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Product maintenance and cleaning equipment

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1500 soap dispensers JVD -A SAISIR-
1500 soap dispensers JVD -A SAISIR-
Liquid soap dispenser 900ml. Large capacity. Designed for sanitary rooms of small dimensions. soft and gentle handling.
9,95€ HT
Coil center feed Ecolabel
Wiping Topping - Disposable Tableware
Coil center feed Ecolabel
Pure white cotton reel 2 ply center feed. Excellent absorbency.
10,49€ HT
garden arbor backed
garden arbor backed
Arbor backed 4 x 3 m
Anti corrosion by hot dip galvanizing.
Paint color black hammered enamel types.
Direct special price in factory stocks last.
129€ HT
Moccasin kitchen S2 SRC
Personal protection - safety shoes
Moccasin kitchen S2 SRC
Water repellent. modern and very comfortable shape design
to meet the working conditions in kitchens ...
The reference in catering business.
25,90€ HT
Recycled paper towel disposable hand
Wiping Topping - Disposable Tableware
Recycled paper towel disposable hand
Hand towel embossed disposable paper kind. Fold Z.
16€ HT
Hand dry air pulse
Hand dry air pulse
Hygiene with its Hepa filter with permanent UV sterilization which eliminates 99.997% of the bacteria. Protection class II IPX4 - Standards CE - ROHS
Water tank, self regulated heating.
309€ HT
Insect Disinsector JVD insectivor
Insect Disinsector JVD insectivor
Totally hygienic, odorless and without projection. The insects are attracted by the light and then sucked by the pale fan.
109€ HT
Garage removable
Product pool - Garden furniture
Garage removable
The Garage-in-a-Box has a compact design, 22 to 50m2. Ideal for small compact cars.
231€ HT
Dunicel roller 25 m
Dunicel roller 25 m
Dunicel is a unique material made from cotton wool. The Dunciel webs are extremely resistant and allow a repositioning in tearing the topping.
39,25€ HT

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liquid hand soap rose 5L canister

6,35 € HT
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black automatic electric hand dryer

172 € HT
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Tork wipers green hands Ecolabel

30,90 € HT

Pedal bin 3L
stainless steel

6,90 € HT

menage trolley VDM ideatop 6

192 € HT
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safety shoe Trekking Laguna

34,10 € HT
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disposable combination type 4 5 and 6 cat III

5,60 € HT
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metal garden shed Arrow
galvanized steel
12 m2

414 € HT
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Cut resistant glove kitchen Mapa Krotech 828

13,80 € HT

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For over 35 years, we offer a wide range of professional cleaning products selected from the best brands.
The choice of a cleaning product must be done as part of a methodology and ensuring maximum efficiency while ensuring maximum safety for users and users of the facility.

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