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Christmas tablecloth

Disposable Christmas tablecloth

Noel paper tablecloth qualities

When we talk about the paper web, this often covers a global name but it is necessary behind this term of "paper web" to distinguish the different materials that exist.
We must indeed distinguish 3 major groups of subjects:
- Paper which is often available as a tablecloth in size, in smooth or damask rolls, head to head or as a place mat.
- The non-woven (or non-woven) also available in roll of tablecloth but also in set, head to head or round tablecloths.
- The Spunbond is available in roll, in set, head to head in round tablecloth.

Which tablecloth material to choose?

These different materials do not correspond to the same service in terms of quality.
Indeed, the nonwoven which has a rendering close to the textile in terms of fall and thickness will rather be used for high-end services.
The pinnacle of nonwoven is professional Duni quality with more particularly Dunicel which is very low end nonwoven with a gram of 140 grs / m2 where a standard nonwoven in Airlaid quality will be 55 to 60 grs / m2.
Spunbond is a recent material which has partly replaced nonwoven on certain occasions.
Indeed, the spunbond is a material which is held better than the nonwoven (more difficult to tear) and especially water-repellent in the liquid.
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Paper napkin Christmas silver 33x33 by 50

2,90 € HT 1,95 € HT
Ref: 133973

Wadding paper napkin, silver, 33 x 33 cm. Special Christmas and holiday theme. Sold in packs of 50 in the…

CGMP 287 In stock

Or paper towel 33 x 33 cm package 600

2,90 € HT 1,95 € HT
Ref: 133583

Paper towel 2 sheets Gold 33 x 33 cm. Towel made in France. Christmas and holiday theme. Sold in packs of…

CGMP 230 In stock

Christmas tablecloth roll crystals gold 1,20x25m

24,50 € HT 8,90 € HT
Ref: 215011

Paper roll tablecloth with a linen canvas effect. Gold crystals decor on a white background. Dimensions: …

CGMP 112 In stock

Rudolph paper Christmas napkin 33 x 33 cm by 50

2,88 € HT
Ref: 134123

2-ply cotton napkin with Christmas / Rudolph theme. Unfolded towel format 33 x 33 cm. Special Christmas t…

CGMP 48 In stock

Christmas tablecloth Prelude roll 1,20x6m

4,90 € HT 1,80 € HT
Ref: 290901

Tablecloth paper damask Christmas Prelude 1,20x6m special theme Christmas and holidays. Destocking on st…

CGMP 22 In stock

Christmas napkin celisoft fir 40x40 50 napkins

9,46 € HT
Ref: 772360

Celisoft towel from CGMP blue decor "Nightlight". Resistant napkin, ideal for folding, qualitative paper …

CGMP 20 In stock

Tablecloth Christmas non woven epicea roll 1,20x25 m

41,15 € HT 13,95 € HT
Ref: 821016

High-end quality non-woven Christmas tablecloth in rolls of 1.20 X 25 m. White background color red spruc…

CGMP 14 In stock

Christmas tablecloth silver roll 1,20x5 m

5,30 € HT
Ref: 251211

Christmas tablecloth roll silver 1.20x5 m This tablecloth made in France offers a linen canvas effect tha…

CGMP 12 In stock

Disposable paper Christmas tablecloth Gold 1.20 x 25 m

22,40 € HT
Ref: 216062

Gold paper tablecloth linen canvas texture in roll. Roll dimensions: 1.20 x 25 m. Sold individually.

CGMP 12 In stock

Disposable Christmas paper tablecloth Gold 1.20 x 5 m

5,30 € HT
Ref: 251212

Golden paper tablecloth. Dimensions: 1.20 x 5 m. Sold in rolls of 5m Napkin assorted 787037

CGMP 12 In stock

Roll tablecloth spunbond 5m gold Christmas

23,60 € HT
Ref: R780557

The spunbond web is non-woven. The spunbond tablecloth has an innovative technology due to its unique pro…

Tiss lack 11 In stock

Dunicel tablecloth green noel 84x84 pack of 20

29,38 € HT 20,95 € HT
Ref: 176112

Duni Dunicel white tablecloth 84x84 pack of 20. Dunicel is a heavy material made from wadding. Its weight…

Duni 11 In stock

Tablecloth Christmas paper roll silver 1.20 x 25 m

22,40 € HT
Ref: 216061

Paper roll tablecloth in silver color. Dimensions: 1.20 x 25 m. Sold individually. Product made in France…

CGMP 10 In stock

Celisoft Christmas tablecloth roll 25m

42,78 € HT
Ref: 828020

Celisoft tablecloth roll from CGMP color blue decor "Nightlight". Resistant, thick tablecloth, pleasant t…

CGMP 9 In stock

Noel gold towel celiouate package of 300

30,31 € HT
Ref: 787037

Celi Ouate towel from CGMP gold color. Format 38 x 38 cm. Sold in packages of 300 towels (6 x 50).

CGMP 9 In stock

Santa Claus Paper Napkin 33 x 33 cm package of 600

27,22 € HT
Ref: 134013

Cotton paper towel 2 ply Santa theme. Unfolded towel size 33 x 33 cm. Christmas theme. Sold in package…

CGMP 9 In stock

Dunicel roll cream Duni 1,20 x 25 m

68,49 € HT 51,45 € HT
Ref: 176137

The dunicel is a unique material made by Duni from wadding. Dunicel tablecloths from Duni are extremely …

Duni 8 In stock

Tablecloth roll spunbond 5m silver Christmas

23,60 € HT
Ref: R780552

The spunbond web is non-woven. The spunbond tablecloth has an innovative technology due to its unique pro…

Tiss lack 5 In stock

Christmas paper placemat 30x40cm by 200

17,40 € HT
Ref: 221906

Christmas paper placemat 30x40cm pack of 200. Solid color Gold. Sold in packs of 200 placemats. Product m…

CGMP 5 In stock

Christmas paper placemat 30x40cm by 200

17,73 € HT
Ref: 222400

Christmas paper placemat 30x40cm pack of 200. Plain color Silver. Sold in packs of 200 placemats.

CGMP 5 In stock
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