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Alcoholic solution

Alcoholic solution desinfectante Anios Deb Stoko

hydroalcolique solution and hygiene

Using hydoalcoolique solution is now widespread since the episodes related to epidemics of H1N1 and avian flu.
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Hydroalcoholic gel solution desinfectante Comet gel 5 L

22,60 € HT
Ref: 895225

Comet gel disinfectant hydroalcoholic gel solution in 5 liter can. Comet gel is a hydroalcoholic solution…

Comet 139 In stock

Hydroalcoholic gel anios 75ml

0,69 € HT
Ref: 1516274

Anios hydroalcoholic gel 75ml. Hydroalcoholic gel for hand disinfection by friction in the absence of a w…

Anios 92 In stock

Hydroalcoholic gel Tork S1 6X1L

81,75 € HT 49,95 € HT
Ref: 420103

Tork hydroalcoholic gel refill 1000 ml is suitable for the Tork S1 dispenser. In addition to washing your…

Tork 42 In stock

Instant Foam Deb 400 ML hydroalcoholic solution

11,03 € HT
Ref: IAX400ML

Deb instant foam is a hydroalcoholic foam with a broad spectrum of biocidal efficacy, for rapid disinfect…

DEB 15 In stock

Alcoholic solution Deb Instant Foam foam 3x1000 ml

69,96 € HT 52,50 € HT

Instant foam Deb Foam hydroalcoholic solution 3 x 1000 ml. Deb InstantFoam, a bactericidal, fungicidal an…

DEB 6 In stock

Deb instant foam hydroalcoholic foam 6x1L

133,26 € HT 102,20 € HT
Ref: IAX1L

Deb instant foam is a hydroalcoholic foam with a broad spectrum of biocidal efficacy, for rapid disinfect…

DEB 5 In stock

Support for dermalcool DER400 gel

15,60 € HT
Ref: BRK400

Support for Dermalcool Gel DER400. The color of the support can be white or red depending on the arrivals…

DEB 4 In stock

Phago rub hydroalcoholic solution hypoallergenic airless 12X1L

81,50 € HT 68,90 € HT
Ref: 65045

The Phago rub SPS solution is intended for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection by friction: as an alt…

Phagogene 2 In stock

Soft Care hydroalcoholic gel solution Des E

109,59 € HT 59,80 € HT
Ref: 101104375

Soft Care hydroalcoholic gel solution Des Care Des E Johnson 6 x 800 ml cartridge. Soft Care Des E is a h…

Diversey 2 In stock

Instantgel hydroalcoholic gel solution cartridge 6x1L

85,02 € HT 72,35 € HT

Hydro-alcoholic gel for rapid disinfection of hands without rinsing. Broad-spectrum biocidal efficacy com…

DEB 1 In stock

Phagorub hydroalcoholic gel 100ml

2,20 € HT
Ref: 60673

The hydroalcoholic gel 100ml Phagorub special sensitive skin gel is a hydro-alcoholic gel for hand disinf…

Phagogene 1 In stock

Phago rub hydroalcoholic gel SPS airless 12x1L

103,10 € HT 87,60 € HT
Ref: 65056

Phago'rub gel SPS is an SPS hydro-alcoholic gel (special sensitive skin) for hand disinfection. Phago'ru…

Phagogene 1 In stock

Instantgel gel hydroalcoholic gel solution 6 x 1 L

77,64 € HT

Instantgel hydroalcoholic gel is a gelled hydroalcoholic solution intended for the rapid antiseptic treat…


Hydroalcoholic gel Anios NPC 3x1 L

26,90 € HT
Ref: 1851239

Hydroalcoholic gel Aanios NPC pack 3 bottles 1 liter with pump Hydroalcoholic gel for hand disinfection b…


Hydroalcoholic gel Phagogene SPS 5L

32,90 € HT
Ref: 65054

Phago'rub gel SPS is a hydro-alcoholic gel for hand disinfection. Phago'rub gel SPS is intended for the h…

Phagogene OBSOLETE
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