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UNGER cleaning windows and surfaces

Unger innovative and professional cleaning solution

Unger is an international company specializing in high-performance cleaning systems for professionals for over 40 years. Working with Unger cleaning equipment remains an essential reference for any glass or surface cleaning company. The requirement of professionals in the field of window maintenance requires a high-performance, ergonomic range adapted to the different types of sites encountered. Unger equipment is studied beyond its effectiveness to protect the health of users and allow them to work safely, in particular using poles.

Uniting a professional range

Unger rachette perche vitres

Unger telescopic poles

Unger has made its reputation on the quality and variety of its poles. Working at height remains an important issue in terms of safety. The use of ladders must therefore be reduced to a minimum and the use of a pole reduces these risks. Thus with Unger N Lite poles it is possible to reach heights up to 20 meters and this in complete safety. Unger poles are available in Unitec, OptiLoc and TelePlus versions for classic poles. The OptiLoc and TelePlus have the safety cone allowing the tools to be locked securely on the pole.

HIFLO light pole

Cleaning with pure water is more and more present for the cleaning of high glass surfaces, solar panels, siding ... etc. Therefore having a boom system supplied with water is a real added value in terms of working efficiency. Unger propose HiFlo and NLite poles which in this context will allow you to work at the top pure using a brush and this up to heights of 20 meters with the brush adapted in terms of texture and size to your work.

Unger solar panel brushes

As part of the evolution of surfaces to be cleaned and more particularly the appearance of solar panels or photovoltaic panels on the market, Unger has developed a whole concept of cleaning for these surfaces. Thus a series of specific brushes whose particularity is to have split bristles allows a formidable efficiency for mechanical cleaning. These brushes can be used with poles supplied with Unger Nlite water which combine to offer you the best rigidity for a given intervention height.

Unger window squeegees

Unger window squeegees are among the most successful in terms of design. Changing the rubbers is easier and they come in Hard or Soft quality depending on the intervention temperature. In terms of safety, their handling guarantees protection for the user.

The ErgoTec Ninja line remains to this day the most complete range of Unger with squeegee sizes ranging from 25 cm to 105 cm. These squeegees have an articulation allowing them to rotate 180 °.

Unger window wetters

The support can be either aluminum or plastic. And the refill of the wetting machine either textile or microfiber.

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Unger Ergotec Safety Scraper 4 cm unit

4,85 € HT 4,15 € HT
Ref: SR03K

Ergotec Unger safety scraper. Ergonomic with locking mechanism. Retractable blade. Width 4 cm. Soft rubbe…

Unger 238 In stock

Recharge dampening Unger Ninja 35cm

15,31 € HT 12,90 € HT
Ref: NJ350

Ninja Unger moistener refill 35cm. The refill retains a maximum of water which allows to work on large su…

Unger 167 In stock

Unger scraper blade 10 cm box of 25 blades

9,32 € HT
Ref: TR100

Scraper blade Unger windows 10 cm. Glass blades, sharp on both sides. For TX100, EG100, TM100. Sold per c…

Unger 162 In stock

Clamp collects waste Unger 93 cm pistol Nifty Nabber

24,30 € HT 20,25 € HT
Ref: NT090

Clamp collects waste Unger with Nifty Nabber gun. Universal pliers. For removing waste from waist height …

Unger 113 In stock

Nifty Nabber Unger 97 cm waste collector

28,73 € HT 22,45 € HT
Ref: NN900

Clamp collects waste Unger 97 cm Nifty Nabber. Universal pliers. For removing waste from waist height and…

Unger 104 In stock

Microstrip Unger 45 cm Microfiber Window Moisturizer Refill

14,36 € HT
Ref: NS450

Recharge dampening glass Microstrip Unger 45 cm box 10. Mop with microfiber coating, great pouoir cleaner…

Unger 103 In stock

Unger Mop Pad glass strip 35 cm unit

11,70 € HT 9,92 € HT
Ref: RS350

Mop Pad 35 cm glass strip Unger ABASIVE with a band on one side. Velcro closure. Sold per piece.

Unger 101 In stock

Rubber squeegee Unger Soft 45 cm by 10

29,82 € HT 20,99 € HT
Ref: RR450

Rubber squeegee Unger Soft 45 cm box of 10. Rubber Info: Soft rubber has a Shore hardness of 53 ideal for…

Unger 92 In stock

Pad tripad Unger Stingray intensive

18,38 € HT 13,90 € HT
Ref: SRPD2

Tripad by Unger for Unger Stingray window cleaning system. Triangular pad for intensive use. Suitable f…

Unger 91 In stock

Unger scraper blade 10 cm stainless steel Case 25

17,70 € HT
Ref: ENB10

Unger scraper blade 10 cm Stainless Steel Case 25. The stainless steel blade upscale Unger • Long servic…

Unger 89 In stock

Unger Mop Pad glass strip 45 cm unit

13,10 € HT
Ref: RS450

Pad strip Unger 45 cm glass wetter equipped with an abrasive strip on one side. Velcro closure. Sold indi…

Unger 88 In stock

Sponge antisuie Unger removed cleans soot and draws fire

8,61 € HT
Ref: SP060

Unger Professional anti-wipe sponge. Sponge specially designed for damage caused by fire. A professional …

Unger 87 In stock

Microstrip Unger 35 cm microfiber window moistener refill

12,10 € HT 9,95 € HT
Ref: NS350

Recharge dampening glass Microstrip Unger 35 cm. Dampener coating microfiber cleaning pouoir great, high …

Unger 86 In stock

Ergotec handle squeegee unger window

13,55 € HT 10,49 € HT
Ref: ETG00

Unger Ergotec handle for Ergotec squeegee blade. Ergonomic handle in two parts. Optimal grip in the hand …

Unger 76 In stock

Stingray Cleanser 150ml Unger

2,48 € HT 2,09 € HT
Ref: SRL01

Stingray Cleaner 150ml Unger. The Stingray Cleaning System is a very effective system of interior glass c…

Unger 70 In stock

Unger Ergotec window squeegee 35 cm Hard

21,32 € HT 16,20 € HT
Ref: ES35H

Ergotec Unger squeegee 35 cm. Ergonomic handle, in two parts. Complete with barrette in S. Rubber Hard dr…

Unger 70 In stock

Wolf's Head Unger

9,91 € HT
Ref: COBW0

Wolf head Unger. To remove dust walls, surfaces and corners. Best on a telescopic pole. Thorough dusting …

Unger 66 In stock

Unger Microfiber cleaning pad

9,64 € HT
Ref: PHW20

Microfiber cleaning pad with velcro back door-pad and PHH20 PHD20. Fiber length of 15 mm, remove stubbor…

Unger 63 In stock

Unger scraper blade 15 cm box of 25 blades

13,76 € HT
Ref: TR150

Unger glass scraper blade 15 cm. Window blades, sharp on both sides. For EG150. Sold in boxes of 25 blade…

Unger 62 In stock

Ground glass scraper Unger long handle 25 cm

15,75 € HT 12,97 € HT
Ref: SH250

Professional ergotec scraper Unger floor panes and surfaces with long handle of 25 cm. Effective with sha…

Unger 60 In stock
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