Maintenance products and cleaning equipment

Best in class
Tork Matic hand towel roll H1 premium
Best in class
Tork H1 is the roll hand towel distribution system with automatic cutting. Tork premium quality is the quality of demanding users for perfect hygiene and enhanced comfort.
Tork H1 guarantees savings in use.
58,90 € HT
Red lift Upower
UPower Red brings lightness to safety
Red lift Upower
The Upower Red Leve safety shoe range is the lightest. Red leve makes it lighter without sacrificing performance. Red Leve is made from an original blend of soft, lightweight, breathable and antibacterial polyurethane.
With Nightingale
Give your bio-waste a second life
With Nightingale
Rossignol offers you selective sorting terminals for biowaste but also sorting furniture
specifically adapted to the Anti-Waste Law for a circular economy. A terminal with trash emptying is practical thanks to the two integrated 20L buckets. Made in France.
The battery backpack
The battery backpack
Numatic RSB150NX is a reference in battery-powered backpack vacuum cleaner for professional use. It uses the latest generation Numatic NX300 battery compatible with all Numatic NX300 battery equipment. A digital motor 40% more efficient than a traditional motor!
779 € HT
Ecolabel central unwinding reel
Ecolabel and manufacturing in France
Ecolabel central unwinding reel
2-ply pure white cotton spool with central unwinding. Excellent absorption capacity. Made in France and EU Ecolabel compliant. Food contact.
11,90 € HT
Vigor professional 5 L
Vigor professional 5 L
VIGOR is an industrial cleaner specially designed for hospitals, local authorities, shops, hotels, industries, mechanics, garages... Suitable for all washable surfaces: tiled or plastic-coated floors.
10,95 € HT
Single brush battery
Single brush Taski Ergodisc flexx 43
Single brush battery
Thanks to the battery of the Taski Ergodisc Flexx 43 single brush, you are free from all the constraints of classic single brushes. Taski Ergodisc Flexx 43 has 3 rotation speeds. Can be used for stripping, polishing, cleaning...
1 557 € HT
Paper towels
Paper towels
Natural embossed disposable paper towel.
Z-folding. Two embossed layers.
100% French manufacturing. 100% recycled paper.
Package of 3000 hand towels.
20,90 € HT
2 or 3 streams to sort
Tribe office selective sorting trash
2 or 3 streams to sort
The Rossignol “tribe” selective sorting bin for office space allows you to sort two or three types of waste of your choice using the information board provided. Available in 15 or 8 liter volume. Contemporary and sober design. Create your sorting basket from €79.

The best offers in cleaning products

JVD auto chrome tornado hand dryer

209 € HT

Medical pants and tunic

4,25 € HT
In stock

Glass cleaner alcohol surfaces 5L

4,95 € HT
More information

Hand dryer special PMR Rossignol Airsmile

124 € HT
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Jex pro 5L
moorland pine forest

13,60 € HT
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Spock Upower softshell jacket

73,50 € HT

Vileda ultraspeed starterkit 10l press bucket

26,95 € HT
Promo offer

Hand dryer Exp'Air JVD
in stock

498 € HT

selective sorting Rubbermaid 26.6 L blue

8,95 € HT

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Voussert is a French Company with a family structure created in 1981 which has remained independent and close to its customers.
To date Voussert is more than 100 professional brands with a significant depth of range and strong partners.
Professional cleaning products, cleaning materials, equipment for premises, disposable linens and napkins, reusable dishes, short-term personal protection, safety shoes and clothing.
Our establishment on the new Cherisy platform allows us to offer our customers ever more efficient logistics with available stocks and the fairest prices. YouTube Other videos produced on the Voussert channel
Varied range and product offer

Varied range and product offer

Find cleaning products, cleaning equipment, ladders, swimming pool products and garden furniture in bulk for Local Government, Hygiene professionals, Cleaning Companies, Hospitals, Retirement Homes, Middle schools, Town halls, Syndicate of co-ownership, agri-food industries.

