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The product of reception the first image of your establishment

Choosing the range of hospitality products that you will propose to your customers determines among several other hotel equipment the quality of service.
The ranges we offer allow you to offer a sober and qualitative image.
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Flow home hotel soap 10g pack cardboard 100

8,70 € HT
Ref: W1013

Soap home hotel in flow pack 10 grams Acanto line. Rectangular soap. Packaging per box of 100 units. Co…

Accueil 313 In stock

Hair gel and body tube 25 ml pack of 100

27,24 € HT
Ref: W2012

Hair gel and body Acanto range in tube of 25 ml. Package packaging per 100. Carton collection 5 boxes of…

Accueil 215 In stock

Round hotel soap 15 grams packed 100

15,95 € HT
Ref: W1012

Home Soap hotel round format in individual shirred casing. Soap Weight 15 grams. Sale of packaging per bo…

Accueil 123 In stock

Shampoo Shower Gel 10ml sachet package 600

50,25 € HT
Ref: W2010

Shower gel and shampoo both a bag of 10 ml. Packed in cardboard 600.

Accueil 45 In stock

Chausson white hotel 50

63,31 € HT
Ref: W4702

White hotel shoes branded Acanto line. Sold in packages of 50 pairs. Decreasing price per 10 lots of 50 p…

Accueil 21 In stock

Hotel reception cardboard wrapped soap 18 grams per 100

22,50 € HT
Ref: W1011

Hospitality soap weighing 18 grams in individual packaging in cardboard box. Acanto line. Sales packaging…

Accueil 17 In stock

Home hotel soap paper packs 10 grams per 600

44,20 € HT
Ref: W1014

Online hotel reception soap Acanto paper packaging. Weight soap 10 grams. Packaged in boxes of 600.

Accueil 12 In stock

Set toothbrush carton hotel 100

69,36 € HT
Ref: W4110

Set toothbrush and toothpaste hotel packaged in cardboard 100 kits.

Accueil 8 In stock

Set sewing box 100 hotel

21,72 € HT
Ref: W4603

Hotel sewing kit. Sold by parcel of 100 sets.

Accueil 7 In stock

Hair gel and body tube 25 ml online Corallo 100

29,30 € HT
Ref: W4221

Gel hair and body Corallo range in tube of 25 ml. Package packaging per 100. Carton packing 5 boxes of 1…

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