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Disposable mask FRANCE
Mask FFP2 Kolmi, FFP2 type IIR
Disposable mask FRANCE
Our FFP and surgical masks are made in France in Angers. The FFP2 Kolmi M52 mask is type IIR certified. This gives it the highest protection and use in the operating theater!
Choose the best of French know-how to protect yourself and protect others ...
Resealable bag
Kolmi type IIR medical mask EN14683
Resealable bag
Kolmi, French mask manufacturer, offers a new format in flowpack dispenser to have your mask everywhere and at any time. Compact, easy to use and hygienic, the Kolmi mask is comfortable and offers good breathability.
2,80 € HT

Top selling safety shoes and work clothing

Powder-free black nitrile vinyl glove per 100

6,90 € HT
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Powdered vinyl glove
by 100

3,95 € HT


34,10 € HT

Charlotte blue clip without latex 250

7,80 € HT

Orange grip nitrile glove
the 50

9,90 € HT
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Food blue nitrile glove per 100

6,95 € HT
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Water repellent shoe

23,45 € HT
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Microfiber kitchen shoe and 200J tip

34,75 € HT

Water-repellent kitchen moccasin

28,50 € HT

The safety shoe and work clothing ranges

Safety shoes and work clothing up to -70%

Work and all safety and comfort

In recent years, work clothing, safety shoes and more broadly protective equipment have evolved towards more safety but above all more comfort for the user.
In fact, ergonomics and well-being at work are now at the center of business concerns.
A team well in its shoes and well in its clothes will always be more efficient in its missions.

Upower the benchmark in safety shoes with Infinergy from BASF

Upower is a manufacturer of the most innovative safety shoes and work clothing. By using technologies such as Save flex plus which is an exclusive anti-perforation metal-free sole which, in addition to being lighter, remains very flexible and therefore more comfortable. A real asset with respect for the anti-perforation standard NORM 1100N;
The Stress out system which is an innovative tongue which again avoids the unpleasant friction of the tongue when walking thanks to ergonomic padding.
The safety toe cap remains a strategic point in a safety shoe. Upower developed Airtoe technology with a worldwide patent. This technology meets the most stringent safety requirements and standards. Airtoe tips are available in 3 composite versions 50 grs , aluminum 54 grs, composite 200 joules 60 grs. By comparison, a steel tip weighs 93 grams . This provides for the gain in lightness of the shoe.


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