Big brands at competitive prices

Big brands at competitive prices

Voussert has been offering the best brands in the field of professional cleaning products like : Tork, Proven, Spado, Jet’sac, Johnson Diversey, Nilfisk Alto, Numatic, Vileda, Centaure, CGMP, Cogir, Duni, Arrow, Mapa, Spontex, 3 M, JVD, Rossignol, Rubermaid, Unger, Upover, Parade, Vitabri...

Experts at your service

Experts at your service

Do you need a little help with your order, or further information regarding a product? Voussert's experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Dedicated tender service

Dedicated tender service

Voussert is on hand to help you prepare applications for Calls for Tender and Public Contracts. Our wide array of brands and products allows us to provide a solution tailored to your needs, while keeping costs down.

An efficient logistics network

An efficient logistics network

From product storage to the optimisation of your delivery route, Voussert is able to guarantee an optimised logistical experience thanks to our Europe-wide delivery network and experienced Export team.

  • - Real-time stock
  • - Express deliveries
  • - After-sales service available from your customer account

Professional cleaning products since 1981

For more than 40 years, we have offered a wide range of professional cleaning products selected from the biggest brands.
The choice of a cleaning product must be made within the framework of a methodology and ensuring maximum efficiency while guaranteeing maximum safety for users and users of the establishment.

Voussert has been offering the biggest brands in the field of professional cleaning products for more than 40 years . Brands like Diversey with professional lines such as Taski Jontec, Suma, Sani, Sprint but also emblematic brands like Skip Omo, Cif, Vigor, teepol, cajoline.
The expertise of the Diversey group in the world of professional hygiene is a reference through product quality, safety and compliance with both environmental and usage standards.
Diversey care product
Voussert also relies on a partnership with the Proven group through the brands Boldair, Wyritol, Cleaner Durasol, Fury, Professional Jex, Soludoz, Spado, Gloss, Calgonit...etc which are all references in the professional world.
All brands are linked to universes specific to each field of maintenance application.
Spado and Gloss are brands oriented towards DIY drugstore maintenance, offering a very wide range of maintenance solutions.
Wyritol, Jex, Boldair and Cleaner Durasol are brands oriented with professional use.
You will also find through this partnership brands such as St Marc, Destop, Harpic, O Cedar, Le Chat, Finish, Eparcyl...etc.
Proven brand
The new constraints on the use of a professional cleaning product
For several years, the impact of cleaning products on the environment and on users, both in the general public and in the professional world, has become a major issue.
The effectiveness of the cleaning product alone is no longer the alpha and omega of manufacturers' specifications.

The rise of the Ecolabel

The first evolution in the field appeared with the Ecolabel label and more generally the evolution of professional cleaning products towards a more "green" design both in terms of their composition and their packaging and transport.
This first evolution towards eco-responsibility has given rise to drifts with more or less validated designations such as "organic product" "green product" ... etc which do not correspond to any label.
It is therefore necessary to remain vigilant with regard to these ecological self-proclamations which are not based on any label.
The only validated labels are the European Ecolabel, the Nordic Swann label.

Security constraints

Since January 1, 2017, regulatory constraints related to the use of professional cleaning products have been reinforced.
There is indeed now an obligation for employers to assess the risks incurred for health and safety. As a result, the use of products without signs of risk (products without CLP) has also developed.
The use of a dangerous product such as a professional oven cleaner implies providing the operator with personal protective equipment such as mask, gloves, goggles and all the information relating to the use of this product.
Failure to comply with this constraint can lead to serious liability for the employer in the event of an accident.

Also since February 11, 2005, a law expresses the principle of "access to everything for all" concerning establishments that welcome the public.
In this context, it is now mandatory for any public structure to set up specific signage to promote the mobility of people with visual impairments. Tactile tiles are safety equipment made of nails, intended to help these disabled people detect the presence of danger

Voussert is a member of FEVAD

FEVAD FEVAD (French e-commerce and distance selling federation), 1st e-commerce network in France with 600 member companies, e-commerce players.

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