Arrow metal garden shed USA quality

Arrow world leader steel garden shed

Arrow is the world leader in metal garden and garage sheds, Arrow is known and recognized for the quality of its shelters and garages.

Arrow quality and know-how

Arrow's know-how in garden sheds and metal garages allows it to guarantee all its products for 10 years and 15 years for certain models.
If you decide to buy a garden shed, Arrow is the benchmark in terms of quality. 100% made in the United States, the Arrow garden shed range remains essential compared to all other productions.
An Arrow shelter is the guarantee of a sustainable purchase without after-sales service and without worry
ARROW garden sheds are scrupulously checked at our factory in the United States, and it is very rare for parts to be missing from the packaging, as an ARROW garden shed is weighed several times during manufacture.
In addition, an ARROW garden shed is chosen at random every 200 shelters, and it is completely assembled at the factory, in order to ensure that no errors have been made in the perforation of the sheets.
However, it often happens that customers complain about missing parts even though they are in the box, simply because they are nested in each other.
Arrow shelters are distinguished into several categories of garden shelters.

The Arrow garden shed range

The shelters in lacquered galvanized steel available in several colors visible on this link . The shelters in vinyl metallopastic steel which are guaranteed for 15 years and are more intended for seaside or aggressive environments.

Arrow vinyl steel shelters are available in two surfaces: steel garden shed 5 m2 and steel garden shed 10.70 m2 .

These shelters have an aesthetic and longevity reinforced by the metalloplastic finish.
Off-white color with brown door surround.

Arrow also sells garages, the most famous of which is the VT.
This garage is made of metalloplastic steel. Garage Arrow is composed of a 10.20 m2 Arrow AAVT1210 basic garage module including a tilting door and a side door.
On this basic module, it is possible to add the Arrow AAEXT0007 extension of 7.80 m2.
Up to 3 extensions can be added, bringing the total area to 33.60 m2.

Arrow shelter dimensions

The external dimensions of the Arrow garden sheds are the dimensions directly above the roof, rounded to the nearest centimeter. The interior dimensions are smaller.

Assembly of the Arrow shelter

For the assembly of an Arrow garden shed, the necessary tools are limited to: a Phillips screwdriver, multiple pliers and a stepladder that you can possibly get from the Centaure stepladder range.

Do Arrow shelters have to be fixed to the ground? Yes because it is light, to do this use the holes provided in the base for this purpose. You can also complete your installation by purchasing the Arrow anchoring kits for loose ground anchoring kit or concrete ground anchoring kit. Some tips for assembling an Arrow shelter: First of all, gloves are recommended.
Using a magnetic-tipped screwdriver cuts the Arrow shelter assembly time by 20-30%.
It is recommended to be two, at least at the beginning of the assembly of the Arrow shelter.
It is recommended not to start the assembly and to stop to continue the next day. A half-assembled Arrow shelter can be damaged, even in very light winds.
Each part of the Arrow shelters is marked with a factory number, the Arrow instructions contain an exploded view on which each part is marked. Nevertheless, it is advisable to read the instructions carefully before starting. After that, proceed with the assembly following exactly the chronological order of the instructions.
Are there any restrictions on installing my Arrow shelter?
A municipal authorization is sufficient for any shelter measuring less than 20m². However, restrictions exist due to protected sites or housing developments.
If you have any scratches or scratches on your Arrow shelter: proceed immediately to sanding with very fine sandpaper, then apply an anti-rust product or paint. The most fragile points are at the location of the screws (in the event of slipping during assembly.
Find all the Arrow shelters in the Arrow garden shed range

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Anchor Kit AK4 floor shelter Arrow

45,10 € HT 19,00 € HT
Ref: AK4

Anchor kit AK4 furniture floor for garden sheds Arrow comprising 4 piles aviation + cables.

Arrow 30 In stock

Extension for metal Garage demontable Arrow AAVT1210

333,00 € HT
Ref: AAEXT0007

Metal garage extension Arrow AAVT1210 - Do not add more than three extensions. Area of ??the garage exte…


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