Brillant Breton the mark of tradition

Brilliant Breton cleanser copper cleaner traditional stainless steel

BRITANT BRETON is a manufacturer of traditional products for metals.

Two flagship products have made the success of Brillant Breton:

- Brilliant blue breton for the maintenance of stainless steel and silverware. The bright blue breton also gives good results on some plastics but also for windows, mirrors and mirrors.

- Brilliant yellow breton for brass and brass. The bright yellow breton is best known and known for cleaning "Zings" or bar counter where it gives an excellent result.

To use Brillant Breton you just need a cotton cloth or non-woven cloth preferably not linting. Put the product directly on the cloth then rub the surfaces or objects to be cleaned. No drying is necessary. You can then rub lightly with a clean, dry cloth to perfect the result.

A tradition of quality.
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Brilliant blue Breton silverware cleaner 1 L

10,95 € HT
Ref: 897102

Brilliant Breton blue is ideal for silverware, mirrors and stainless steel. 1 liter metal bottle. Mainten…

Brillant Breton 201 In stock

Bright yellow Breton brass cleaner 1 L

17,30 € HT
Ref: 897101

Brillant yellow breton is ideal for brass, aluminum and red brass. 1 liter metal bottle. a product of tra…

Brillant Breton 75 In stock
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