Maintenance products and cleaning equipment

100% recyclable
Barral mask category 1
100% recyclable
4 grams of technology for 99.9% filtration of particles larger than 3 microns Raw materials from the circular economy. Fabric labeled Oeko-Text 100 °. Reusable. Fully recyclable at end of life. Filtration tested up to 50 washes.
1,95 € HT
Shield JVD
Shield JVD
Shield by JVD is a professional air purifier made in France. Shield by JVD will thus make it possible to safely treat the problems of odors, viruses, bacteria, molds and other allergens, pollutants and contaminants present in the ambient air. The JVD Shield air purifier has scientifically proven and approved effectiveness thanks to Smart Mineralization technology.
Resealable bag
Kolmi type IIR medical mask EN14683
Resealable bag
Kolmi, French mask manufacturer, offers a new format in flowpack dispenser to have your mask everywhere and at any time. Compact, easy to use and hygienic, the Kolmi mask is comfortable and offers good breathability.
3,30 € HT
Ecolabel central unwinding reel
Ecolabel central unwinding reel
Reel of pure white cotton wool 2 layers with central unwinding. Excellent absorption capacity. Made in France and EU Ecolabel compliant
10,95 € HT
The back battery
Backpack vacuum battery ion taski
The back battery
The new generation Taski Aero BP backpack vacuum cleaner is perfect for stairs, elevators and entrances. Small size and low noise level.
Possibility of use in blowing function.
749 € HT
Tork Smartone
Tork Smartone
It's autonomy, up to 40% savings
compared to a classic jumbo.
Hygienic by limiting contaminations.
Ecological because SmartOne is Ecolabel.
22,90 € HT
How to choose ?
Haccp non-contact trash can
How to choose ?
The trash is an essential tool in the implementation of Haccp hygiene standards whether in the kitchen but also in a collective environment.
From 30 L to 110 L, in polypropylene or stainless steel we offer a full range and from stock. You want to set up a sorting of waste, each range is available in different colors.
Limited offer to seize
Automatic gel soap dispenser
Limited offer to seize
Unbeatable price on this 1 liter automatic soap and gel dispenser available in white or black. The soap or hydroalcoholic gel is delivered by automatic hand detection. There is therefore no contact between the hands of the users and the device.
36,70 € HT
Recycled Disposable Disposable Paper Wipes
Recycled Disposable Disposable Paper Wipes
Hand wipes disposable nature paper wrapped. Folding in Z. Two thicknesses wrapped.
Manufacture France 100% recycled paper.
17,15 € HT

The best offers in cleaning products

Lightweight safety shoe

40,95 € HT
Limited offer

Microfiber kitchen shoe and 200J tip

31,20 € HT

200 food disinfectant wipes EN14476

12,40 € HT

Scraping green tamponge pack of 10

3,70 € HT
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Powdered vinyl glove
by 100

4,95 € HT

Rossignol Oleane toilet paper dispenser black 2 packs

2,90 € HT
Limited offer

Tork Premium Toilet Paper Pack of 30

25,90 € HT
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Nitrile glove
food blue
by 100

15,80 € HT

Water repellent shoe

22,50 € HT
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Hand hygiene: now obvious!

Hand hygiene has become a priority over the past 10 years. The latest epidemics like the H1N1 flu, the coronavirus SARS, MERS, STRAS ... etc are now becoming regular and difficult to control.
Hand washing and disinfection incorporating the use of disposable hand towels, disinfecting surfaces to strengthen hygiene rules are already important responses.
Essity Tork is an actor proposing solutions to respond to this problem through the distribution of soap and gel but also of hand wiping with folded hand towels or in contactless roll like the H1 distributor.
Varied range and product offer

Varied range and product offer

Find cleaning products, cleaning equipment, ladders, swimming pool products and garden furniture in bulk for Local Government, Hygiene professionals, Cleaning Companies, Hospitals, Retirement Homes, Middle schools, Town halls, Syndicate of co-ownership, agri-food industries.

