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Unite French manufacturer of protective masks
In the context of the Covid19 pandemic, Unir de Tellus group has put its French know-how at the service of the manufacture of 3-ply surgical masks type IIR EN14683 and FFP2 type IIR masks.
The FFP2 Unir mask benefits from an extremely favorable consumer opinion list with guaranteed protection, French manufacturing and exceptional comfort for an FFP2 mask.
Unir uses metblown filter media both for the manufacture of surgical masks and for the manufacture of the FFP2 Covid-19 mask. The filtration of Unir surgical masks filter at least 98% of aerosols with an average size of 0.3 microns , where most type II surgical masks meeting the EN14683 standard filter at 98% but on particles with an average size of 3 microns .

Voussert has mainly oriented its PPE partnerships, in particular protective masks, towards French players such as Unir de Tellus and Kolmi Hopen who are players who have demonstrated their ability to produce quality products.
Unite produced in France by having its production plant located in the heart of Marnes la Vallée.
This proximity makes it possible to offer an important reactivity which has no comparison with the delays and the costs of importing Asian products.
Indeed, air freight, even if it was the last resort during the period of early 2020 when our country was not able to ensure its independence in the context of the supply of masks to the population, remains very expensive and above all significantly increase the carbon footprint of these products.
Now choosing a French protective mask is not only an ease, but also a safety and a gesture for the carbon footprint.

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FFP2 protective mask without valve is made in France in individual packaging. The FFP2 respirator is inte…

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