming spray c…

Taski 33 In stock

Sas vacuum Taski vento 8 pack of 10 bags

17,30 € HT
Ref: 905728

Sas vacuum compatible for Taski vento 8 pack of 10 bags. Adaptable standard generic bag mainly Taski Ven…

Taski 32 In stock
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