Big brands at competitive prices

Big brands at competitive prices

Voussert has been offering the best brands in the field of professional cleaning products like : Tork, Proven, Spado, Jet’sac, Johnson Diversey, Nilfisk Alto, Numatic, Vileda, Centaure, CGMP, Cogir, Duni, Arrow, Mapa, Spontex, 3 M, JVD, Rossignol, Rubermaid, Unger, Upover, Parade, Vitabri...

Experts at your service

Experts at your service

Do you need a little help with your order, or further information regarding a product? Voussert's experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Dedicated tender service

Dedicated tender service

Voussert is on hand to help you prepare applications for Calls for Tender and Public Contracts. Our wide array of brands and products allows us to provide a solution tailored to your needs, while keeping costs down.

An efficient logistics network

An efficient logistics network

From product storage to the optimisation of your delivery route, Voussert is able to guarantee an optimised logistical experience thanks to our Europe-wide delivery network and experienced Export team.

  • - Real-time stock
  • - Express deliveries
  • - After-sales service available from your customer account

Professional cleaning products since 1981

For over 35 years, we have offered a wide range of professional cleaning products selected from the biggest brands.
The choice of a cleaning product must be made within the framework of a methodology and ensuring maximum efficiency while guaranteeing maximum safety for users and users of the establishment.

Voussert has been offering the biggest brands in the field of professional cleaning products for over 35 years . Brands like Diversey with professional lines such as Taski Jontec, Suma, Sani, Sprint but also emblematic brands like Skip Omo, Cif, Vigor, teepol, cajoline.
The expertise of the Diversey group in the professional hygiene world is a benchmark through product quality, safety and compliance with both environmental and usage standards.
Diversey cleaning product
Voussert also relies on a partnership with the Proven group through brands Boldair, Wyritol, Cleaner Durasol, Fury, Jex professional, Soludoz, Spado, Gloss, Calgonit ... etc which are all references in the professional world.
All brands are linked to universes specific to each area of application in maintenance.
Spado and Gloss are brands oriented towards DIY drugstore maintenance by offering a very wide range of maintenance solutions.
Wyritol, Jex, Boldair and Cleaner Durasol are brands oriented with professional use, notably offering systems like Ecocub or Soludoz .
You also find through this partnership brands like, St Marc, Destop, Harpic, O Cedar, Le Chat, Finish, Eparcyl ... etc
Proven brand
New constraints on the use of a professional cleaning product
For several years, the impact of cleaning products on the environment and on users both in the general public and in the professional world has become a major issue.
The effectiveness of the cleaning product alone is no longer the alpha and omega of the manufacturers' specifications.

The rise of the Ecolabel

The first evolution in the field appeared with the Ecolabel label and more generally the evolution of professional cleaning products towards a "greener" design both in terms of their composition as on their packaging and transport.
This first evolution towards an eco responsibility gave rise to drifts with more or less validated appellations like "organic product" "green product" ... etc which do not correspond to any label.
We must therefore remain vigilant with regard to these ecological self-proclamations which are not based on any label.
The only labels validated are the European Ecolabel, the Nordic Swann label.

Security constraints

Since January 1, 2017, the regulatory constraints related to the use of professional cleaning products have been reinforced.
There is now an obligation for employers to assess the risks to health and safety. As a result, the use of products without risk signs (products without CLP) has also developed.
The use of a hazardous product such as a professional oven cleaner involves providing the operator with personal protective equipment such as a mask, gloves, glasses and all information relating to the use of this product.
Failure to comply with this constraint may result in severe liability for the employer in the event of an accident.

Also since February 11, 2005, a law expresses the principle of “access to everything for all” concerning establishments that welcome the public.
In this context, it is now compulsory for any public structure to put in place specific signage in order to promote the mobility of people with visual impairment. Tactile tiles are safety equipment made up of nails, aimed at helping these disabled people to detect the presence of a danger