Information and legislation

1Select and install electric hair dryer aptly

The location of the hair dryer in the bathroom

Class II.

Only hairdryer with a Class II double insulated can be installed in bathroom. These hair dryers are identifiable
standard symbol.

INDEX of IP hairdryer

The IP rating has two numbers:

- The first digit represents the level of protection hairdryer against solid bodies (ex.IP February 1)

- The second digit represents the level of protection against liquids hairdryer elements (ex.IP2 1).

For installation in volume 2:

IPX-3 minimum (apparatus flexible).

For installation in Volume 3:

IPX-1 minimum (extension cord, the hair dryer should
not enter in Volume 2).

4 volumes bathroom are defined by the installation of NFC 15100 standard rules.

The technical characteristics of electric hair dryer

Speed ??and power hairdryer

These parameters determine the speed of drying hair dryer, high numbers increase
rapid drying of the hair dryer.

ON / OFF switch on the support of the hairdryer.

It can cut the electrical supply of the hair dryer.
This system is required by the safety standards in some countries.

Differential switch hairdryer

It eliminates the risk of electrical shock even in wet instantly putting the electric hair dryer off.
The differential switch is mandatory in France since 1991 in all new or renovated electrical installation. In this case, the differential switch on the hairdryer is useless, the electric hair dryer is already protected.
Otherwise, the differential switch is imperative.

Shaver hairdryer on

This proposed on the wall mount hair dryers option avoids additional specific electrical outlet.
The shaver socket is power limited to 20 W for the exclusive use of electric shavers or phone chargers.
It accepts all types of records:
-Transformer: output 230 V and 115 V;
-Without transformer: 230 V output only.

Left / right positioning of the gun hairdryer

This feature allows for easier use and
installation of electric hair dryer in perfect harmony with the layout of the bathroom.

Hand-held operation.

This safety system automatically switches off the hair dryer when it is no longer used.

How to read the IP protection

First digit: protection against solid bodies

IP0X-no protection
IP1X-protected against solids> 50 mm ( hand)
IP2X-protected against solid objects> 12.5 mm (ex.doigt hand)
IP3X-protected against solids> 2.5 mm (ex.outils, screws)
IP4X-protected against solid objects> 1 mm (tools ex.petits, son)
IP5X-protected against dust (no harmful deposit)
IP6X-totally protected against dust

Second digit: protection against body fluids

IPX0-no protection
IPX1-protected against vertically falling drops? Water
IPX2-protected against water drops to 15 ° from the vertical
IPX3-protected against water drops to 60 ° from the vertical
IPX4 protected against splashes from all directions
IPX5-protected against water jets from all directions (water jet)
IPX6-fully protected against projections (equivalent to heavy seas)
IPX7-protected against the effects of immersion
IPX8-protected against the effects of prolonged immersion

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