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"1906: Williams COLGATE" "discovers" "that bar soap, scented and cut into uniform sized loaves, sells well 1817 W. COLGATE advertises in newspapers and extends his brand with new products: toothpaste, shaving stick, toilet products 1847 First factory in Jersey City 1908 Five COLGATE brothers, heirs to the founder, control the business and turn it into a limited company PALMOLIVE USA 1864
J. JOHNSTON creates a soap business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 1890
His son, W B. JOHNSTON, also a chemist, is developing a soap formula based on palm oil and olive oil.
1895. At the trade show in Saint Louis (Missouri), he discovers a new French machine exhibited for the first time in the United States to make a well ground soap and well puddled. The Palmolive soap had to come out of this meeting of an American formula and a French equipment. In the wake of the success, many products, including Palmolive shaving cream are marketed by the case B J. JOHNSTON, which in the meantime becomes the SA PALMOLIVE. COLGATE PALMOLIVE USA / endheader /
The leaders of the two companies COLGATE and PALMOLIVE decide to merge the two companies into a new company COLGATE PALMOLIVE PEET (the third name being that of a soap company absorbed meanwhile).
Michacl WINBURN, citizen of the United States having made a fortune in advertising, arrives in Paris to spend holidays. This rich advertising mogul suffered from a rebellious eczema that was cured by a CADUM ointment (named after the cade: medicinal plant close to juniper from which a black oil is drawn which is used against skin diseases). by a pharmacist based in Paris, Louis NATHAN.
Mr. WINBURN retires to France and wishes to acquire the formula of the Cadum ointment and the pharmacy. He is working with L. NATHAN to manufacture and sell in France, pharmacists only, the Cadum ointment. Creation of CADUM (France) by M. WINBURN. The first Cadum ointment workshops in a pavilion, located at 13 rue de la Sablière in Courbevoie, are led by L. NATHAN.
Birth of the perfumed soap Cadum toilet (so called although the cade was removed from its manufacture) thanks to Mr. LANDAIS, famous soap maker, who brought all his knowledge of the soap by becoming Technical Director of the small CADUM Company. Michacl WINBURN wanted to launch his French products with the advertising means that had been so successful in the United States; Thus was created the famous poster "" Baby Cadum "" from the portrait of a real child, but whose features have been redrawn.
The success being constant, Mr. WINBURN, who was thinking of increasing the manufacture, bought boulevard de la Mission Marchand in Courbevoie. The CADUM Company set up a larger laboratory, headed by Mr. GONTIER. In addition, the manufacture of the Cadum ointment continued until 1968.
Launch of SOAP D'ONGE (whose brand idea comes from DONGES in Loire Atlantique: village of M. LANDAIS), which becomes DONGE in 1928.
Creation by PALMOLIVE USA of a subsidiary in France: PALMOLIVE France, which entrusts CADUM with its main products (Palmolive soap and shaving cream, and in 1930 the first COLGATE toothpaste).
Completion and inauguration of the Courbevoie plant.
Death of Michacl WINBURN.
Launch of the first detergent in France: PAIC. Originally, the brand was written PEC (Cadum Maintenance Product).
Merger of CADUM Companies and PALMOLIVE France.
Laying the foundation stone of a new factory located in Compiegne.
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Paic Lemon 750 ml bottle

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Paic lemon is a concentrated lemon dishwashing detergent. Paic lemon is a Colgate Palmolive product. The …

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