Export Department

Our Company has a dedicated Export Department : Get in touch.

This is the only department with the authority to handle export-related enquiries on behalf of our Company. Moreover, as specified in Article 7 of our TCS:

Article 7: Export and sales outside mainland France

If you provide the email address of the department(s) receiving the deliveries (even across multiple sites), you will receive real-time email updates when your products leave our warehouse, along with full information on the delivery conditions.

In the event of sales to countries other than mainland France, clients will be considered as importers of the products concerned.

For all products shipped outside the European Union and its overseas territories, the prices shown on the invoice will be before tax. Customs duties, import duties, state taxes or other local taxes may apply. These sums and duties will be entirely borne by the client, who retains sole responsibility for declaring and paying all sums due to the relevant authorities of the country in question, and for seeking all relevant information on such matters from the aforementioned authorities.


Delivery of export orders will be handled by your preferred courier for transactions with mainland France. You can provide the contact details of this courier in the delivery address field, which may be different from your billing address.

If you do not have a dedicated transportation partner, our Export service can arrange shipment via one of our partners. This part of the delivery shall be paid for by the client, with an invoice drawn up accordingly.

All of our products are packaged to the applicable standards for maritime or air freight, and accompanied by the relevant legal documents.

Delivery of export orders


Payment for export orders will fall due upon receipt of the pro forma invoice duly signed by the client. Payment should be made by Swift transfer to our account.

Download account details

Once full payment for the order has been received - including shipping fees if you opt for one of our courier partners - we will ship the merchandise.

Purchases exempt from VAT

When setting up your account you can select the option “Exempt from VAT”. If you select this option, you will be asked to present a certificate from the Direction Générale des Impôts or any other document which provides evidence of your VAT-exempt status. We will examine your documents and determine whether or not you qualify for the “Exempt from VAT” option. If so, VAT will not be applied to your orders and your invoices will be tax-free. Nevertheless, the General Tax on Pollutant Activities (TGAP) still applies to certain cleaning products.

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