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Toilet paper dispenser

Professional toilet paper dispenser

Toilet paper dispenser how to choose

There are several standard toilet paper dispensers on the market. We must already distinguish toilet paper in rolls from toilet paper in sheet by sheet packets. The professional world requires greater attendance and more pronounced hygiene constraints, specific standards.
The most common toilet paper dispenser in the community is the jumbo dispenser offering a very large autonomy with 380 to 700 meters per roll.
This jumbo format also exists in a less bulky format under the name mini jumbo whose interest is to reduce the size of the dispenser from 29 cm in diameter to 19cm.

Jumbo and mini jumbo toilet paper dispenser

Jumbo toilet paper dispenser

The best known in the community and the most widespread is the jumbo toilet paper dispenser. This standard corresponds to paper rolls with an internal core of 60 mm and an external roll diameter of 270 mm. In this case, the length of the paper rolls varies from 290 m to 700 m depending on the number of folds (one thickness or two) and whether or not the wadding is embossed.

Mini jumbo toilet paper dispenser

For this standard it is therefore necessary to take a mini jumbo toilet paper dispenser
The mini jumbo toilet paper dispenser corresponds to the same standard as before, except that the outer diameter of the paper is no longer 270 mm but 190 mm. The length of the toilet paper roll increases to 160 or 180 meters in two thicknesses.

Compact paper dispenser

Lotus NexTurn Compact Dispenser

The Lotus Nextturn compact standard corresponds to a toilet paper dispenser allowing you to put small rolls of toilet paper with maximum autonomy (up to 1300 sheets per roll).

Dispenser Tork compact T6

The standard Tork compact paper dispenser has the same advantages. The Tork T6 dispenser is a compact, large capacity system for frequently used washrooms. Large capacity: can hold two 135m rolls. Automatic roll change. three consumable grades: Premium, Advanced, universal.

Lotus SmartOne Distributor

Lotus has also developed a standard Smart One toilet paper dispenser with reeling through the inside of the rolls with real savings in terms of consumption.
SmartOne® centrefeed single-sheet toilet paper allows you to take only enough toilet paper - reducing consumption, waste and maintenance . With SmartOne® dispensers, reduce your paper consumption by up to 40%. Results of an internal comparative study between the Jumbo Lotus Professional® and the SmartOne® Mini Double carried out on 7,729 European users. Reduction calculated in square meters used

Vending machine Lucart Identity

For the first time applied to toilet paper, the automatic cutting system developed by Lucart reduces consumption thanks to sheet-by-sheet distribution , thus avoiding the risk of jamming and waste.
The dispenser provides the paper uncrumpled and ready to use for the convenience of the user. 900 sheets of a single length, equal to 22.5 cm.
The push bar, equipped with antibacterial protection based on silver ions, simplifies and facilitates the loading of paper into the device and allows permanent dispensing, even when the sheet is not directly accessible.
The toilet paper dispenser from the Lucart Identity line is compatible with EcoNatural, Eco and Strong toilet paper.
Controlled distribution and ecological paper: an ideal and sustainable combination.
The back of the dispenser has many perforations that allow it to be fixed to the wall in existing holes, thus avoiding drilling new ones.

Sheet-to-sheet paper dispenser

For the sheet-by-sheet or flat-pack toilet paper dispenser, the market is much simpler with multi-standard 100-sheet packets or packets of 250 to 500 sheets. In the case of maxi packs, it will then be necessary to turn to a maxi pack toilet paper dispenser.

If in doubt about the choice of toilet paper dispenser or the compatibility of your current dispenser paper, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Jumbo toilet paper dispenser white steel lockable

23,95 € HT 10,90 € HT
Ref: 58586

Jumbo toilet paper dispenser in white epoxy powder coated steel, made in France. Consumption marker for b…

Rossignol 565 In stock

Rossignol gray jumbo toilet paper dispenser

23,95 € HT 14,95 € HT
Ref: 52665

400m toilet paper dispenser in anti-UV powder coated steel. Large consumption benchmark. Locked by key lo…

Rossignol 124 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser Rossignol Oleane 400m roll

