Monobrush Nilfisk, Numatic and Taski

How to choose your monobrush?

The choice of the right model of monobrush starts already from the analysis of the work or the different works that you want to carry out with your monobrush.
It is therefore necessary to distinguish among the operations that can be carried out with a monobrush the following main tasks:
- Floor stripping
- Floor cleaning
- Floor polishing
- Soil crystallization
- Carpet cleaning

What is a monobrush?

A monobrush is a machine equipped with a plate or a rotating brush at low, high or very high speed.
The monobrush is a machine designed for cleaning tiles, stone, linoleum, plastic floors, parquet, or even carpet. The monobrush stands out as an essential tool in cleaning companies.
The monobrush is the real Swiss army knife of cleaning professionals but also of communities.
The quality of work provided by a monobrush does not only depend on the machine but also on the discs and products used.
The very wide range of discs made available to operators covers all the operations carried out by a monobrush.
The color code used by the discs is actually quite simple because the darker the color the more aggressive the disc will be.
The lighter the color, the softer the disc.
The choice of the right disc and the right product is 50% of success and the quality of the monobrush is the other 50% to sum up.

Monobrush types

There are several types of monobrushes:

Low-speed monobrush

- Low-speed monobrush whose speed varies from 160 to 200 rpm .
These monobrushes are mainly used for stripping, carpet shampoos, floor cleaning, terrace cleaning but also crystallization or scarification tasks or parquet treatment.
Numatic, Taski and Nilisk are the main monobrush manufacturers on the professional market.
Belt or gear drive?
Most of the machines are equipped with a belt drive which is more than enough for daily cleaning work.
Some machines are equipped with gear drive to deliver more power. These machines are intended for building-type use in the context of crystallization or scarification or treatment of concrete floors.

High-speed monobrush

- High-speed monobrush whose rotation speed is close to 400 rpm.
These monobrushes are used for buffing or polishing modern floor type floors.
Under no circumstances may they be used for stripping, carpeting or floor cleaning operations.
Their use is strictly limited to the spray method (glossing).
In this context, the monobrush must be equipped with a plate on a shock absorber specially designed for high-speed use in order to allow it to follow the shape of the floor as closely as possible and thus avoid any risk of "sanding" the surface.

Two-speed monobrush

The bi-speed monobrush has a selector allowing them to have two rotation speeds.
A low speed 190 rpm (Example) and a double speed or 380 rpm.
A monobrush goes everywhere that allows you to meet all the tasks to be carried out:
- pickling operation (190 rpm)
- carpet cleaning (190 rpm)
- crystallization (190 rpm)
- polishing and spray method (380 rpm).
The disadvantage is that it is imperative to think of adapting the speed to the risk of degrading the engine of the machine.
Example of error: stay in high speed for carpet shampoo or stripping.

Very high speed monobrush

- Very high speed monobrush whose speed varies from 1200 rpm to 1500 rpm or even up to 2000 rpm.
These monobrushes are said to be linear and have a stabilizing wheel on the front in addition to the two side wheels.
They have a very specialized use limited to very high speed polishing of modern floors protected by an emulsion specially designed for very high speed polishing.
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Monobrush Taski Ergodisc 165

2 828,62 € HT 1 414,00 € HT
Ref: 8003850

The Taski ergodisc 165 monobrush has a wide range of cleaning applications. A rotation speed of 165 rpm f…

Taski 4 In stock

Monobrush Taski Ergodisc 400 spray polishing method

2 833,81 € HT 1 099,00 € HT
Ref: 8003890

Monobrush Taski Ergodisc 400 rpm is a monobrush that can be used as a spray-polish. Folding drawbar for e…

Taski 4 In stock

Monobrush Taski Ergodisc Duo dual speed

4 461,40 € HT 2 229,00 € HT
Ref: 8004020

The Taski Ergodisc Duo dual speed single brush is a single brush with two rotation speeds: 165 / 330 rpm.…

