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Nilfisk Alto

NILFISK ALTO and the Nilfisk-Advance Group

The Nilfisk Alto brand

NILFISK ALTO is a division of the Nilfisk-Advance Group , which is the largest manufacturer of professional and industrial cleaning equipment. Its turnover is around 730 million € for the year 2007, with more than 5000 employees around the world.
The premises of Nilfisk Alto are located in the main European countries, from North America, Asia, the head office is in Denmark and the manufacturing plants are located in China, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Sweden and North America.

Nilfisk Alto cleaning equipment

Nilfisk Alto supplies quality high-pressure cleaners , vacuum cleaners and all the necessary ground care equipment for all sectors: agriculture, automotive industry and other industries, cleaning companies and for individuals.
Nilfisk Alto wants to be a company that aims for innovation and growth. The sustainable development of customer, supplier and employee relationships is very important. Voussert is a major partner of Nilfisk Alto and brings you technical support in the long term. For more than 25 years, more than 50,000 customers have experienced it.
You will find on this link all the spare parts for Nilfisk Alto equipment.
For more than 25 years, Nilfisk Alto has been a professional car wash specialist and we are developing WAP technology for all of our CAR WASH wash stations. The focus on self-service and modular systems, as well as station management, are the cornerstones of success in this attractive segment. The economic success of each station is always at the center of our concerns.

Pressure washer

The range of high pressure cleaner is the widest on the market and Nilfisk Alto is rival of Karcher in this area. Cold water or hot water high pressure cleaners, single phase and three phase. From standalone models to mainstream models, we will advise you the right model.

Professional vacuum cleaner

The range of vacuum cleaner is also one of the widest on the market with class H Asbestos , class M or vacuum cleaners and water and dust will answer each of your requests.
The Nilfisk range is one of the widest with also special flood cleaners able to meet the needs of rescue services and demanding craftsmen / professionals.
The treatment of hazardous dusts and more particularly of asbestos is also widely available at Nilfisk with the range of class H vacuum cleaners meeting the standards for working on asbestos removal sites.
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Nilfisk Alto innovative European group

More than 1,000 sites in Europe confirm customer satisfaction, as well as the reliability of technology and partnership concepts with operators.
Product innovation is at the heart of the ALTO strategy. The development, research, innovation, reliability and competitiveness of the products is permanent.
National Service Nilfisk Alto
Nilfisk after-sales service provided by more than 60 mobile technicians.
The technicians move on site your request.
Insured Services:
-Conseil -Diagnostic -Troubleshooting -Reviewing package -Contract "Service" -Contract "Full" - Parts and accessories
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54,34 € HT
Ref: 302000804

Evacuation bag Nilfisk Alto Attix 3 and 4. advantageously replaces the paper bag. Ensures proper operati…

Nilfisk Alto 13 In stock

Nilfisk Alto Aero vacuum bag 5 pack

37,25 € HT
Ref: 107419590

Nilfisk Alto Aero range vacuum cleaner bag 5. Vacuum cleaner bag designed for the Nilfsik Alto Aero range…

Nilfisk Alto 11 In stock

Paper bag vacuum Nilfisk Buddy 15 pack of 4

14,80 € HT
Ref: 302002403

Paper vacuum cleaner bag for Nilfisk Alto Buddy 15 dust vacuum cleaner. Sold in packs of 4 bags.

Nilfisk Alto 9 In stock


87,05 € HT
Ref: 302002892

Synthetic dust bag Nilfisk Alto Volume 55 / 75L 5. Compatible with vacuum cleaner ATTIX 7 Nilfisk Alto se…

Nilfisk Alto 9 In stock

Synthetic bag Nilfisk Alto Attix 30 and 40 L by 5

59,00 € HT
Ref: 107419593

Nilfisk Alto synthetic dust bag for Attix vacuum cleaners capacity 30 and 40 liters 33 and 44. Synthetic …

Nilfisk Alto 8 In stock

Nilfisk vacuum cleaner bag paper bag Buddy II 4

12,20 € HT
Ref: 81943048

Dry vacuum cleaner bag paper Nilfisk Alto Buddy II. Sold by Bag of 4 bags.

