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Professional paper hand towel

Paper hand towel how to choose?

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Folded paper hand towel

- Folded disposable paper hand towels : these hand towels come in different formats and different types of folding. The size of the paper towel which corresponds to the usable surface during wiping is indicated by two dimensions: Example 23 x 23 cm, 23 x 25 cm, 22 x 34 cm ...

Generally the first dimension of the hand towel corresponds to the width and the second to its length.
The second element concerns the folding of the paper towel.
We must then distinguish:
- interleaved paper hand towels whose folding is close to a "W" or "Z"
- hand towels folded in a zig zag, the folding of which is close to a "V"
- hand towels folded in C.

Each type of paper towel needs to be placed in a compatible dispenser, at the risk that the user pulls several towels each time instead of having a "sheet by sheet" distribution, where the cartridge does not fit. not in the device.
The main manufacturers of paper towels are Lotus (now part of the SCA group) Tork   and Lucart.

Paper hand towel in rolls

- Disposable paper hand towels in rolls : these hand towels come in the form of rolls of different lengths and widths.
Two systems exist: "Autocut" type hand towel dispensers which automatically cut the hand towel each time the user pulls on the roll.
In this frame you can visualize the Lotus NextTurn system.
The other system which presents an evolution is the contactless distribution system.
The user passes his hand in front of a cell which triggers the automatic distribution of a hand towel whose length is adjustable. This type of system, like the Lotus Enmotion, allows for impeccable hygiene since there is no contact between the user and the dispenser. Lotus having now integrated SCA Tork, the EnMotion system, which is still widely implemented, is evolving towards the Tork H1 system.

These distribution systems also allow greater control over the distribution of hand towels.
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Hand towel paper folding Z Ecolabel white 2 ply package 3000

33,90 € HT 24,90 € HT
Ref: 864042

The Lucart white hand towel has an entangled Z fold and is made from regenerated wadding. This towel has …

Lucart 312 In stock

M fold hand towel paper Ecolabel white 23x32cm package 1875

22,95 € HT
Ref: 865002

Hand wipes white waffled 2 layers. Size 22.5 cm x 32 cm. Weight 21.5 grs / m2. Type of folding. 125-sh…

Lucart 159 In stock

Hand towel ecological paper Ecolabel package 3000

34,95 € HT
Ref: 864043

This 100% ecological hand towel has the European Ecolabel and is manufactured in France to reduce the CO2…

Lucart 154 In stock

Hand towel spool 155 m dispenser Hygenius X6

46,90 € HT
Ref: 861055

Hand towel in reel for Lucart Hygenius contactless vending machine. Reel length of 155 meters. Embossed…

Lucart 101 In stock

Hand towel Tork advanced green Ecolabel folding V by 3750

45,70 € HT
Ref: 290179

Paper hand towel Tork H3 advanced green 23 x 24.8 is a hand towel folded in V for a single sheet distribu…

Tork 85 In stock

Paper hand towels Tork Universal Ecolabel package 4740

39,95 € HT
Ref: 150299

The Tork Universal Paper Hand Towel is an entangled hand towel with an M-fold which is adaptable to the T…

Tork 79 In stock

Tork Advanced Hand towel paper folding Ecolabel M package 2310

69,85 € HT 59,90 € HT
Ref: 100288

The Tork H2 Advanced paper towel is a Tork product (ex reference 100294). This Tork Xpress hand towel is …

Tork 68 In stock

Hand towel Tork H3 folding V blue package 4000

35,90 € HT
Ref: 290145

Meet basic hand drying needs with the Tork Universal H3 V-Fold Hand Towels offering a quality product at …

Tork 56 In stock

Hand towel paper Marathon Lotus Hydratek Ecolabel package 3800

86,45 € HT
Ref: 471132

The Tork Xpress advanced H2 paper towel from Tork is suitable for all Z folding dispensers. The Tork Xpre…

Tork 53 In stock

Lotus enMotion roll hand towel 143 m package of 6 rolls

100,60 € HT
Ref: 471113

Lotus Enmotion hand towel for Enmotion stainless steel dispenser only Enmotion dispensers model 402996 an…

Tork 45 In stock

Hand towel Tork Matic roll H1 premium package 6

58,20 € HT
Ref: 290016

Tork H1 is Tork's self-cutting roll towel dispensing system. The Tork H1 wiper guarantees a saving in use…

Tork 44 In stock

Tork hand towels friable white package 4200

64,55 € HT
Ref: 129089

The Tork Xpress Hand Towel is ideal for environments where there is a risk that towels will be thrown int…

Tork 41 In stock

Hand towel roll white 2 ply 140 m type compatible ENMOTION

59,90 € HT
Ref: 90226

Hand towel white paper 2 layers in white coil. This towel roll is in pure cellulose wadding and benefits …

Neutre 36 In stock

Tork Matic Hand towel roll H1 advanced Green Parcel 6

56,55 € HT
Ref: 290076

Tork H1 disposable hand spray coil for Tork Matic system distributor H1. The Tork Matic® H1 roller towel …

Tork 34 In stock

Disposable hand wipes Tork Xpress advanced folding H2 M

55,70 € HT
Ref: 120288

Tork Xpress disposable hand towel for H2 dispensing system. Folding M. The Tork Xpress® Multifold Hand To…

Tork 30 In stock

towel dispenser reel hands autocut 140 m parcel of 6

34,10 € HT
Ref: 89439

Hand towel roll dispenser with automatic cutter length 140 m. This spool is made of pure Ecolabel cellulo…

Neutre 24 In stock

Tork Matic Hand towel roll H1 advanced package of 6

76,95 € HT
Ref: 290067

Tork disposable handwarmer in reel for Tork Matic intuition H1 dispenser. The Tork Matic® Roll Towel Syst…

Tork 24 In stock

Towel hands Tork advanced white Ecolabel folding V parcel of 3750

48,95 € HT
Ref: 290143

Tork paper paper towel white 23 x 22.6 pack of 3000 is a folded V-shaped paper towel for single sheet dis…

Tork 24 In stock

Lotus enMotion roll hand towel 143 m package of 6 rolls

96,10 € HT
Ref: 471110

The Lotus Enmotion system is unique. The Lotus enmotion paper towel is comfortable, soft, with the Hydra…

Lotus Professional 21 In stock

Hand towel Lotus NextTurn white roll by 6

87,10 € HT
Ref: 5892290

Lotus NextTurn white hand towel package 6. Roll Towel compatible with NexTurn distributors references: 58…

Lotus Professional 19 In stock
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