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TORK manufacturer of hand towels, toilet paper and hygiene systems

TORK second greenest company in the world

At Tork , we are committed to providing our customers with a friendly and direct quality of service. We are proud to be able to be close to our customers and to know how to meet their expectations.
Tork SCA, which produces the Tork brand, is the second greenest company in the world. Safe processes, production that optimizes its use of resources, responsible management of forests and the supply of cellulose fibres, and energy saving measures distinguish Tork SCA from its competitors by making the company the natural leader on the road to a cleaner life.
At SCA, we pay the utmost attention to our products and their impact on the environment, from the way we plant the seeds of our forests, to the destruction of the finished products, to the methods employed in our factories. This is what we call the life cycle approach.
You can analyze our practices and understand what this means in detail for Tork products on the following pages. Whatever your needs, you'll find a Tork product to meet them.

TORK quality first

Tork offers you reliable solutions, created to optimize consumption and reduce waste, for a wide range of environments - offices, hospitals, institutions, etc. Our products, including high quality hand towels, toilet paper, mild liquid soaps, air fresheners and attractively designed dispensers, form hygienic systems that deliver quality at a lower cost. Mount gearboxes, assemble components, polish lenses, paint cars or even print brochures. All of these activities require high-quality cloths that help improve productivity.
High performance wipers are vital in many industrial centers for both hygiene and productivity reasons. Whatever your industry, Tork can provide the perfect solution for cleaning, wiping or polishing. We have launched a whole new structure for the Tork range.

The TORK ranges

All products in the Tork range continue to bear the Tork brand, but are now available at three levels of positioning, characterized by sub-brands. Tork Premium brings together the highest quality products. Tork Advanced brings together high-performance products. Tork Universal meets your common needs.
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Smartone Lotus Toilet Paper Pack of 6

30,90 € HT
Ref: 472242

Lotus' new Smartone (smart one) toilet paper system is revolutionary. Included by Tork in its collection,…

Tork 539 In stock

SmartOne Mini Tork Toilet Paper Pack of 12

40,90 € HT
Ref: 472193

Tork Lotus SmartOne mini toilet paper is the smaller version of Tork smart one toilet paper. This mini fo…

Tork 429 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser Tork Smartone mini white

20,20 € HT 17,80 € HT
Ref: 681000

Tork SmartOne® mini T9 is a robust, center-design toilet roll dispenser that dispenses one protected shee…

Tork 315 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser Tork black Smartone

20,20 € HT 17,80 € HT
Ref: 680008

Tork SmartOne® is a Tork T8 System Dispenser for roll toilet paper, rugged, centered design, dispenses on…

Tork 309 In stock

Tork mild liquid soap L 6X1

44,70 € HT
Ref: 420501

Tork mild liquid soap premuim is a scented hand wash cream for tork S1 system. This reference replaces th…

Tork 238 In stock

Paper hand towels Tork Universal Ecolabel package 4740

48,70 € HT
Ref: 150299

The Tork Universal paper towel is a tangled hand towel with M folding which is adaptable to the Tork H2 h…

Tork 233 In stock

Toilet paper Tork extra soft premium 42 rlx

33,05 € HT 29,80 € HT
Ref: 110405

Give your customers the convenience of home away from home with Tork Premium Traditional Roll Toilet Pape…

Tork 211 In stock

Periodic sachets Tork packet

1,50 € HT
Ref: 204041

Tork periodic sachets are compatible with Tork B5 dispensers. The sachets are scented to ensure the fresh…

Tork 192 In stock

Central coil reeling Tork without white chuck 450 fts package 6

21,90 € HT
Ref: 121208

The Tork central reel with no white mandrel offers two layers for optimal absorption in the professional,…

Tork 189 In stock

Soap Dispenser Tork Elevation black S1

26,75 € HT
Ref: 560008

Soap dispenser Tork Elevation S1 black. Tork System Dispenser S1 System Maxi Liquid Soaps, Liquid soaps. …

Tork 178 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser Tork Smartone white

20,20 € HT 17,80 € HT
Ref: 680000

Tork SmartOne® System T8 is a robust, center-design toilet roll dispenser that dispenses one protected sh…

Tork 155 In stock

Pack 12 rolls Smart One free dispenser

80,10 € HT
Ref: PAK472242

Tork's new Smartone (smart one) toilet paper system is revolutionary. Creating a toilet paper system that…


Navy Tork Linstyle non-woven towel 50

9,80 € HT
Ref: 478856

Tork towel Linstyle dinner navy blue. Tork Premium LinStyle® towels are ideal for restaurants, where qua…

Tork 141 In stock

Tork jumbo toilet paper 380 m package of 6

36,95 € HT
Ref: 472118

Jumbo Tork toilet paper for dispenser outer diameter 260 mm. Internal mandrel 59 mm. Pure white wadding 2…

Tork 134 In stock

Non woven towel Tork Linstyle dinner orange 50

10,50 € HT
Ref: 478851

Tork Linstyle dinner towel green orange. Tork Premium LinStyle® napkins are ideal for restaurants, where …

Tork 133 In stock

Tork S4 black foam soap dispenser

25,25 € HT
Ref: 561508

Tork foam soap dispensers are suitable for all types of sanitary facilities. Very large capacity: 2500 do…

Tork 125 In stock

Tork S4 white foam soap dispenser

25,25 € HT
Ref: 561500

Tork foam soap dispensers are suitable for all types of sanitary facilities. Very large capacity: 2500 do…

Tork 123 In stock

Hand towel Tork advanced H3 folding V by 3750

69,25 € HT
Ref: 290163

Meet basic hand drying needs with Tork Universal V-Fold H3 Hand Towels offering a quality product at a lo…

Tork 111 In stock

Tork head a peg

3,70 € HT
Ref: 460014

Hook a Tork head. This coat hook has an elegant design, it gives a high-end impression. Black color. The …

Tork 108 In stock

Towel non woven Tork Linstyle dinner cacao 50

9,10 € HT
Ref: 478727

Tork towel Linstyle dinner cocoa. Tork Premium LinStyle® towels are ideal for restaurants, where quality …

Tork 107 In stock
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