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Tablecloth Evolin

Perfection daily

Have a flawless presentation of your tables each service is no longer a problem!

Evolin changing table linen

Evolin ™ is a revolutionary sheet that combines the beauty and class of the fabric to the convenience of single use.
Made from renewable fiber, cloth Evolin ™ features extreme softness, an outfit and a perfect fall.
With new and fresh each service tablecloths, Evolin ™ always give your tables as beautiful as the day of the inauguration presentation!

Exceptional feel

The Evolin ™ luxurious texture calls for its soft feel, while its subtle pattern catches the light making the glittering table.
When you are running around the table, the structure of Evolin ™ pattern seems to change.
A web that never ceases to surprise, by drawing your table or simply by touching, and even observing the reaction of your customers who discover.

Dare choice of colors

Make an impression with dark cloths always perfect!
In the field of tableware, dark layers are in vogue but fabric is thin supply. Indeed, they wear and tarnish quickly ...
Evolin ™ gives you the opportunity to prepare your tables with dark cloths whose quality remains constant. Marquez kick for dinner, or for special occasions without additional investment
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More elegance and less stress

Not only Evolin ™ guarantee a perfect presentation of your tables for each service but also allows you to better manage your costs.
You know exactly what you pay for. You no longer have to bear additional costs related to the loss or deterioration of groundwater or to provide a storage place for collecting and analyzing bills of the lessor. Without the stress of a long-term contract, you can adjust your order according to your actual needs.

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