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The main families of hand towels

Choosing the disposable hand towel solution means choosing hygiene above any other priority. Today, what importance do you attach to hygiene and limiting the transmission of winter viruses in your establishment?
There are two main categories of hand towels

Folded hand towels

These are rectangular-shaped hand towels intertwined with each other. There are several types of folds, widths, lengths and qualities. You will find them in the different subsections on our site.

Hand towels in rolls

These are mainly products on reels intended for automatic but manual cutting dispensers (autocut) or fully automatic devices such as the Lotus Enmotion dispenser which was the pioneer in this field.

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Hand hygiene requires single-use hand towels!

Hand hygiene has become essential even before talking about cleanliness and disinfection of surfaces , objects or floors. It is in fact, through hand contact that viruses, bacteria, etc. are spread. Recent epidemics such as H1N1 influenza, Coronavirus , STRAS, MERS or simply classic flu epidemics demonstrate this to us.
Several alternatives exist for wiping and drying hands.
-> The classic electric hot air hand dryer
-> The “Dyson” type pulsed air electric hand dryer
-> Single-use disposable paper towel

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