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Boldair room perfumer

Boldair - Professional air freshener manufacturer

Boldair the professional's choice made in France

Boldair is the air treatment specialist. Boldair was born in the capital of perfumes: Grasse. The fragrances come from the best internationally renowned perfume houses.
Leader in the professional market for its efficiency, Boldair has known and recognized know-how. The brand combines technology and quality to pleasantly deodorize.
The products are made in France, to guarantee French know-how, refinement and technology.
The excellence of Boldair for a unique and efficient technology.
Boldair quality
The Boldair brand puts its know-how and expertise at the service of its customers to develop scents that create a pleasant atmosphere.

The variation of the Boldair range

- High quality perfumes, renowned perfumers
- An important persistence, high concentration of perfume
- A unique tachnology, dry spraying without wet fallout
The Boldair brand makes perfume its priority. With a higher dosage of perfume, Boldair allows an action for long hours.

Every problem has a solution with Boldair

Boldair is a technical and complete range of products to meet every need. Aerosols for a spontaneous action and products with continuous diffusion for a permanent deodorization (gels, wicks, stick ip). Ideal for deodorizing offices, reception halls, waiting rooms, lounges, meeting rooms, bathrooms and kitchens ...

Boldair gels with long-lasting action

Boldair gels are available in several scents and allow you to remove smells of tobacco, cooking, painting, stale, animals ...

Boldair Aromatherapy

- Perfumes with active properties
- Formulas with recognized virtues
- Based on plant extracts

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Boldair range


56075001 Boldair lemon zest 500 ml
56075201 Boldair peach orchard 500 m
56075301 Boldair red fruit delight 500 ml
56075401 Boldair large large 500 ml
56075501 Boldair freshness mentholated bactericidal 500 ml


56075701 Boldair Activ 'cotton flower 500 ml
56075801 Boldair Activ 'green tea 500 ml
56075901 Boldair Activ 'sensitive 500 ml

Odor destroyers

11615504 Boldair odor eliminator 500 ml
11617104 Boldair odor eliminator & perfume 500 ml
56073604 Boldair tobacco odor eliminator 500 ml
56073704 Boldair animal odor killer 500 ml
56073804 Boldair air conditioning & vmc sanitizer 500 ml
56073904 Boldair kitchen odor eliminator 500 ml

Big spaces

56076101 Boldair large spaces lemon zest 750 ml
56070501 Boldair large spaces green tea 750 ml
56070601 Boldair large spaces odor eliminator 750 ml

Odor-destroying gels

PV11661001 Boldair gel odor eliminator large large 310 g
PV56013102 Boldair odor eliminator gel green tea & aloe vera 310 g
PV56013201 Boldair odor eliminating gel cotton flower 310 g
PV56075101 Boldair orange blossom odor eliminator gel 310 g
PV56076201 Boldair lemon odor eliminator gel 310 g
PV56076301 Boldair amber wood odor eliminator gel 310 g
PV56076401 Boldair citronella odor eliminator gel 310 g
PV56076501 Boldair cedar odor eliminator gel 310 g
Stick up
PV56070701 Boldair stick up lemon zest
PV56070801 Boldair stick up large large
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Deodorant spray 750 ml BOLDAIR Activ sensitivaromathérapie

6,30 € HT
Ref: 560759

Boldair Aromatherapy Air Freshener creates ambiance while eliminating bad odors. Perfume with essential o…

Boldair 79 In stock

Boldair killing frost smell amber wood 300 grams

5,50 € HT
Ref: 560763

Boldair odor destructive gel is a permanent odor destroyer in the form of solid gel. Neutralizes all bad…

Boldair 70 In stock

Odor Destroyer Boldair gel deodorant flower cotton 300 grs

5,50 € HT
Ref: 56013201

Boldair odor destructive gel is a permanent odor destroyer in the form of solid gel. Neutralizes all bad…

Boldair 49 In stock

Aerosol deodorant BOLDAIR Activ aromatherapy green tea 750 ml

6,30 € HT
Ref: 560758

Boldair Aromatherapy Air Freshener creates ambiance while eliminating bad odors. Perfume with essential o…

Boldair 47 In stock

Destructive odor BOLDAIR gel deodorant marine pot 300g

5,50 € HT
Ref: 11661001

Boldair destructive gel deodorant smells. Neutralizes all odors. Up to 8 weeks of freshness. Boldair gel …

Boldair 28 In stock

Air freshener deodorant Boldair odor destroyer 750 ml

13,10 € HT
Ref: 56070601

Boldair deodorant overpowering is dedicated to large spaces thanks to its high flow nozzle. A spray of o…

Boldair 24 In stock

Boldair destructive animals smell 500ml

8,20 € HT
Ref: 560737

Boldair destructive animals absorbs odor, immediately neutralizes and destroys odors without masking them…

Boldair 23 In stock

Destructive odor BOLDAIR gel deodorant green tea pot 300g

5,50 € HT
Ref: 560131

Boldair odor destructive gel is a permanent odor destroyer in the form of solid gel. Neutralizes all bad …

Boldair 22 In stock

Aerosol deodorant BOLDAIR Activ grapefruit aroma 750 ml

6,30 € HT
Ref: 560757

Boldair aromatherapy deodorizer creates a mood while eliminating bad odors. Perfume with essential oils.…

Boldair 21 In stock

Boldair destructive odorless 500 ml

8,20 € HT
Ref: 116155

Boldair fragrance-free odor destroyer absorbs, neutralizes and immediately destroys bad odors without mas…

Boldair 18 In stock

Boldair killing frost flower smell of orange 300 grams

5,50 € HT
Ref: 560751

Boldair killing frost odor is destructive permanent odor as a solid gel. Neutralizes all odors (tobacco,…

Boldair 16 In stock

Boldair bactericidal cardboard mint 6x500 ml

6,70 € HT
Ref: 560755

Boldair professional deodorant mint bactericidal. Eliminates bad odors. Leaves a high quality scent ver…

Boldair 12 In stock

BOLDAIR lemon deodorant professional high remanence 750 ml

5,40 € HT
Ref: 560750

Boldair professional air freshener with strong persistence. Eliminates bad smells. Leaves a very pleasant…

Boldair 96 on supply
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