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Product maintenance and cleaning equipment

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Powder free vinyl glove
Personal protection - safety shoes
Powder free vinyl glove
vinyl disposable gloves powder free non sterile. Ideal for professional use. Glove rolled edge. Box of 100.
2,49€ HT
Forced air hand dryers
Local Facilities - Waste Collection
Forced air hand dryers
Electric hand dryers, automatic vertical Rossignol aery white first. 1 year warranty. Rated power: 1900 W.
339€ HT
Moccasin kitchen S2 SRC
Personal protection - safety shoes
Moccasin kitchen S2 SRC
Water repellent. modern and very comfortable shape design
to meet the working conditions in kitchens ...
The reference in catering business.
25,90€ HT
Duplex Scrubber 280I cable
cleaning equipment - scaffolding ladder
Duplex Scrubber 280I cable
Ultra compact. pro and home use even on small spaces. Carpet, parquet, tiles, pvc..etc
809€ HT
alcoholic gel
Cleaning products - Insect Pest
alcoholic gel
Comet disinfectant alcoholic gel solution gel 300 ml bottle push. Available in can of 5 L.
1,65€ HT
Garage removable
Product pool - Garden furniture
Garage removable
The Garage-in-a-Box has a compact design, 22 to 50m2. Ideal for small compact cars.
231€ HT
jumbo roll toilet paper white Ecolabel
Wiping Topping - Disposable Tableware
jumbo roll toilet paper white Ecolabel
Giant toilet paper rolls for dispenser, outside diameter 270 mm. .
9,95€ HT
HACCP trash white kitchen 70l steel
Local Facilities - Waste Collection
HACCP trash white kitchen 70l steel
Kitchen bin Removable front for the full release and effortless bag.
82€ HT
Clears snow Express 9.5 kg <br> noncorrosive déverglassant
Clears snow Express 9.5 kg
noncorrosive déverglassant
Effective, it is totally disappearing snow and ice instantly. It remains active even when snow and prevent ice formation.
18,90€ HT

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Mapa glove intense cold

8,50 € HT
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Hair dryer
1200 Watt 2 speeds

29,70 € HT
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menage trolley VDM ideatop 6

192 € HT
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lightweight safety shoe

61 € HT

monobrush Numatic

699 € HT
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Washing machine tablet
125 doses

24,15 € HT
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dry vacuum cleaner Numatic Henry

140 € HT
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Garage removable
4.6 x 11 x 4.9 m

1942 € HT
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Woman safety shoe S3 Venice

39,70 € HT
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For over 35 years, we offer a wide range of professional cleaning products selected from the best brands.
The choice of a cleaning product must be done as part of a methodology and ensuring maximum efficiency while ensuring maximum safety for users and users of the facility.

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