Sorting bin, ashtray the choice of stock!

How to choose ?
Haccp non-contact trash can
How to choose ?
The trash is an essential tool in the implementation of Haccp hygiene standards whether in the kitchen but also in a collective environment.
From 30 L to 110 L, in polypropylene or stainless steel we offer a full range and from stock. You want to set up a sorting of waste, each range is available in different colors.
Simple recycling
sorting slim jim rubbermaid
Simple recycling
The solution for business waste recycling is made simple by Rubbermaid and the slim Jim line. Choose your sorting flows up to 7, compose your sustainable and quality recycling station in a few minutes.
Superior quality resin tank guaranteed for 10 years.
2 or 3 streams to sort
Tribu office selective sorting bin
2 or 3 streams to sort
The Rossignol "tribe" waste sorting bin for office space can be used to sort two or three types of waste at your choice thanks to the information board provided. Available in 15 or 8 liters volume. Contemporary and sober design. Compose your sorting basket from €79.

Bin and waste collector up to -70%

Rossignol trash can Cyvomax

138,40 € HT

Outdoor ashtray Rossignol

31,80 € HT
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waste container 4 wheels 660L

276,40 € HT

Basket ashtray
6L / 30 L Rossignol

239 € HT

Rossignol outdoor trash can

171,20 € HT

Pedal bin 3L
stainless steel

9 € HT

Garbage bag 110L reinforced package 200

38,90 € HT
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40L detachable wall-mounted trash can

80,30 € HT

Rossignol stainless steel tilting lid trash can

94 € HT
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Waste sorting bin regulations are changing!

Clearance of bins to seize

Disinfection terminal
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Partnerships with major equipment brands

In the professional world, some manufacturers remain essential when it comes to waste bin equipment and interior or exterior fittings.
Since 1981, that is to say more than 35 years, we have established strengthened partnerships with these manufacturers such as Rossignol, Rubbermaid, JVD but also via direct factory import channels for essential products whose value for money is a priority.

Rossignol the goal of a clean and pleasant environment

In a daily approach of “clean” gestures, Rossignol offers complete solutions for the collection
of waste: a new generation of high-quality, designer bins and bag supports , easy to install and empty. Everyday products, they are designed to better collect, sort and store waste before collection and thus improve the quality of life for users. They are also a real decorative element of the urban environment.
Rossignol offers a selection of bins and equipment for collecting waste in your green spaces.
They fit perfectly into a green environment and participate in its enhancement by making it clean and friendly. Whether wall-mounted, free-standing or fixed , in plastic, steel or wood , these products are elegant, discreet and robust.


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