Stoko mastery of hand hygiene

Stoko Skin Care leader for 70 years

Stoko Skin Care is a leader in Europe for the production of protection, cleaning and skin care to protect skin biased professional life.
Stockhausen's expertise comes from over 70 years of experience in the field of occupational skin protection.
The STOKO products are distinguished by their optimal skin compatibility, maximum efficiency and high profitability. Also, distribution systems STOKO allow hygienic and economical distribution of goods.
Through its international presence, STOKO Skin Care offers you a very dense distribution network.
Leading products as TRAVABON the Stoko protect, Stoko footcare, Verapol, slig spezial, Reduran ... are now references.

Stoko a full range of soap

STOKO Refresh the range is the optimal solution for hand hygiene, given by a manufacturer with experience in the global plan for skin protection in the workplace, professional for over 75 years, having its own service research, development and consulting. Nowadays, the demands on health are more stringent than ever. Hygiene products must not only be economical and simple to use, but also protect pathogens. Furthermore, their care properties also play a role increasingly important.

Stoko Refresh a product tailored to each environment

Refresh STOKO with you to offer your employees a complete solution for responsible and professional health.

• neat image and it will be representative STOKO Refresh Sanitizer - Foam (2-C)
• ability to customize distributors it will STOKO Refresh Wash - Foam (3-B)
• protection against germs and pathogens STOKO Refresh Sensitive Wash - Foam (3-C)
• dermatologically tested products STOKO Refresh Sensitive Wash - Foam (3-C)
• effective and simple to use products STOKO Refresh Care - Foam (4-A)
• versatile distribution system (4-in-1) STOKO Refresh Toilet Seat Cleaner - Spray (TSC)

Set a good example, including your health. Because of the high use of health in public buildings and educational institutions, skin care products used must meet strict requirements. The simple use of robust and durable distributors ensures reliable standard hygiene and maintenance. With long replacement intervals refills, STOKO Refresh is perfect and effective solution for your health!
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ESTESOL Stoko soap box of 6 x 2000 ml

79,08 € HT 62,90 € HT
Ref: PN83503A06

Stoko's Estesol Classic is a liquid skin cleansing product for mild soiling. Estesol® classic is a liqui…

Stoko 24 In stock

Slig spezial cleaning hands lacquer paint adhesives resins 6 x 2 L

275,34 € HT 209,00 € HT
Ref: PN81907A06

Kresto Paint ex Slig Spezial from Stoko is a special hand cleaning product for the removal of very adhere…

Stoko 10 In stock

Soap Dispenser Stoko Vario white 2000ml

68,86 € HT
Ref: 27655

Soap dispenser Stoko Vario white 2000 ml. Accepts Stoko 2000 ml and 1000 ml cartridges. Dimensions: 135 …

Stoko 8 In stock

Estesol mild wash Frapantol Stoko 6X2L

93,30 € HT
Ref: PN82543A06

Estesol mild wash is the new name of Frapantol Stoko. Estesol mild wash is a special skin cleansing produ…

Stoko 6 In stock

Soap Dispenser Stoko Vario black

68,86 € HT
Ref: 26180

Soap dispenser Stoko Vario black 2000 ml. Accepts Stoko 2000 ml and 1000 ml cartridges. Dimensions: 135 …

Stoko 5 In stock

SOLOPOL strong Krestopol soap stubborn dirt 6X2L

181,26 € HT 139,00 € HT
Ref: 35577

Solopol strong replaces krestopol Stoko. Solvent-free cleaning cream and skin cleaning pastes for heavy t…

Stoko 5 In stock

Kresto Stoko classic soap workshop 6x2000 ml

207,06 € HT 159,00 € HT
Ref: PN87147A06

Kresto bitumen from Stoko replaces the Cupran formula. Special product for cleaning hands, containing a s…

Stoko 5 In stock

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