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Provendi manufacturer of rotary soap

Provendi tradition soap

Born in the 50s, on the shores of Lake Geneva, the Laboratory Provendi became famous thanks to a simple idea: always have a dry soap handy. Door mounted soap and soap thus rotating with thousands of communities and businesses.
With its experience of Master Craftsman Savonnier, small business gradually developed the production of liquid soap. This name refers to the traditional method of saponification, developed in XVIII in Marseille.
French became leader of liquid soap, the Provendi Laboratory claims its dual status of SMEs and craft innovative laboratory vigilant compliance with current regulatory and environmental requirements. Tanks in our traditional, Alpine water mixes with oils and ingredients plants, under the expert eye of a Master Soap Maker.

Holder of expertise, Provendi Laboratory is registered with the Chamber of Trade. / Endheader /
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Provendi lemon soap 300 grams screw

4,05 € HT
Ref: 255352

Provendi rotary soap solid lemon 300 grams type provendi. Adaptable on support provendi to screw. The Pro…

Provendi 424 In stock

Provendi soap almond 300 grams a clip

4,05 € HT
Ref: 255355

Soap solid almond 300 grams type provendi. Adaptable on support provendi with clip. The Provendi rotary s…

Provendi 96 In stock

Provendi soap dish with soap lemon screw

19,45 € HT
Ref: 255356

Provendi pack with Provendi soap dish and 300g solid lemon rotating soap is an exclusive Provendi box. T…

Provendi 25 In stock

Provendi soap dish screw brass chrome

15,80 € HT
Ref: 255353

Soap dish in chromed brass soap for Provendi type. This model has a screw closure. The associated soap …

Provendi 25 In stock
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