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Insect killers 100% made in France

BRC Insect killer, insect killers with energy saving lamp and infrared heating

BRC 100% French manufacturing

BRC is a French manufacturer that has been manufacturing insect killers and insect killers for more than 25 years for the equipment of professionals in the fight against pests (insects, contamination, bacteria, etc.).
BRC is one of the few, if not the only insect killer manufacturer whose manufacture is 100% made in France. In the current context of globalization, this is an important element in terms of quality monitoring and after-sales service.

100% French BRC infrared heaters

BRC also manufactures infrared heaters for terraces which are of considerable environmental interest. In fact, infrared radiation does not heat air , only matter . As a result, significant savings are made compared to traditional radiant heaters.
The heat is immediate. the yield is close to 100% . The savings achieved are close to 30%. They are sized for an operating time of 5000 hours.

The BRC product range is wide

Its recognized know-how among professionals supplemented by a high-performance production tool has enabled it to develop, in consultation with professionals, devices that meet the standards in force and HACCP recommendations.
The best-known range at BRC is the range of insect killers with the particularity of offering models with energy-saving lamps of the E27 type.
BRC offers a range of IP21 and IP54 shredders in 304 stainless steel specially dedicated to humid environments .
The range of insect destroyers includes glue board destroyers which are more and more the reference in the food industry because they avoid projections.
Voussert distributes BRC products throughout France but also throughout the EEC and for export.

BRC After-Sales Service

All BRC products being manufactured in the Nantes region, the after-sales service is completely mastered locally with efficient responsiveness.
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E27 20 watt actinic lamp for BRC destroyer

23,95 € HT
Ref: L20WE27A

20 watt E27 actinic lamp for BRC shredder: OPUS 200 / 400 / 600. Check your compatibility.

BRC 182 In stock

Tube anti eclat destructive insect Sylvania 15 Watt 300 mm

12,00 € HT
Ref: TP15-12S

Sylvania shatterproof tube length 28 cm power 15 watts for in particular insect destroyer eurozap 30 Watt…

BRC 44 In stock

Glue board BRC 195x240 the 6

18,40 € HT
Ref: PL195X240CN2Q

Glue board BRC 195 X 240. Suitable for BRC FX40GIN and FX40GIB shredder Sold in packs of 6

BRC 13 In stock

Glueboard destructive insect BRC AGR40 AGR80 lot 6

41,80 € HT
Ref: PL190X585P2

2-sided white glue board dimensions 190 x 585 mm for BRC insect killer model AGR 40 and AGR 80 pack of 6.…

BRC 12 In stock

Glueboard destructive insect BRC AGR30 lot 6

32,70 € HT
Ref: PL190X435B2

Glue board 2 sides dimensions 190 x 435 mm for BRC insect destroyer model AGR 30 pack of 6.

BRC 12 In stock

Glueboard 160 x 400 MGL destructive BRC by 6

14,10 € HT
Ref: PL160X400CB1Q

1 x 160x400 white face glue plate for BRC model insect destroyer MGL package of 6. Compatible with RBC m…

BRC 10 In stock

Plaque of glue BRC iglu 160x195 black the 6

11,80 € HT
Ref: PL160X195CN1Q

Plaque of glue BRC iglu 160x195 black. Sold in pack of 6

BRC 10 In stock

Destructor insect glu BRC iglu white

46,80 € HT

Discreet professional quality, both outdoors and indoors: house, apartment, terrace, balcony, restaurants…

BRC 8 In stock

Opus 400 plate glue BRC

14,60 € HT
Ref: PL205X205CB2

Glue plate for destructor insects BRC OPUS 400 GI reference DESOPUS400GI; Dimensions of plates 205 x 205 …

BRC 8 In stock

Plaque of glue BRC iglu 160x195 white the 6

11,80 € HT
Ref: PL160X195CB1Q

Plaque of glue BRC iglu 160x195 white. Sold in pack of 6

BRC 7 In stock

Plaque of destructive glue insect BRC OPUS800 white the 6

27,20 € HT
Ref: PL210X435CB2Q

Plaque of glue 2 faces dimensions 210 x 435 mm for destructor of insects BRC model OPUS800GI and atrium 3…

BRC 7 In stock

BRC MGL Destructive Glue Plate by 6

17,40 € HT
Ref: PL245x426CN1Q

Glue plate size 245x426 mm black 1 face for insect destroyer BRC MGL generation AFTER 2015. Black color …

BRC 6 In stock

Destroctor insect glu BRC iglu blue

46,80 € HT

Professional quality in all discretion, both inside and out: house, apartment, terrace, balcony, restaura…

BRC 6 In stock

Destructor insect glu BRC iglu red

46,80 € HT

Professional quality in all discretion, both inside and out: house, apartment, terrace, balcony, restaura…

BRC 6 In stock

Infrared heating terrace BRC 4500 Black W

423,40 € HT
Ref: IR4500N

Natural heating by infrared for terrace. French made. Power 4500 Watts. Can be used to heat workshops, ga…

BRC 6 In stock

BRC Insect Destroyer wall MGL glu white

97,80 € HT
Ref: MGL30B

The insect destroyer BRC mgl glu white is designed for an area of ??80m2 with a tube of 40W maximum. Wit…

BRC 6 In stock

Destructive insect BRC wetland IP 54 80W

379,00 € HT

The BRC AGR 80 IP 54 stainless steel insect killer is designed for an area of 240m2 with 80 watts nominal…

BRC 6 In stock

Destroctor insect glu BRC iglu black

46,80 € HT

Professional quality in all discretion, both inside and out: house, apartment, terrace, balcony, restaura…

BRC 5 In stock

Plaque of glue BRC 280x585 vortex 400/800 the 6

35,20 € HT
Ref: PL280X585CJ1

BRC 280x585 glue plate for BRC vortex 400/800 destructor. Yellow squared plate sold in packs of 6.

BRC 5 In stock

Plate glue destructive BRC black Glustor by 6

14,60 € HT
Ref: PL200X300CN1

Glue plate size 200x300 mm black 1 face for insect destroyer BRC Glustor black. Sold per pack of 6 plate…

BRC 5 In stock
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