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Saint Marc is a trademark of Reckitt Benckiser Group.

-1877: Creation by loggers an industrial laundry.

-1902: Creation by Raoul St Marc "cultural" product: laundry St Marc.

-1969: Launch of ST MARC CLEANING FLUID IN ALL USES Pine timber.

-1984: Significant development of ST MARC by entering the BENCKISER group, world leader in water softeners and dishwasher detergents (Calgon and Calgonit).

-1991: Founding of Distrimar the communities BENCKISER / ST MARC branch:
A power BENCKISER group in R & D, production and communication is then added to the Distrimar, autonomous and operational structure in marketing, sales and logistics areas.

Distrimar turns exclusively to the non-domestic market. 1999: Merger of BENCKISER and RECKITT AND COLMAN.

RECKITT BENCKISER-becomes the first global company of cleaning products (excluding laundry machine).

-2005: Launch of JEX Professional / endheader /.
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St Marc Sun of Corsica disinfectant wipe

4,30 € HT 3,10 € HT
Ref: 3942

St Marc disinfectant cleaning wipes grapefruit scent usable on all surfaces. Exclusive formula that disin…

ST MARC 1441 In stock

Harpic Gel Bleach triple action dethartrant WC 750 ml

1,85 € HT
Ref: 100500

Harpic Gel bleach brightness and whiteness is the first Harpic gel that contains both bleach and baking s…

ST MARC 565 In stock

Destop liquid drain cleaner pipe 1 liter bottle

4,50 € HT
Ref: 000682

Destop is a liquid pipe unblocker which completely dissolves all organic matter, hair, grease, etc. Does …

ST MARC 52 In stock

Vanish stain remover Woolite carpet textile aerosol 600 ml

5,10 € HT
Ref: 000835

Vanish stain Woolite allows quick and efficient maintenance of carpets and rugs in natural and synthetic …

ST MARC 49 In stock

O'Cedar furniture dust remover 300 ml

4,10 € HT 3,40 € HT
Ref: 260018

O'Cedar Dusting and nourishing natural wood comes from a long tradition of care and embellishment of wood…

ST MARC 48 In stock

Serpillere O'Cedar floor cleaner 15

8,60 € HT
Ref: 260029

The new disposable impregnated mops are specially designed for quick and easy maintenance of vitrified an…

ST MARC 45 In stock

Saint Marc oxydrine professional laundry leaching walls 1.8 kg

6,40 € HT
Ref: 00465201

Laundry Saint Marc Oxydrine is used for the leaching of walls and the most difficult works. Saint Marc O…

ST MARC 38 In stock

Airwick 2 in 1 300 ml aerosol deodorant mint

2,80 € HT
Ref: 603913

Neutralizing Airwick range allows you to destroy unpleasant odors in your atmosphere. Leaves a pleasant f…

ST MARC 30 In stock

Laundry Saint Marc professional pine resin 1.8 kg

8,40 € HT 6,00 € HT
Ref: 00465001

Laundry Saint marc reference. Soap pine resin, the laundry St Marc professional format is a naturally occ…

ST MARC 29 In stock

Saint Marc laundry soda 1.8 kg

5,90 € HT
Ref: 00465101

Saint Marc laundry soda a reference. Simple, economical and effective. For cleaning glassware, crockery, …

ST MARC 26 In stock

O'Cedar dusting wipe

3,65 € HT
Ref: 260021

O cedar anti-static dusting wipes is a reference in the field of cleaning furniture and surfaces thanks t…

ST MARC 20 In stock

Eparcyl septic pro biological activator 3 months

14,45 € HT
Ref: 03011701

Eparcyl PRO 3 months is an activator septic tanks and septic tanks. Powdered formula. The effective dosag…

ST MARC 18 In stock

Calgon pastille powerball 3 in 1 box of 48

28,90 € HT
Ref: 650101

Unlike other anti-limescale tablets, only Calgon 3in1 tablets have a concentration as significant number…

ST MARC 12 In stock

Calgon descaler powder 2in1 barrel 1,5kg

24,90 € HT
Ref: 004934

Calgon treats water to neutralize mineral salts and thus prevents the formation of limestone. New concen…

ST MARC 3 In stock

Scarlet textile machine water stain remover 500 ml bottle

6,80 € HT
Ref: 000003

Water scarlet professional formula is a textile stain remover that removes the toughest stains and dirt (…

ST MARC not Available
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