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Pool cleaning product chlorine algaecide bromine

Certified Iso 9001 V 2000, quality and our laboratory are at the center of our organization, our technicians control all products at each stage of manufacture, record and trace all raw materials. The laboratory constantly formulates and improves specialties to meet your expectations.
Our analysts verify and validate the microbiological effectiveness of our biocidal preparations.
As the regulations are constantly changing, our departments ensure that the products are always in compliance with the legislation in force. We are here to advise you in your development projects.

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Professional liquid pool chlorine 48 ° 23 kg

40,60 € HT
Ref: 899648

Liquid chlorine allows the continuous chlorination of swimming pools by metering pump and automatic or ma…

Piscine Pro 657 In stock

Professional liquid pool chlorine 36 ° 23 kg

33,90 € HT
Ref: 899620

Liquid Chlorine allows continuous chlorination of the Swimming Pools by means of a metering pump and auto…

Piscine Pro 535 In stock

pH less pH minus liquid product pool 25 kg

36,60 € HT
Ref: 899425

pH minus pH minus professional liquid allows you to quickly lower the pH. pH less liquid is particularly …

Piscine Pro 251 In stock

Roller multifunction product pool algaecide chlorine flocculant 5 kg

39,85 € HT
Ref: 899082

Professional multi-function pebble is a product intended for pool maintenance. Its main actions: disinfec…

Piscine Pro 66 In stock

Slow roller 200 grams chlorine pool product bucket 10 kg

64,12 € HT
Ref: 899610

Slow chlorine pebble 200 grs professional formulation. Slow chlorine pebble is to be put directly into th…

Piscine Pro 45 In stock

Chlorine shock granule professional swimming pool bucket 10 kg

79,10 € HT
Ref: 899111

Pool shock chlorine is incompatible with acid products. Never add granular shock chlorine to a skimmer co…

Piscine Pro 24 In stock

pH plus liquid pool product 6 kg

15,85 € HT
Ref: 899306

More liquid pH allows you to quickly raise the pH. It is particularly suitable for the automatic pH regul…

Piscine Pro 18 In stock

Algaecide 100 5 L preventive

24,60 € HT
Ref: 899105

Algicide 100 is a slightly foaming swimming pool algaecide, with preventive action, which prevents the fo…

Piscine Pro 12 In stock

PRO liquid pool clarifying flocculant 20 L

58,15 € HT
Ref: 899720

Special swimming pool liquid flocculant is a clarifier that creates flocculates larger than the usual flo…

Piscine Pro 3 In stock

Pool cleaner cover product Canister 5 L

32,00 € HT 19,80 € HT
Ref: 899065

Liquid detergent pool product used to clean and degrease covers and slats of automatic shutters. Protects…

Piscine Pro 1 In stock

pH minus pH minus professional pool liquid 12.5 kg

23,10 € HT
Ref: 899125

pH minus pH minus professional liquid allows the pH to be lowered quickly. pH less liquid is particularly…

Piscine Pro 48 on supply

Algaecide 200 curative professional 5 L

29,10 € HT
Ref: 899205

Algicide swimming pool 200 is a non-foaming algaecide which is characterized by a double action. Curative…

Piscine Pro not Available
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