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Taski Go, the reference!
Special cleaning company
Taski Go, the reference!
The new Taski GO dust extractor offers excellent value for money.
Practical and robust design Taski.
Power 900 Watts and 22 kPa and silence 64 db (A)
99 € HT
Solar panel glass kit
Solar panel glass kit
Cleaning in pure water is ideal for the maintenance of windows and solar panels. Unger offers nLite poles allowing you to work up to 22 m in height without a basket or ladder. Unger has the solution that will meet your expectations.
Exceptional offer
Exceptional offer
The Taski Swingo 150 scrubber is an ultra compact scrubber with a brush speed of 1700 rpm. Immediate suction to make the surface open
to the public from the end of the cleaning.
Ergonomic and guaranteed Taski France after-sales service.
1 294 € HT

Cleaning equipment from major brands at a competitive price

Tongue fringe and pockets

1,95 € HT
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J-Cloth Plus biodegradable cloth

6,15 € HT

Ergotec Unger 35 cm window squeegee

16,20 € HT
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Bibac double bucket trolley with press

31,90 € HT
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Unger 15L Double Bin Washing Trolley

99,95 € HT
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2x15 L trolley with jaw press

59 € HT

Central cleaning disinfection 1 product 15m

199 € HT
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Household trolley VDM ideatop 5 press

164 € HT
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Scraping green tamponge pack of 10

3,70 € HT
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Clearance cleaning equipment

Nilfisk SC100

Cleaning equipment what about standards, color codes ...?

Cleaning in a professional environment is now a profession in its own right. The constraints linked to standards such as HACCP in the out-of-home catering environment, nosocomial transmission in hospitals, have led manufacturers to offer tools adapted to a more rigorous methodology.
We no longer speak of "cleaning" but of disinfection and mastery of cleaning.
In this context, we can offer you cleaning protocols and cleaning equipment associated with the use of most professional cleaning products.
The implementation of color codes in the different areas to be maintained has become the rule in order to create hygiene "barriers" between these areas. In fact, the cleaning of the toilets must imperatively be done with different cleaning tools than in the kitchen area for example. The choice of cloths with these color codes is the solution.
This methodology of classification by color makes it possible to avoid "cross-contamination" . That is to say by avoiding that a mop are used both on sanitary facilities and on high surfaces for example, which would have the effect of carrying germs from one point to another.

Professional cleaning equipment since 1981

Voussert has been offering you since 1981 a range of unparalleled cleaning equipment on the market in partnership with the biggest French, European and World brands.
The choice of qualitative partners such as Numatic, Unger, Vileda, Taski, 3M ... ensures compliance with standards in terms of origin, manufacture, use and durability. Investing in a cleaning method means investing in durability and reliability for better service.
The After Sales Service is also an essential point in the choice of cleaning equipment and therefore of the brand.

Partnerships and benchmark logistics

Our partnership with equipment brands such as Numatic for which we are the authorized internet distributor in France, confirms Voussert's professionalism and its mastery in this field.
You will thus find the whole range of cleaning equipment such as scrubbers , single- brushes , vacuum cleaners, high pressure cleaners with our main partners Nilfisk Alto , Numatic and Taski.
In cleaning, themes such as household trolleys Voussert offers you an unrivaled range with many models on stock and immediately available.
The range of window cleaning equipment and solar panels with the Unger brand is in stock with more than 350 references in permanent stock.
Floor cleaning with brands like 3M, Vileda or Spontex are also available. Of course brushes as basic cleaning tools with cloths and microfibers are available.
The catering part is not forgotten with the Seko cleaning units.
Visibility on stocks and availability allows you to be delivered in 24 hours express when the situation requires it.

How do I build my cleaning method and choose my equipment?

The purchase of cleaning equipment must be made from the missions and surfaces to be treated, and not the other way around .
Your cleaning equipment must therefore result from the analysis .
Thus the purchase of a cleaning trolley must correspond to a method that will have been defined with the agents.
The same goes for mechanization. Scrubber rather than single-brush, battery rather than cable, these choices must be guided by site requirements.
Our teams trained on these materials with the support of major brands, associated with an experience of more than 35 will allow us to offer you the appropriate solution and to set a budget as tight as possible without ever touching the quality of service or product.

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  • Reliability

    Since 1981,
    Voussert has been a trusted partner of public institutions, hygiene professionals and all organisations in need of professional cleaning & hygiene solutions. Voussert guarantees commercial transparency and competitive prices on the leading national brands.

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    Find cleaning products, cleaning equipment, ladders, swimming pool products and garden furniture in bulk for Local Government, Hygiene professionals, Cleaning Companies, Hospitals, Retirement Homes, Middle schools, Town halls, Syndicate of co-ownership, agri-food industries.

  • Speed

    With the product you need is just a few clicks away. The vast majority of products on offer are available for speedy delivery.