3M Nomad Carpet

3M Nomad Carpet cleanliness system

Why a carpet?
- To absorb water
- To retain particles
To secure your building and reduce maintenance costs.
Consider a system with a 9 m long it will remove 99% of the residues of water and the following progressive manner.
After 1.5 m we remove 37%
After 3 m 52% will be removed
After 4.5 m 71% will be removed
After 8 m 88% will be removed
The length of carpet is thus essential in the absorption efficiency.

Carpets 3M Nomad entry

Nomad Terra carpet specially designed to scrape the soles of shoes and so remove heavy soiling.
Nomad Terra are positioned on the outside, inside, in the pits or freestanding.
Nomad Aqua mat specially designed to retain small dust and moisture absorption. They are intended for indoor and available in several qualities:
- Nomad Aqua 96% recycled
- Nomad Aqua 3100
- Nomad Aqua 45 Aqua 65 Aqua 85
They exist in sheets and rolls.

Nomad Aqua carpet Charter Handicap

Carpets clean Nomad Aqua meet the applicable circular dice now for replacement.
Interministerial Circular No. 2007-53 DGUHC of 30 November 2007 on the accessibility of public buildings, facilities open to the public and residential buildings.
They are raised or recessed, carpets located in front of the entrance doors to the building and in the halls must submit the necessary hardness not to hinder the progress of a wheelchair. They should not create projection of more than 2 cm.

Thick floor mats

-Thick floor mats in which the wheel of a wheelchair or the foot of a person with difficulties in ambulation can dig generate situations of disability or danger. They are therefore to be avoided in public circulation and must be replaced by equipment performing the same function but do not have these drawbacks.

Carpet or fixed grids

- Carpets and fixed grids must not present either holes or slots having a width or diameter greater than 2 cm.

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