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Ecolabel cleaning product, the stakes

Opinion of the French on the Ecolabel

The opinion of the French on ecological issues shows in 2012 an increasingly important consideration.
92% of respondents believe that the planet is in danger
36% of respondents changed their habits
26% of respondents say they are influenced when they buy
61% of those surveyed favor merchants and stores that mainly offer products and goods that take into account sustainable development.

Ecolabel cleaning product, which label?

Concerning the products of maintenance, there exists today two recognized official labels.
Ecolabel product with European Ecolabel
This label is a unique European label managed by the AFNOR (French standardization association).
The ecolabel distinguishes products with an ecological guarantee from other products.
The guarantee is twofold: the quality of use and the limitation of its impacts on the environment throughout its life cycle (from production to use) must be validated within the framework of the ecolabel. The ecolabel is awarded to products that do not harm the environment during their life cycle, from raw material to waste disposal.
The ecolabel imposes:
No unwanted material (musks, formaldehyde, alkyl phenol, quaternary ammoniums, toxic for the environment, reduced allergens). No biocides. Possibility of incorporating dyes: food and unclassified for the environment; Active ingredients of natural origin.

Criteria of the Ecolabel

Performance tests must be performed to prove the effectiveness of the product. Window cleaners must have a water content of less than 95%. Other cleaners must have a water content of less than 90%.
To be Ecolabeled to the extent that the criteria exist (impossible for insecticides, bactericides, stain removers before washing); Choose non-hazardous materials of plant and / or natural origin; Choose perfumes that are part of the Ecolabel and reduced to an allergen; Ensure final biodegradability on the product (OECD 301 and 302) Ensure no hazard symbol on the label.

Nordic Swan label.

This label dates from 1989 and is native to the Scandinavian countries.
The objective of this Ecolabel Nordic label is a reduced list of raw materials, biodegradable surfactants and the limitation in the use of non-biodegradable materials. It also imposes a ban on hazardous materials (CMR, EDTA, NTA ...).
The performance objective of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an assessment of the performance of the products in the field. A test report validated by the certifying body.
Regarding packaging, it is about limiting the amount of packaging and promoting concentrated products.
An annual control audit is scheduled as part of this Ecolabel
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Tork Advanced Hand towel paper folding Ecolabel M package 2310

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Towel hands Tork advanced white Ecolabel folding V parcel of 3750

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Paper hand towel Tork advanced white 23 x 22.6 package of 3000 is a V-folded hand towel for sheet to shee…

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Sprayer for Ecocub glass and surface cleaner

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Empty sprayer for ecocub glass and surface cleaner Product sold in cubitainer of 10 liters reference: 01…

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Sanitary cleaner Ecolabel 5 L

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NSJ 600 of EXEOL is a daily sanitary cleanser ecological for daily maintenance of sanitary surfaces: WC, …

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Tork S4 Premium Antimicrobial Foam Soap 6 x 1 L

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Tork S4 Foam Soap is an easy-to-apply, easy-to-rinse foaming cleansing formula. Hand washing is pleasant …

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Extra soft foam soap Tork S4 Premium 6 x 1 liter

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Tork Foam Soap is an easy-to-apply, easy-rinse foaming cleansing formula. Hand washing is pleasant and ef…

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Ultra Liquid Laundry Wash ecolabel GREEN'R Business Can 3L

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Laundry detergent Ecolabel Green r perfect wash 15 kg

64,80 € HT
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Professional Ecolabel powder laundry detergent. Ingredients based on plant origin. Very effective product…

Christeyns 40 on supply
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