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The concentrated bleach will it keep longer than bleach ready?

The concentrated bleach 36° chl should be diluted within 3 months from the date of factory on the packaging. Chlorometric the degree varies little if we keep away from light and heat. After three months, there is a sharp decline in its active power, but just put more concentrated bleach in the water to keep the same efficiency. Bleach 12° chl keeps at least 1 year without significant loss of activity. Then you just add more to the water.


Is bleach a source?

No, bleach is a solution of sodium hypochlorite (active ingredient), sodium chloride (salt) and water.

When was it made discovery?

It is in 1785 that the French chemist BERTHOLLET applied the bleaching properties of sodium hypochlorite solutions in textile bleaching, in a village called bleach (current Ward 15 arrondissement of Paris), hence the name "bleach".

In what way can I get bleach?

Bleach is sold in two forms:

  • Concentrated (or extract) at 36° chlorometric (abbreviation chl) in bottles and cartons of 250 ml or jerrycans 5 and 20 liters.
  • Ready to use, 9 chlorometric degrees (cylinders 1 and 2 liter or 5 liter jerrycan).

This is obtained in proportion to the fourth extract bleach + 3/4 of water.

Is an acid product?

Bleach is not acidic is an alkali, ie that his contact with an acid can cause a reaction (eg mixing with gel toilet…).

Bleach she feels chlorine?

Bleach does not smell chlorine. She feels bleach! It emerges from chlorine gas when bleach is mixed with acid by mistake.

Why tap water feels she bleach?

It is necessary to treat the water to make it potable. Sometimes the water has a taste pronocé because the water treatment required a greater amount of bleach. To remove this taste, just put water in the refrigerator or add a few drops of lemon juice.

Why does swimming pool water sting the eyes?

In swimming pools, bleach prevents microbial pollution by reacting with organic matter from impurities introduced by bathers. It can form chlorinated compounds responsible irritants and malodorous effects. this means that the amount of pool water is then insufficient and not vice versa.


Bleach-it destroys all germs?

Bleach is a disinfectant in the wider field of activity, ie it destroyed shortly bacteria, fungi (mycoses officials), spores (forms of resistance of bacteria) and viruses such as AIDS and hepatitis B, for example. It is bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, virucidal and meet AFNOR standards disinfection.

Is it fast?

Its action is very fast. diluted 1/100, bleach trade 9chl to destroy bacteria in 30 seconds.

How will she react?

Bleach works by releasing oxygen; is degrading As its action, it leaves a small small amount of salt.


To handle without risk of damage Dress extract bleach must take clothes in TERGAL.

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