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You will find our range of swimming pool products with packages tailored to professionals and individuals with automatic metering product pool.
The product range includes especially swimming pool treatment to two chlorine concentration in 36 ° or 48 ° chl chl depending on the type of assay and the pH adjuster in liquid tin minus 34 kg / 25 liters. These products are sold with pool volume discounts for large consumer prices pallet or half pallet. In case of high volume, do not hesitate to contact us by identifying the product reference pool and the quantities. / Endheader /
The pool water is an ideal environment for the development of harmful micro-organisms that may pose a risk to bathing your loved ones. More in developing, they will make the water cloudy going green and slippery walls, leading to a fall hazard.

Method with product pool chlorine-based treatment: This is the traditional and economic process as the most common disinfection giving the most results with respect to regulators bathing. The chlorine roller is placed in the skimmer or in the dosing of repression. These rollers pool chlorine decompose slowly in the pool water by generating hypochlorous acid. In this case treatment chlorine level in the pool should be monitored daily with testers chlorine / pH / Brome. In the case of significant non-chlorination, you can correct quickly using chlorine shock is in the form of powder directly to the years and so quickly up the chlorine pool water. This is usually done early in the season, after an intensive use of the pool or in the case of heat and thunderstorms. The use of a chlorine stabilizer allows you to limit this loss. Be careful not to add too much chlorine stabilizer for your pool would be "superstabilized", which is not the objective.

Chlorine can also be in the form of liquid chlorine. Chlorine is then injected by a metering pump including a peristaltic pump type pump for chlorine and one for pH adjustment. In this case the liquid is used as a pH minus cannister 25 or 30 liters to be placed under the metering pH Chlorine.
Sensors placed at the flow to measure the concentrations of chlorine and pH. In this case a control chlorine levels and pH manually is unnecessary priori if your metering installation and especially your probes work well. This is often the case, but to avert any unpleasant surprises (a machine remains a machine), a periodic monitoring will allow you to ensure proper operation of the metering chlorine pH and associated probes.

Product based pool salt electrolysis: This process generates sodium hypochlorite, chlorine rich simply by electrolysis of water basin will be slightly salty. The device will work on the discharge line as close to the area in the equipment room to avoid damaging other equipment. It is a powerful disinfectant.

Product pool-based active oxygen: active oxygen is odorless, liquid or solid form, it is disinfectant and algaecide. It makes soft and pleasant water.

Product pool bromine-based: This halogen, natural disinfectant, is extracted from salt springs. Bromine is remarkably effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and for the oxidation of impurities in the pool water. Bromine is effective thanks to its highly efficient bactericidal bactericidal power and its ability to regenerate, this principle, which requires a metering device, formed upon contact with water from the disinfectant hypobromous acid. Bromine cleaning the skin and eyes, and prevents unpleasant odors. Bromine remains effective at high temperatures.

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