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1Safety shoes how to choose?

Safety shoe and standards

Choosing a pair of safety shoes is not done randomly.
The shoes must fulfill with safety standards specify corresponding to the use.

We first distinguish the different criteria:

A: antistatic safety shoe
E: shock absorption in the heel area of ??the safety shoe
FO: safety shoe with sole resistant to hydrocarbons
P: safety shoe with steel anti-perforation insole
HRO: safety shoe with sole contact resistant to heat for contacting
CI: safety shoe with cold insulation
HI: safety shoe with heat insulation
WR: Waterproof safety shoe
WRU: safety shoe waterproof rod
M: Safety shoes with metatarsal protection
CR: safety shoe with rod which resists breaking

Then, the EN ISO 20345: 2004

corresponding to safety footwear with shock resistance of 200 Joules fixed the different categories

S1 = A + FO + E
S1P = A + FO + E + P
S2 = A + FO + E + WRU
S3 = A + FO + E + P + WRU
S4 = A + FO + E + water resistance
S5 = A + FO + S + P + water resistance

EN ISO 20347: 2004

corresponding to no fixed protective cap safety shoes different categories

O1 = A + E
O1P = A + E + P
O2 = A + E + WRU
O3 = A + E + P + WRU
O4 = A + E + water resistance
O5 = A + S + P + water resistance

All our safety shoes are marked with these standards.
It is easy then to choose the most appropriate safety footwear.

You will find the Parade brand safety shoes clicking here .
You will find the Upower brand of safety footwear by clicking here .

We classified by theme and footwear safety boots on personal protective universe available here .

Here are some shortcuts on which you can find shoes suitable safety:

Safety shoe woman cooking and catering
Woman safety shoe with heel embellished for prolonged standing position
woman like sports safety shoe
Safety shoe woman multi activity

Safety Boot man
Safety shoes man anti slip
Safety shoe cooking and catering
lightweight safety shoe
Safety shoe with sole heat resistant HRO
Safety shoe like street shoe
safety shoe style

Find here all the range of safety footwear and contact our counselor at AZUR number.

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