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Deb history

In 1939, AB WILLIAMSON created in Belper (England) DEB SILKWEAR PROTECTION , a company specializing in the manufacture of a product ensuring a longer lifespan of silk stockings thanks to the obtaining of more elastic fibers. 20 years earlier, the ARMANDON establishments were born in the Phocaean city with a product that would ensure their notoriety for several decades: the famous ARMA paste.
Meanwhile, in the UK, DEB CHEMICAL LTD is formulating SWARFEGA, a world-famous green mechanic gel. 1973 marks the arrival of DEB in France.
Its development continues to grow, the company develops new soap formulas and soon introduces patented cartridge systems to the market.
The merger of the two companies became a reality in 1997. DEB ARMA is today one of the key players in the world of hand hygiene with professionals in Industry, Communities, Agri-food, 'Automotive and Health.
Deb joined the SC Johnson Professional group in 2019, allowing it to expand its industrial dimension through a historical player in hygiene.

Deb SC Johnson always innovating

Deb SC Johnson's philosophy is based on product innovation, technical and commercial support from its Marketing / Sales team and service tailored to the needs of its partners. Our teams are at your disposal to determine together the best hand hygiene solution adapted to your establishment.

The development of cleanliness audits (BEP) and the presence of screen-printed washing protocols on our devices guarantee the quality of service provided by DEB to Industries and the Food Industry.
The BEP (Assessment-Study-Recommendation) is an industrial diagnostic tool which aims to identify the types of soiling and analyze the equipment, products and protocols in place on the site. The results of this study give rise to product and system recommendations that precisely meet the needs identified. Free trials are set up to guarantee the correct perception of the product by the user and its suitability for the type and level of soiling encountered.
Staff training is associated with the provision of educational tools (booklets, skin hygiene panel, posters, Glogerm case), guaranteeing the correct use of products and systems.

Deb Johnson Hand Hygiene Expertise

Deb Johnson is a recognized expertise in hand hygiene with a complete range of hydroalcoholic gels and more particularly foam-based formulations that significantly reduce allergy problems.
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Deb Solopol classic soap without water

4,21 € HT
Ref: SOL250ml

Solopol classic by Deb Stoko is the new denomination of Verapol plus. Solopol® Classic is a traditional c…

DEB 390 In stock

Soap Dispenser Deb Cleanse Biocote Wsahroom 1000 - 1L

24,89 € HT 15,10 € HT

Hand shower and sanitary dispenser: A unique range of 1L, 2L and 4L appliances, for sealed product cartri…

DEB 215 In stock

Instant Foam Deb 400 ML hydroalcoholic solution

8,79 € HT 7,05 € HT
Ref: IAX400ML

Deb instant foam is a hydroalcoholic foam with a broad spectrum of biocidal efficacy, for rapid disinfect…

DEB 182 In stock

Deb Soapy soap child soap dispenser

24,89 € HT 15,10 € HT

Fun soap dispenser for children and more particularly in schools. How to make washing and disinfecting ho…

DEB 135 In stock

Soap dispenser Deb Cleanse Antibac 1000 foam and lotion

24,89 € HT 15,10 € HT

Unique range of 1L devices for sealed product cartridges, meeting the different needs of each workplace a…

DEB 98 In stock

STOKOLAN classic hand cream 100ml

4,27 € HT
Ref: SCL100ML

Stokolan classic is a regenerating cream for normal, dry and stressed skin. Stokolan® Classic is a silic…

DEB 94 In stock

TRAVABON protective barrier cream oil painting glue 100 ml

4,49 € HT 3,60 € HT
Ref: TVC100ML

Travabon classic cream from Stockhausen protects the skin from oily substances that are insoluble in wate…

DEB 86 In stock

Grip Stokoderm pure multi-use 100 ml

5,71 € HT 4,10 € HT
Ref: SGP100ML

Stokoderm Grip pure multi use. Multi-purpose skin protection cream, for sensitive skin with ultra sensiti…

DEB 81 In stock

Deb instant foam hydroalcoholic foam 6x1L

106,14 € HT 79,60 € HT
Ref: IAF1000ML

Deb instant foam is a hydroalcoholic foam with a broad spectrum of biocidal efficacy, for rapid disinfect…

DEB 77 In stock

Kresto Paint Slig Spezial cleaning hands paint varnish 250 ml

6,04 € HT
Ref: KSP250ML

Kresto special ultra new name from Kresto Paint ex Slig Spezial from Stoko is a special hand cleaning pro…

DEB 69 In stock

Deb Oxybac extra foam hand sanitizer 6X1L

87,04 € HT 69,90 € HT

Deb Oxybac extra is a disinfectant washing foam for the hands, very unctuous, without perfume, nor dye. C…

DEB 64 In stock

Soap dispenser Deb shower space 1L

24,89 € HT 15,10 € HT
Ref: PRO00P

Deb Stoko Refresh Washroom 1000 Translucent Black and Chrome Plated. Hand shower and sanitary dispenser:…

DEB 62 In stock

Stokoderm aqua pure labor protection cream 100ml

5,40 € HT
Ref: SAQ100ML

Stokoderm aqua pure protects the skin against watery or water miscible substances and when working in a d…

DEB 60 In stock

Deb Original foam purmouss foam soap 6X1 L

72,43 € HT 52,05 € HT
Ref: ORG1L

Deb Original foam wash is the new version of the Purmouss Original foam. Deb original foam generates an i…

DEB 59 In stock

Deb dispenser pack free child original foam 6X1L

97,32 € HT 52,05 € HT

This pack consists of a box of 6 refills and a free Deb child Soapy Soap cartridge dispenser. Deb Origina…

DEB 59 In stock

Pack dispenser Deb free white original foam 6X1L

97,32 € HT 52,05 € HT

This pack consists of a box of 6 refills and a free Deb designer white cartridge dispenser. Deb Original …

DEB 59 In stock

Disinfectant soap PureBac Deb Foam Wash carton 6 x 1000 ml

79,13 € HT 64,30 € HT

Soap disinfectant Deb PureBac Foam Wash. Antimicrobial hand wash without perfume, containing DidecylDimon…

DEB 57 In stock

Instantgel hydroalcoholic gel dispenser 1L

24,89 € HT 15,10 € HT

Dispenser for Instantgel complete hydro-alcoholic gel cartridge. Unique range of 1L devices for sealed pr…

DEB 51 In stock

Disinfectant soap Agrobacterium Deb Lotion Wash 6 x 1000 ml

65,34 € HT 53,25 € HT

Anti-microbial hand washing lotion, extremely effective, fragrance free, containing Chlorhexidine Digluco…

DEB 49 In stock

Alcoholic solution Deb Instant Foam foam 3x1000 ml

55,74 € HT 40,70 € HT

Instant foam Deb Foam hydroalcoholic solution 3 x 1000 ml. Deb InstantFoam, a bactericidal, fungicidal an…

DEB 46 In stock
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