Nilfisk Alto 7 In stock


71,15 € HT
Ref: 107419592

Nilfisk Alto synthetic vacuum bag 40/50 L by 5. Compatible Nilfisk Alto Attix 40 and 50 vacuum cleaners. …

Nilfisk Alto 6 In stock

vacuum cleaner bag Nilfisk Alto Maxxi metal by 10 255

39,45 € HT
Ref: VA82059-P10

vacuum cleaner bag Nilfisk Alto Maxxi metal by 10 255

Nilfisk Alto 6 In stock

disposal bag Nilfisk Alto ATTIX 33 and 44 by 5

50,65 € HT
Ref: 107417821

Nilfisk Alto exhaust bag for Attix 33 and 44 vacuum cleaner. "Open" plastic bag delivered as standard in…

Nilfisk Alto 6 In stock

Nilfisk Alto Attix bag 30 by synthetic 5

57,70 € HT
Ref: 107419591

Nilfisk Alto bag synthetic model for Attix 30. Sold in packs of 5 vacuum cleaner bags.

Nilfisk Alto 6 In stock

Brush carpet floor mats Nilfisk SCRUBTEC 130 310 mm

84,10 € HT
Ref: 107411863

Blue polypropylene brush for Nilfisk Alto scrubtec 130 E scrubber. Width 310 mm. Can be used for textile …

Nilfisk Alto 6 In stock

Water suction dust Nilfisk Alto Aero 26-01 PC

330,00 € HT 233,00 € HT
Ref: 107406605

Nilfisk Alto Aero 26-01 PC wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Performance at a contained price. Semi-automatic P…

Nilfisk Alto 6 In stock

Water and dust vacuum Nilfisk Alto Maxxi 375 metal

824,00 € HT 539,00 € HT
Ref: 50000422

Vacuum cleaner water and dust Nilfisk Alto Maxxi 375 metal. Designed to be simple and easy to handle in e…

Nilfisk Alto 6 In stock

Nilfisk Alto Attix 30 Class H Asbestos-0H PC

1 114,00 € HT 699,00 € HT
Ref: 107400405

Nilfisk Alto class H vacuum cleaner Asbestos Attix 30-0H PC. Highly harmful hazardous dust. International…

Nilfisk Alto 6 In stock

Nilfisk scrubtec 130E slot nozzle kit

22,60 € HT
Ref: 107411867

Nilfisk scrubtec 130E slot nozzle length 321 mm. Original standard kit.

Nilfisk Alto 5 In stock

Polypro black hard brush Nilfisk SCRUBTEC 130 310 mm

84,10 € HT
Ref: 107411861

Hard black polypropylene brush scrubber Nilfisk Alto SCRUBTEC 130 E. Width 310 mm. Suitable for hard surf…

Nilfisk Alto 5 In stock

Nilfisk multi vacuum bag 30L by 4

19,20 € HT
Ref: 107417195

Nilfisk Muti II vacuum bag 22 / 30L by 4

Nilfisk Alto 5 In stock

Water suction dust Nilfisk Alto Aero 26-21 PC

353,00 € HT 249,00 € HT
Ref: 107406606

Nilfisk Alto Aero 26-21 PC wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Performance at a reasonable price. Push & Clean fi…

Nilfisk Alto 5 In stock


152,00 € HT
Ref: 107400233

Safety filter bag for Attix 30-0H vacuum cleaner. Double wall vacuum bag with plastic bag, BIA tested, w…

Nilfisk Alto 5 In stock

Security bag Nilfisk Alto ATTIX 33 and 44 by 5

151,00 € HT
Ref: 107413549

Nilfisk Alto safety dust bag for Attix 33 and 44 vacuum cleaner. HEPA safety bag delivered in all H clas…

Nilfisk Alto 5 In stock
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