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Maintenance products are divided into three main families from a chemical point of view. A distinction is made between:

  • "Alkaline" or "Basic" maintenance products,
  • "Neutral" maintenance products,
  • "Acid" maintenance products.

Alkaline or basic maintenance product

"Alkaline" or "Basic" maintenance products are characterized by a hydrogen potential (pH) greater than 8.
These cleaning products are generally strippers, oven cleaners, degreasers, detergents, automatic washing liquid…
The higher the pH, the more "alkaline" the product. Bleach is a highly alkaline product. Beyond 11.5, it is considered that the product is part of very alkaline cleaning products.

Acid cleaning product

"Acid" maintenance products are characterized by a hydrogen potential (pH) of less than 6.
These cleaning products are generally descalers, wc gel, sanitary descaler… which act against lime.
There are also descalers for washing machine or coffee maker.
We also note that you should be wary of highly effective maintenance products against limescale which are often overloaded with hydrochloric, phosphoric or other acid, and which can therefore attack your surfaces and fittings.
A cleaning product with a pH below 4 is considered to be strongly acidic.

Neutral cleaning product

Maintenance products called "neutral" are products whose hydrogen potential (pH) is between 6 and 8.
These cleaning products are generally used on fragile floors, fragile surfaces.
It is also found on cosmetic products (soap…).
Certain surfaces such as thermoplastic floors protected by an emulsion must be maintained with a so-called neutral maintenance product.
These cleaning products are generally less effective but do not attack your surfaces.

The action of the cleaning product is not the only element of success in your cleaning.

Indeed, the same maintenance product used manually or with a machine (scrubber, monobrush…) will not have the same effectiveness. If you add a mechanical action to the action of your cleaning product, you can then reduce the dose of cleaning product or take a less aggressive cleaning product (example: ecolabel cleaning product).

Similarly, a cleaning product used hot or cold will not have the same effectiveness.
Example on your washing machine, dishwasher or even washing your vehicle.

Another parameter of the correct use of the cleaning product is the action time. The more time you give the cleaning product time to act, the less you will have to act mechanically (rubbing action with or without a machine).

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