Disposable tableware, tablecloth and napkin on stock!

Paper towels
Paper towels
Natural embossed disposable paper towel.
Z-folding. Two embossed layers.
100% French manufacturing. 100% recycled paper.
Package of 3000 hand towels.
22 € HT
Dunisoft the reference
dunisoft nonwoven towel
Dunisoft the reference
Bio Dunisoft towels are designed without
material of fossil origin.
Dunisoft towels are now designed
with FSC-certified wood fibres, bark
of lemon from the production of fruit juices and
Ecolabel central unwinding reel
Ecolabel central unwinding reel
Reel of pure white cotton wool 2 layers with central unwinding. Excellent absorption capacity. Made in France and EU Ecolabel compliant
14,90 € HT

All the disposable essential at the right price

CGMP France

23,60 € HT

Gold paper napkin
the 50

1,95 € HT
Limited stock

Hand towel Tork Ecolabel the 4740

46,90 € HT

Cardboard cup 17 cl per 100

3,95 € HT
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Tork Premium Toilet Paper Pack of 30

39,90 € HT
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Dunicel white nonwoven roll Duni

57,50 € HT
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Ecolabel toilet paper
Package 96

19,60 € HT
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central unwinding reel
450 sheets

21,95 € HT
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Disposable tableware, wiping, topping

Destocking disposable crockery, wiping and topping

Tork H1 hand towel
hygiene and design

The disposable range dedicated to professionals

For more than 35 years, we have been offering the broadest range of disposable tableware, tablecloths and disposable napkins on the professional market with reference players such as CGMP, Tork, Duni.
We have developed partnerships with many manufacturers to offer you a disposable cup, through the cocktail napkin or the latest spunbond tablecloths an offer without equal.

Evolution of disposable tableware and biodegradability

Disposable tableware is now moving towards greener concepts by integrating sustainable development into materials. Indeed, the history of disposable tableware is essentially based on polypropylenes (therefore plastics) which have major drawbacks in terms of biodegradability over time.
The emergence of new materials such as cane fiber has made it possible today to propose alternative offers.

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