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Founded in 1992, SOLITAIRE sells cleaning products such as Carolin, WC Net, Smac in the general public.

Solitaire was at the origin of major innovations:
-1924: 1st all-purpose detergent, SOLITAIRE UNIVERSAL
-1951 1st dishwashing liquid SOLIVAISSELLE
-1994 1st bleach gel, WC NET GEL BLEACH
-1996: 1 cup jeval block, WC NET POWER BLEACH BOWL.

SOLIPRO contraction of SOLI SILENCE PRO professionals, has existed for over 30 years.
The professional division operating in the CHR, communities, where applications in terms of standards, product quality are more demanding.
Thus, SOLIPRO is integrated with a powerful integrated structure (Bolton Group) but retains all the flexibility, responsiveness. SOLIPRO offers a range of over 80 products that meet key hygiene needs. / Endheader /
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Carolin parquet wax emulsion 5 L

66,80 € HT
Ref: 480040

Carolin wax parquet emulsion tints and protects your parquet. Emulsion of parquet wax and resin for parq…

Solipro 154 In stock

WC NET powerful professional sanitary descaler 800 ml

4,80 € HT
Ref: 79400

WC Net is a powerful descaling WC gel concentrated in hydrochloric acid (pH = 0.5); Effectively removes l…

Solipro 85 In stock

Solijavel more bleach disinfectant cleanser 5 L

17,30 € HT
Ref: 470860

Solijavel plus 4 in 1 is a cleaning bleach. Cleans and disinfects in one operation. Removes all dirt, ev…

Solipro 64 In stock

Carolin floor cleaning professional flax oil 5 L

16,10 € HT
Ref: 401000

Carolin with linseed oil is a liquid soap whose concentrated formula cleanses and sanitizes soils in dept…

Solipro 30 In stock

NET toilet gel javel 1.5L

7,60 € HT
Ref: 78955

Alto WC net gel based on active chlorine. Disinfects up to the edges. It is bactericidal in its pure stat…

Solipro 27 In stock

Carolin cleaning parquet Bee wax Ecolabel Canister 5 L

29,10 € HT
Ref: 405140

Eco-friendly cleaner respects the user, environment and natural beauty of parquet flooring. Neutral dete…

Solipro 27 In stock

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