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Seko Lefranc Bosi live cleaning plant manufacturer

Seko offers a complete range of assay methods

Seko have several ranges of the fans assays control systems.

A range for the kitchen including soil treatment, surfaces and dishwashing machine.
cleaning plants, dilution, disinfecting, filling, foam spray, peristaltic and electromagnetic pumps.
Surete and health compliance. Simplicity, reliability and robustness.

A car with range of cleaning systems, drying, foam guns, accessories ...

A range of laundry with laundry dispensers, suction rods, level sensors, control boxes, flush manifolds, accessories ...

Pool water treatment range with metering pumps, instruments and measurement and control panels (ORP, chlorine, pH ...). individuals for system, public and semi public.
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Shock to power wash gun anti

63,01 € HT 48,90 € HT
Ref: LB970119E

Anti-shock gun for washing and disinfection unit. The reference for pistols. Protected trigger. Nickel-pl…

Seko 54 In stock

Black check valve back to center

13,45 € HT
Ref: LB000113

Black back check valve with EPDM seal for Central

Seko 19 In stock

Quick tip for washing hose coupler

7,12 € HT
Ref: LB970121

Quick tip coupler hose wash for cleaning plant. Diameter intériereur 12.

Seko 18 In stock

Suction line central product washing

8,86 € HT
Ref: LB970123

Standard suction line central product washing. Equipped with a strainer with eater. Length 1.2 m.

Seko 18 In stock

Viton yellow anti-return valve for central

14,82 € HT
Ref: LB000112

Yellow anti-return valve with FPM VITON seal for central unit. Valve more resistant than the standard val…

Seko 15 In stock

Kit coupler extension hose washing

7,30 € HT
Ref: LB020104

Coupler kit to connect two food washing hose already equipped. Attention, the fact of lengthening is losi…

Seko 15 In stock

Suction Insect Killer

153,00 € HT 99,00 € HT
Ref: 8551360

The suction insect destroyer is totally hygienic because there is no electrocution of insects (and theref…

Seko 12 In stock

Central cleaning disinfection product 1 15 m 5 L tin

356,00 € HT 259,00 € HT
Ref: CEP1150APA0

A cleaning center will allow you to meet the requirements of hygiene and cleaning especially in complianc…

Seko 12 In stock

Quick tip coupler Central gun

3,74 € HT
Ref: LB970122

Quick tip coupler Central gun cleaning and disinfection. Diameter 1/2 M.

Seko 10 In stock

Central cleaning disinfection product 1 25 m 5 L tin

382,00 € HT 279,00 € HT
Ref: CEP1250APA0

Cleaning and disinfection plant for 1 product. Centrale delivered with a complete connection kit, 1 cani…

Seko 10 In stock

Tygon suction line product central washing

22,74 € HT
Ref: LB100123

Tygon suction line produced central washing. Tygon line for increased resistance to chemistry. Equipped w…

Seko 10 In stock

Central cleaning disinfection product 1 10 m 5 L tin

345,00 € HT 251,00 € HT
Ref: CEP1100APA0

Cleaning and disinfection unit for 1 product for 5 liter canister, hose length 10 m. Control unit deliver…

Seko 9 In stock

Central venturi valve cleaning product 2

106,40 € HT
Ref: LB02-0102

Venturi valve for cleaning two central product Lefranc Bosi. Comes with black and white EPDM seal valve.

Seko 9 In stock

Lance spray cleaning plant 90 cm

48,46 € HT
Ref: LB060105

Spray lance for central cleaning and cleaning station length 90 cm. Lance equipped with handle, a spray …

Seko 9 In stock

Central flushing hose for washing 70 ° c - 20 bars L - 15 meters

76,33 € HT
Ref: LB970116

Washing hose for washing unit 70°c - 20 bars L - 15 meters. Flexible in 5 bonded layers. Price per crown …

Seko 8 In stock

Central cleaning disinfection 1 m 15 basic product can 5 L

333,00 € HT 233,00 € HT
Ref: POS1150APA0

Central cleaning and disinfection for 1 product. Control unit delivered with a complete connection kit, 1…

Seko 8 In stock

Repair kit Central cleaning gun

28,89 € HT
Ref: LB970120

Repair kit for central anti shock gun cleaning.

Seko 8 In stock

Central venturi valve cleaning 1 Product

65,15 € HT
Ref: LB02-0101

Venturi valve for central cleaning a SEKO product. Supplied with black and white valve EPDM seal.

Seko 7 In stock

Power washing cleaning hose 15 m 2 basic products can 5 L

401,00 € HT 292,00 € HT
Ref: POS2150APA0

Central cleaning and disinfection for 2 products. Central delivered with a complete connection kit, 2 x 5…

Seko 7 In stock

Cover Central 14 cleaning nozzles

10,95 € HT
Ref: LB970103N

Pockets of 15 colored nozzles of different diameters to adjust the percentage of product to be injected. …

Seko 6 In stock
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