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Numatic scrubber-drier vacuum cleaner and monobrush

Numatic European manufacturer of cleaning equipment

The group's history

Numatic is currently a major manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment present in many countries around the world. Its know-how began in 1969 on cleaning equipment and more particularly dust, water or industrial vacuum cleaners, battery-operated or cable-operated scrubbers , monobrushes including the very efficient ATC models which have torque regulation and trolleys. household. Numatic is located in England. Everyone knows the leading product in the range known as Numatic Henry. This vacuum cleaner will quickly distinguish itself beyond its particular look and its different colors (up to pink) which will then be declined in different colors by its performance which also makes it one of the favorite tools of professionals.
The range has been gradually enriched in recent years by ranges of scrubbers, monobrushes and trolleys which have quickly found their place in a market where product quality and after-sales service remain a benchmark.
Voussert is an authorized Numatic distributor and therefore undertakes to provide you with the best prices and the most efficient level of service thanks to a reinforced partnership with Numatic.

The cleaning equipment of the range

Numatic, which is a European manufacturer while many materials are now manufactured outside Europe, offers a wide range of materials that meet all cleaning needs in the workplace, in communities but also for individuals wishing to have of a high-performance solution:
Dust and industrial vacuum cleaners, cleaning and service trolleys ,hotel trolleys , linen management trolleys, monobrushes, equipment for attex areas, scrubber driers, etc.
The range of monobrushes are available in several sizes and several speeds, thus making it possible to meet all requests. The range of scrubber-dryers with high-performance ratios between quality and price remains one of the strong points of the offer.

Dust vacuum cleaner

Numatic has one of the most powerful dust vacuum cleaners on the market. The Autosave system, which reduces electricity consumption by up to 50% and noise levels by 20%, is a Numatic exclusive. Powerful motors for models equipped with twinflow technology consisting of a 2-stage turbine for high-performance suction. In this range, the world-famous Henry product, subsequently available in several colors, remains a reference. For cleaning companies looking for value for money performance without worrying about any design aspect, the Nupro remains one of the most reliable vacuum cleaners.

Numatic specialized vacuum cleaners

Numatic offers a range of specialized vacuum cleaners with Hepa filtration up to 99.999% for work such as asbestos removal or operations in clean rooms and attex areas.

Numatic Monobrush

Numatic is a leader in the manufacture of monobrushes . The range of monobrushes covers low speed machines from 150 to 230 rpm and also high speed machines intended for polishing work from 450 to 1500 rpm.
Numatic is also one of the only manufacturers to offer a monobrush for difficult work in its range. Indeed the NR1500 has the ATC system of torque regulation allowing the power of the brush to remain constant and this whatever the surface.

The Numatic range of scrubbers

The Numatic range of scrubber driers is wide and will meet all of your cleaning needs. The quality of Numatic equipment is a benchmark in the professional field. The range is available with, in particular, an attractive and efficient ride-on scrubber-dryer offer.
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Hepaflo filters 15 liters pack of 10 Numatic

14,95 € HT
Ref: 604016

Numatic vacuum cleaner bag Hepaflo 15 liters 350 series pack 10.

Numatic 369 In stock

Hepaflo 9 liters Numatic filters 10 pack

11,90 € HT
Ref: 604015

Numatic Hepaflo vacuum cleaner bag 9 liters 180 to 250 pack of 10. Suitable for the entire Numatic range…

Numatic 347 In stock

Numatic Hepaflo filters 6 liters pack of 10

8,40 € HT
Ref: 604011

Numatic Hepaflo 6 liter vacuum bag RSB150 and RSV150 series pack of 10.

Numatic 288 In stock

Numatic Nupro 180 reflo vacuum cleaner

99,00 € HT
Ref: 911899

The Numatic Nupro180 reflo vacuum cleaner is a dust vacuum cleaner widely used by professionals and in pa…

Numatic 274 In stock

Numatic Henry HVR200-11 red

152,00 € HT
Ref: 900021

The Henry Numatic vacuum cleaner model HVR200-11 ecodesign meets the latest energy standards. Optimal per…

Numatic 106 In stock

Numatic Henry Hetty vacuum cleaner bag back RSV 130/200 Pack of 10

10,90 € HT
Ref: 905717

Numatic vacuum bag for 1B/1C/2 NV 180/200/250 Henry Hetty Harry, RSV Dorsal 130/200 pack of 10. Suitable …

Numatic 87 In stock

Numatic vacuum brush 300 mm D 32 mm

23,90 € HT
Ref: 902070

Numatic floor vacuum cleaner brush for dust vacuum cleaner diameter 32 mm for vacuum cleaner with accesso…

Numatic 85 In stock

Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner hose

21,56 € HT
Ref: 914413

Numatic Henry, Hetty and Nupro Flexible Vacuum Hose. Length 2 m and diameter 32 mm. Numatic guaranteed or…

Numatic 35 In stock

Numatic vacuum cleaner brush 300 mm D 32 wheels

23,61 € HT
Ref: 900918

Vacuum cleaner dust brush for Numatic vacuum cleaner diameter 32 mm. Length 300 mm. Width 50 mm. Equippe…

Numatic 34 In stock

Bec crevice tool length 240 mm D 32 mm

3,80 € HT
Ref: 601142

Flat nozzle length 240 mm D 32 mm compatible Numatic vacuum cleaner in diameter 32 mm or compatible in D …

Numatic 28 In stock

trolley horizontal brush attachment Numatic

10,95 € HT
Ref: 628277

trolley Numatic horizontal brush attachment 25mm.

Numatic 28 In stock

Round Brush Brush diameter D 32 mm 65 mm

8,90 € HT
Ref: 601144

Round brush D 32 mm diameter 32 brush 65 mm. Round brush in original part Numatic vacuum cleaner.

Numatic 25 In stock

numatic henry quick filter capsules

27,90 € HT
Ref: 915269

Filter capsules for the numatic henry quick and hetty quick cordless vacuum cleaner. The capsules make it…

Numatic 24 In stock

Henry HVR160-11 Numatic vacuum cleaner

174,00 € HT
Ref: 902398

The Numatic Henry HVR160 vacuum cleaner is the latest addition to the Henry range in a version with a 6 l…

Numatic 24 In stock

Aspirator Henry Petcare HPC160 animal hair

254,00 € HT
Ref: 908341

Henry Petcare animal hair has been specially designed for pet owners. The triple-thickness Microfresh fil…

Numatic 23 In stock

Numatic vacuum brush 270 mm D 32 mm

19,80 € HT
Ref: 902072

Numatic floor vacuum cleaner brush for vacuum cleaner. Position hard ground and textile floors, carpets.…

Numatic 22 In stock

Chariot household BIBAC Numatic with press

93,00 € HT
Ref: 910777

Numatic bibac compact cleaning trolley with press consisting of two 16-litre buckets. The Numatic midmop …

Numatic 19 In stock

Numatic Henry Quick vacuum cleaner gray

305,00 € HT
Ref: 915026

Numatic launches its first battery-powered cordless stick vacuum cleaner: discover the Henry Quick range.…

Numatic 19 In stock

Forklift machine hotelier 2 x 100 Litres Numatic

244,00 € HT
Ref: 718069

Hotel linen trolley 2 X 100 liters Numatic NX1002 is an X trolley delivered with two 100 liter bags refer…

Numatic 18 In stock

Forklift machine hotelier 100 Litres Numatic

183,00 € HT
Ref: 718067

The Numatic NX1001 100 liter hotel linen trolley comes with its 100 liter canvas bag 618001. Efficient, c…

Numatic 17 In stock
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