Smart One paper lotus

Lotus Smart One smart one toilet paper dispenser

Smartone Lotus system

Create a system of toilet paper that is both hygienic, convenient, high autonomy and aesthetics, here is the challenge of our clients. SmartOne meets all customer needs through a unique system of central unwinding sheet. Its design blends with the enMotion towel dispenser and soap foam dispenser.

Features and Benefits Lotus SmartOne

The unique characteristics of SmartOne bring real benefits to customers:
Sanitary distribution, maximum efficiency, elegant design.
Easy loading
• The chuck Smartone be removed easily, the roll unwinds through the center.
• Simply form a tip and place the sheet in the center hole.
• It is important to start the sheet before closing the cover Smartone distributor.
Reduced maintenance: The Smartone roll lasts longer, it is changed less often
Transparent cover, used to check the level quickly
• Roll Smartone fully protected in the dispenser
• The user only touches the foil it uses, thereby reducing cross-contamination

Maximum efficiency of the system Smartone

• Strong autonomy
• Less maintenance with Smartone
• Ideal for high traffic health and multiple washroom
• Distribution sheet, reduces consumption by 40%
• Practice the sheet arrives at the center of the camera facing the user
• Sheet size for more comfort
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