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Professional stripper: floor maintenance

Choosing a floor stripper

Choosing the right stripper is essential for a good treatment of your floors. The type of floor to be stripped is the most determining parameter for the choice of your stripping product.
Strippers are characterized by their acidity or alkalinity. The composition of the stripper must be compatible with the soil to be treated. It is therefore preferable to have the technical sheets of the soil or the manufacturer's recommendations.

Acid or alkaline stripper

Thus an acid-based stripper will be more dedicated to hard soils where the objective will be to remove limestone residues.
Most strippers are on alkaline bases. This means that their pH (hydrogen potential) is greater than 9-10. In this case it is imperative to respect the dilutions and to carry out a preliminary test in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises (discoloration on plastic floors). These strippers must be rinsed so as not to leave alkalinity on the ground in the case of waxing (or emulsion).
In recent years, solvent-based paint strippers which make it possible to avoid rinsing thanks to a pH close to 8-9 have been increasingly used. These strippers save time and preserve the floors.
The use of a professional stripper remains a more complex operation than it seems. Do not hesitate to consult us to choose the right product and the right method.

Did you know ?

Wet stripping also called reclamation for heavily soiled coatings. Application of the stripper with a flat washing broom, action time to be observed then passage of the low-speed single-brush. Suction or evacuation of residues with a squeegee.
Dry stripping (spray): allows the total or partial elimination of soil protection by applying the principle of the spray method.
The product is sprayed onto the floor and passed through the monobrush with a suitable disc (brown color).
This stripping is suitable for floors especially sensitive to water and without too much accumulation of wax layers. For the treatment of small areas.
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Taski Jontec N°1 F1c stripper without rinsing 5 L

107,75 € HT 45,90 € HT
Ref: 101102722

Taski Jontec N°1 no-rinse stripper is a powerful no-rinse stripper for floors. Powerful stripper for emul…

Taski 47 In stock

3M Scotch Brite SPP plus disc 432 by 5

100,50 € HT 65,35 € HT
Ref: SPP432

3M SPP disc for total or partial stripping without chemical stripper. The Scotch-Brite SPP disc is a disc…

3M 46 In stock

Taski Jontec Future F1a STRIPPER ground Diversey 5 L

47,40 € HT 29,95 € HT
Ref: 7517390

Taski Jontec Future floor stripper Diversey 5 liter canister. Powerful emulsion stripper for all types of…

Taski 25 In stock

Taski jontec linosafe F1g linoleum floor stripper 5L

51,30 € HT 35,90 € HT
Ref: 7512688

Taski Jontec Linosafe is a powerful solvent-based remover for the removal of protective layers on linoleu…

Taski 23 In stock

Spado STRIPPER overkill universal 1l

7,50 € HT 6,40 € HT
Ref: 82103602

Spado Super Power Remover easily removes the layers of all shiny protections, ionized, metallized and sel…

Spado 22 In stock

Spado sail cleaner 1l cement

8,05 € HT 6,85 € HT
Ref: 82300101

Spado Cement Varnish Remover cleans, scrapes, removes and degreases tiled, cement or stone floors. It eli…

Spado 21 In stock

Dry stripper Taski Jontec Omnistrip F1e 5L

43,68 € HT 23,95 € HT
Ref: 7514751

Taski jontec omnistrip is a powerful detergent / dry cleaner for single-purpose cleaning. Taski Jontec O…

Taski 21 In stock

Spado sail cleaner 5l cement

24,00 € HT 20,40 € HT
Ref: 8230037

Spado cement veil stripper cleans, strips, detaches and degreases tiled, cement or stone floors. It elimi…

Spado 13 In stock

Brown hard floor scrubber pickling 406 mm package 5

29,10 € HT
Ref: 661406

Disc rotary floor scrubber and Brown 406 mm standard speed. Suitable for stripping floors. Sold per packa…

Neutre 12 In stock

Black disc monobrush pickling ground 432 mm package 5

31,90 € HT 25,50 € HT
Ref: 660432

The black disc 432 mm is a stripping disc used to strip floors with a single-disc and disc tray 43 cm or …

Neutre 12 In stock

Disc 3M Scotch Brite Hi-Pro Black 406 mm package 5

111,60 € HT 79,70 € HT
Ref: 11785

3M ™ Scotch-Brite ™ Hi Pro Disc is a disc designed for intensive soil stripping. It is composed of high …

3M 10 In stock

Black disc monobrush pickling ground 406 mm package 5

29,10 € HT 23,25 € HT
Ref: 660406

Disc rotary floor scrubber and Black 406 mm standard speed. Suitable for stripping floors.

Neutre 10 In stock

Spado cleaner without rinsing tile, pvc vinyl 1l

10,50 € HT 8,90 € HT
Ref: 82104101

Spado stripper without rinsing tiling, vinyl pvc quickly removes all layers of emulsions, even the oldest…

Spado 10 In stock

Taski jontec solve Diversey F5a parquet stripper 5L

64,43 € HT 48,90 € HT
Ref: 7517763

Taski jontec solve Diversey is a parquet stripper. Solvent-based stripper to remove old layers of wax fro…

Taski 6 In stock

3M Scotch Brite SPP disc 406 x 5

88,90 € HT 63,45 € HT
Ref: SPP406

3M SPP disc for total or partial stripping without chemical stripper. The Scotch-Brite SPP disc is a disc…

3M 5 In stock

Jontec base 1 stripper 2x5L

41,40 € HT
Ref: 101103468

Jontec Base 1 stripper Johnson Diversey box of 2 x 5 L cans. Quick and efficient removal of old emulsion …

Diversey 4 In stock

Disc 3M Scotch Brite Hi-Pro Black 432 mm package 5

122,80 € HT 87,70 € HT
Ref: 11786

Scotch Brite 3M Hi-Pro Black Disc. Abrasive disc for intensive wet pickling. The Hi Pro disc has a very s…

3M 3 In stock

Professional floor cleaner DAR 5 L

19,15 € HT
Ref: EXEO002

The professional soil remover Dar is a powerful floor remover for all types of emulsions. Use in the con…

Exeol 1 In stock

DSR 5L Professional Floor Stripper

23,40 € HT
Ref: EXEO329

The DSR floorless rinse remover eliminates the toughest emulsions with a foaming, ammonia-free formula. …

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