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Hand disinfection

Hand disinfection method

Hand disinfection especially through the use of hydroalcoholic solution and gel. Our hand disinfection protocol will allow you to put in place good habits to limit cross contamination.
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liquid hand soap bottle 5 L

6,90 € HT
Ref: EXEO226

Hand washing gel for the daily cleaning of hands in communities, EP, CHR, industries, hospitals and medic…

Exeol 446 In stock

Hydroalcoholic gel anios 75ml

0,69 € HT
Ref: 1516274

Hydroalcoholic gel anios 75ml. Hydroalcoholic gel for hand disinfection by friction in the absence of a w…

Anios 212 In stock

bactericidal soap 5L

16,30 € HT
Ref: EXEO146

LLVM 400 from Exeol is a hygienic washing lotion for washing and disinfecting hands. Application: Communi…

Exeol 154 In stock

Hydroalcoholic gel solution desinfectante Comet gel 5 L

21,10 € HT
Ref: 895225

Comet gel hydroalcoholic disinfectant gel canister 5 liters. Comet gel is a hydroalcoholic solution for d…

Comet 141 In stock

Pump bottle soap exotic fruits 300 ml

2,75 € HT
Ref: 007172

Marseille liquid soap for hands with an exotic fruit fragrance. Authentic soap made in cauldrons by maste…

Neutre 136 In stock

Deb Original foam purmouss foam soap 6X1 L

82,50 € HT 59,30 € HT
Ref: ORG1L

Deb Original foam wash is the new version of the Purmouss Original foam. Deb original foam generates an i…

DEB 122 In stock

Bulk liquid soap foam in 5 liter

16,40 € HT
Ref: 888648

Specially designed for foam soap dispensers. Gentle product recommended for frequent washing, suitable f…

Neutre 74 In stock

Hydroalcoholic gel Tork S1 6X1L

80,15 € HT 48,90 € HT
Ref: 420103

Tork hydroalcoholic gel refill 1000 ml is suitable for the Tork S1 dispenser. In addition to washing your…

Tork 55 In stock

Soft foam soap Tork S4 premium 6X1 L

98,00 € HT 67,90 € HT
Ref: 520501

Tork Foam Soap is a foaming washing formula that is easy to apply and easy to rinse. Hand washing is nice…

Tork 30 In stock

Foam soap Deb Clear Foam Wash gentle cleansing Ecolabel 6X1000 ml

84,12 € HT 61,45 € HT
Ref: CLR1L

Foam Soap Deb Clear Foam Wash Gentle Wash Ecolabel is a gentle cleansing foam for hands and body, without…

DEB 22 In stock

Deb Oxybac extra foam hand sanitizer 6X1L

99,18 € HT 69,80 € HT

Deb Oxybac extra is a very creamy, disinfectant hand wash foam, without perfume or coloring. Combination …

DEB 12 In stock

Disinfectant soap PureBac Deb Foam Wash carton 6 x 1000 ml

92,64 € HT

Deb PureBac Foam Wash disinfectant soap. Fragrance-free antimicrobial hand wash foam, containing DidecylD…

DEB 10 In stock

Deb Clear Foaming Foam Wash gentle cleansing Ecolabel 3 x 1200 ml

53,01 € HT 39,75 € HT

Gentle cleansing foam for hands and body, fragrance and dye free. Suitable for all types of sanitary faci…

DEB 9 In stock

Disinfectant soap Agrobacterium Deb Lotion Wash 6 x 1000 ml

78,42 € HT 54,90 € HT

Anti-microbial hand washing lotion, extremely effective, fragrance free, containing Chlorhexidine Digluco…

DEB 9 In stock

Deb Azure Foam Wash foam soap 3x1200 ml

52,02 € HT 43,25 € HT

Gentle cleansing foam for hands and body. Floral scent. Suitable for all types of sanitary facilities (of…

DEB 7 In stock

Tork S3 Luxury Foam Soap 4 x 800 ml

72,50 € HT
Ref: 500902

Tork Premium Luxury foam soap in 800 ml cartridge for Tork S3 infrared cell dispenser. New soap formula …

Tork 6 In stock

Foam soap Deb oxybac Foam Wash antimicrobial 3 x 1200 ml

59,64 € HT 45,45 € HT

Antimicrobial cleansing foam for the hands, without perfume, nor dye, very smooth. This foam soap is suit…

DEB 6 In stock

Disinfectant soap Agrobacterium Deb Lotion Wash 4 x 2000 ml

91,80 € HT

Deb AgroBac Lotionwash is an extremely effective hand washing lotion, without perfume or dye. Developed s…

DEB 6 In stock

Tork S4 Premium Antimicrobial Foam Soap 6 x 1 L

118,15 € HT
Ref: 520800

Tork S4 Foam Soap is an easy-to-apply, easy-to-rinse foaming cleansing formula. Hand washing is pleasant …

Tork 5 In stock

Instantgel gel hydroalcoholic gel solution 6 x 1 L

77,64 € HT 49,00 € HT

Instantgel hydroalcoholic gel is a gelled hydroalcoholic solution intended for the rapid antiseptic treat…

DEB 5 In stock
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