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Comparative studies in figures:

A comparative study of different methods of drying hands, carried out by two scientists from the School of Biosciences at the University of Westminster in London, found that disposable hand towels were the most hygienic method of drying far ahead of hand dryers with blown or powered air.

Three methods of hand drying were involved in the study:

The study on this topic of hand drying took place in 2 phases.
It consisted in comparing the number of bacteria present on the subjects’ hands before and after having washed and dried them.
The results of this study on hand drying is final.
It is clear that from a bacteriological point of view even if the new generation of electric hand dryers with forced air represents an evolution compared to electric hand dryers with hot air, it is still by far the solution for drying hands with paper towel which represents the most significant reduction in the presence of bacteria on the hands and more particularly on the palms and fingers.

The other modes of drying hands, on the contrary favor the proliferation of bacteria and even contribute to their transmission between users in an environment of 2 meters around the device.

In these periods of repetitive pandemics, as has been the case for several years with influenza A H1N1, the Coronavirus COVID19, STRAS, MERS… it is clear that hand hygiene is at the heart of hygiene hands.
It is therefore important to remember that hand washing is essential but that it must imperatively be accompanied by an adequate drying method so as not to negate the effects of soap.

The results in terms of figures are as follows:

  • Hot air hand dryers increase the number of bacteria on the palms of the hands by 230.4% and the fingertips by 186.4%.
  • Forced air hand dryers increase the number of bacteria on your hands by an average of 52.8%.
  • Paper hand towels reduce the number of bacteria from 44.6% to 77.9% on the palm and fingertips.

The conclusion is therefore unequivocal and the only reason which can still militate for electric drying appliances is a purely economic argument.

A study carried out by the Pasteur Institute in Lille in June 1994 already demonstrated results in the same direction in favor of single-use paper towels.
In this study, it was hand drying with rental textile hand towel, hand drying with electric hand dryer and drying with paper hand towel.

The ideal solution or hydroalcoholic gel

In addition to washing hands with drying with a disposable paper towel, the proximity of a gel or hydroalcoholic foam dispenser will be a plus to ensure total hygiene and thus reassure your employees or visitors.
As you will have understood, making a coherent and complete solution available to employees, agents, visitors… of the establishment has today become the cornerstone of your hygiene solution. No need to invest in materials and products with a broad spectrum of disinfection for your floors and surfaces if the contamination carried which now represents 75% of the risk is not treated correctly.

A soap or foam dispenser, a hand drying system with disposable hand towels, a gel or hydroalcoholic foam dispenser will offer everyone security that will enhance the hygiene level of your establishment.

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