Taski 4 In stock

Monobrush Taski Ergodisc low speed 200

2 399,64 € HT 1 194,00 € HT
Ref: 8003810

Monobrush Taski Ergodisc 200 rpm for scrubbing floors, stripping, shampoo, spray-method, polishing, clean…

Taski 2 In stock

HFM 1523 Monobrush Numatic low speed brush tank

1 385,00 € HT
Ref: 905998-B

Numatic HFM1523 low speed single brush. High performance 1500 watt motor. Reinforced ventilation for diff…

Numatic 2 In stock

Taski Ergodisc HD Crystalline Monobrush

2 365,28 € HT 1 414,00 € HT
Ref: 7518199

The Taski Ergodisc HD monobrush develops great power at low speed allowing it to be used for intensive wo…

Taski 2 In stock

Monobrush Numatic dual speed 150/300 rev / min NRT1530HD

2 168,00 € HT
Ref: 704577

Numatic double speed machine 150/300 rpm. Two machines united in one: the most versatile of single spindl…

Numatic 2 In stock

Monobrush Numatic HFM 1545G high speed 450 tr

1 583,55 € HT
Ref: 906011

High speed single brush intended for cleaning floors by spray method and buffing. Increased performance f…

Numatic 2 In stock

Monobrush NUMATIC 200 laps tray and tank diameter 330 mm

1 115,00 € HT
Ref: 704485

Numatic machine model NLL332 speed of rotation 200 turns plate and tank diameter 330 mm. The perfect comb…

Numatic 2 In stock

Numatic HFM1515G Single Speed Buffer Tray Tank

1 593,00 € HT
Ref: 905972-P

Numatic HFM1515G low-speed monobrush. 1500 watt high performance motor. Reinforced ventilation for tough …

Numatic 1 In stock

Monobrush Numatic low speed 150 rev / min tray NR1500S tank

1 929,00 € HT
Ref: 875563

Monobrush Numatic low speed 150 rpm for intensive work is delivered with tray and tank. The Numatic NR150…

Numatic 1 In stock

Monobrush Numatic NLL415 150 laps and 400 mm tank tray

1 134,00 € HT
Ref: 704490

Numatic NLL415 single disc machine 150 turns 400 mm tray and tank. Easy grip even for beginners. Designe…


HFM 1523 Monobrush Numatic low speed tank tray

1 385,00 € HT
Ref: 905998-P

Numatic HFM1523 Low Speed Monobrush. High performance 1500 watt motor. Reinforced ventilation for diffi…


Monobrush Taski Ergodisc Omni

5 618,61 € HT
Ref: 8004630

Taski Ergodisc Omni single brush is a 900 rpm single brush for maintenance, dry stripping, spray polishin…


Nilfisk FM400 dual speed monobrush pack

2 775,00 € HT
Ref: FR16001091

The Nilfisk FM400 D monobrush is the two-speed version of the Nilfisk monobrush range. The user can thus …

Nilfisk Advance AVAILABLE 12 DAYS

Monobrush Taski ergodisc 1200 ultra high speed buffing

4 757,17 € HT
Ref: 8004660

Monobrush Taski Ergodisc 1200 rpm. The Taski ergodisc 1200 monobrush can be used in polishing, polishing …


Nilfisk FM400 high speed monobrush pack

2 078,00 € HT
Ref: FR16001090

The Nilfisk FM400 H monobrush is the high speed version of the Nilfisk monobrush range. Its rotation spee…

Nilfisk Advance AVAILABLE 2 WEEKS.

Nilfisk FM400 low speed monobrush pack

2 159,00 € HT
Ref: FR16001089

The Nilfisk FM400 L monobrush is the low speed version of the Nilfisk monobrush range. Its rotation speed…

Nilfisk Advance AVAILABLE 2 WEEKS.

Numatic Monobrush high speed 450 r / min with NRS450 tray

2 106,00 € HT
Ref: 704583

Numatic high speed single brush: Always more Power for optimum performance! High speed: With a rotation …

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