18,90 € HT 9,90 € HT
Ref: 52580

The Rossignol Oléane jumbo toilet paper dispenser accepts jumbo rolls type 400m. As a result, it accepts …

Rossignol 123 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser dish and roll JVD

23,82 € HT 14,15 € HT
Ref: 899607

Toilet paper dispenser and JVD roll in ABS. White ABS hood and gray ABS chassis. Secure closure with ke…

JVD 93 In stock

Toilet paper roll dispenser white metal

13,78 € HT 7,90 € HT
Ref: 899619

Toilet roll holder simple. Steel hood and chassis Easy to recharge and maintain. 2 mounting points (mo…

JVD 90 In stock

Toilet paper roll dispenser stainless steel satin JVD

14,13 € HT 7,90 € HT
Ref: 8996200

Toilet roll holder simple. Steel hood and chassis Easy to recharge and maintain. 2 mounting points (mo…

JVD 85 In stock

Jumbo toilet paper dispenser brushed stainless steel

66,38 € HT 34,90 € HT
Ref: 58590

The Rossignol jumbo stainless steel dispenser accepts the toilet paper format for rolls type 400 m 2-fold…

Rossignol 83 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser mini jumbo ABS JVD

21,39 € HT 13,30 € HT
Ref: 899602

Dispenser toilet paper mini jumbo ABS JVD. White ABS hood and gray ABS frame Practical: easy change of co…

JVD 43 In stock

Rossignol black jumbo toilet paper dispenser

23,95 € HT 14,95 € HT
Ref: 58579

The Rossignol jumbo toilet paper dispenser is available in black. It is part of Rossignol's Manga line wh…

Rossignol 42 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser dish and roll mini JVD

16,25 € HT 9,50 € HT
Ref: 899608

Toilet paper dispenser dish and roll JVD ABS mini. White ABS cover and frame gray ABS. Secure lock with k…

JVD 39 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser package Rossignol Oleane black

21,60 € HT 5,50 € HT
Ref: 51277

Toilet paper dispenser Rossignol Oleane 6 packs. Dispenser in black ABS plastic. Consumption benchmark.…

Rossignol 32 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser jumbo ABS JVD

21,39 € HT 13,40 € HT
Ref: 899603

The JVD ABS Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser has a white ABS hood and gray ABS chassis. It is convenient for…

JVD 28 In stock

Brushed stainless steel jumbo toilet paper dispenser

71,62 € HT 39,70 € HT
Ref: 899623

Maxi jumbo toilet paper dispenser brushed stainless steel special for large communities. Vandal resistant…

JVD 26 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser gray 200m lensea

23,51 € HT 14,00 € HT
Ref: 52708

200m gray metal toilet paper dispenser made of ABS plastic. Broad consumption benchmark. Lock by key loc…

Rossignol 25 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser Rossignol 200m

20,74 € HT
Ref: 58578

Rossignol 200m manganese gray toilet paper dispenser. Manga line black color. Anti-UV powder coated steel…

Rossignol 24 In stock

Toilet paper roll holder chrome brass

28,88 € HT
Ref: 51781

Zamak chrome brass and chrome brass toilet roll holder Fixing kit supplied Hidden fixing screws

Rossignol 20 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser white identity Lucart

14,60 € HT
Ref: 892302

The Lucart Identity toilet paper dispenser is the first automatic cut-out dispenser, unbeatable in terms …

Lucart 20 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser Lucart black identity

14,60 € HT
Ref: 892308

The Lucart Identity toilet paper dispenser is the first automatic cut-out dispenser, unbeatable in terms …

Lucart 16 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser jumbo metal gray ABS JVD

29,57 € HT 25,75 € HT
Ref: 899735

Jumbo toilet paper dispenser ABS JVD. ABS gray cover and metal frame gray ABS Practical: easy to change c…

JVD 14 In stock

Mini jumbo toilet paper dispenser Tork Elevation black T2

49,05 € HT
Ref: 555008

Tork toilet paper dispenser mini jumbo Tork Elevation T2 black. Tork. Plastic Material Height 275 mm Wi…

Tork 14 In stock
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