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Safety shoe

Parade - Upower safety shoe at factory prices

What safety shoe?

The latest standards in terms of personal protection in the workplace and sometimes even outside but always in the context of a mission (construction site, commercial travel, inspection ...) requires the wearing of appropriate safety shoes. The choice of quality safety shoe and adapted to your job is fundamental.

Safety shoes are characterized by standards. S1, S1P, S2, S3 ... etc. which make it possible to precisely identify the technicality of the safety shoe.
You will find the synthesis of these standards by clicking here .

The choice of the right model of safety shoe will allow you especially to preserve your physical integrity so do not hesitate to contact us.
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Safety shoe Redlion Point S1P SRC

67,75 € HT
Ref: RL20036

Upower Redlion Point safety shoe. Redlion range. Redlion and Infinerdy by BASF technology will accompany …

Upower 58 In stock

Safety shoe man Redlion Carbon S3 SRC

75,20 € HT
Ref: RL20013

Upower Carbon safety shoe. Redlion range. Fastening by lace. The Redlion and Infinerdy by BASF technology…

Upower 52 In stock

Mocassin kitchen Reply S2 SRC

28,50 € HT
Ref: UE20192

Upower kitchen safety shoe Reply S2 SRC the reference in catering trade. Characteristics of the stem: Lo…

Upower 49 In stock

Safety shoe Upower greenland S3 SRC

55,06 € HT
Ref: RR10364

Upower greenland UK S3 SRC safety shoe. High safety shoe type brodequin. This safety shoe is part of the …

Upower 36 In stock

Loafer Moccasin Lucky S1 SRC

28,75 € HT
Ref: TE20191

Kitchen and food industry safety shoes mixed model man woman Upower Lucky S1 SRC. The Lucky safety shoe i…

Upower 35 In stock

Safety boot cold Nordic Plus S3 CI SRC

59,20 € HT
Ref: SO40053

The Upower Nordic Plus Cold Safety Boot is a model for cold weather and low temperatures thanks to its 3M…

Upower 35 In stock

Safety shoe S1P SRC slight Vortix

74,50 € HT 40,95 € HT
Ref: UK20666

The Upower Vortix lightweight safety shoe has a record weight of 490 grs. Comfort and design are also ass…

Upower 33 In stock

Safety shoe light reflex S1P SRC ESD

48,59 € HT
Ref: RI20036

Lightweight reflex Upower safety shoe from the Red Industry range. The Reflex safety shoe has an airtoe c…

Upower 33 In stock

Safety Shoes S1P SRC Sport Trophy

53,07 € HT
Ref: SN20056

Upower Trophy Sport Shoes S1P SRC is a lightweight shoe made from reinforced canvas. This safety shoe is …

Upower 32 In stock

Surge SB-EA-FO Mixed Kitchen Safety Shoe

34,75 € HT
Ref: UW60041

Surge SB-EA-FO kitchen safety shoe is a low shoe type safety shoe. This kitchen safety shoe is suitable …

Upower 31 In stock

Shoe Security Safe S3 SRC RS

23,45 € HT
Ref: UE10013

Safety shoe Upower Safe grain leather grain water repellent. An excellent value for money the top selling…

Upower 30 In stock

Safety shoe man Redlion Bolt S3 SRC

75,20 € HT
Ref: RL20043

Safety shoe Upower Redlion Bolt. Redlion range. Lace closure. Redlion and Infinerdy technology by BASF wi…

Upower 29 In stock

Shoes sport safety LION S3 SRC

60,75 € HT
Ref: SN10014

Upower Lion S3 SRC sports safety shoes. The Lion safety shoe is a light and comfortable shoe with a sport…

Upower 29 In stock

Moccasin black kitchen structure S2 SRC

34,47 € HT
Ref: UW20112

Safety shoe kitchen and food industry Upower Structure. Characteristics of the stem: Lorica water-repell…

Upower 28 In stock

Safety shoe Redlion Emotion S1P SRC

69,40 € HT
Ref: RL20086

Upower Redlion Emotion safety shoe. Redlion range. Lace closure. Redlion and Infinerdy by BASF technology…

Upower 28 In stock

Safety shoe mixed kitchen Shine S2 SRC

37,65 € HT
Ref: UW10012

Mixed high man woman model Upower Shine kitchen shoe. Characteristics of the stem: Lorica water-repellen…

Upower 28 In stock

Safety shoe combination Redlion linkin S3 SRC

67,65 € HT
Ref: RL20254

Safety shoe Upower Redlion linkin. Redlion range. Lace closure. Redlion technology and Infinerdy by BASF …

Upower 27 In stock

Safety moccasin Redlion black S2 SRC

57,20 € HT
Ref: RL20282

Black Upower safety shoe. Redlion range. Redlion technology and Infinerdy by BASF will accompany you with…

Upower 23 In stock

City safety shoe black S3 HRO SRC Venice

47,45 € HT
Ref: MG20044

The city safety shoe of Upower Venice is a shoe with perforated air toe toe and breathable membrane. A ci…

Upower 23 In stock

City safety shoe black S3 HRO SRC London

46,95 € HT
Ref: MG20024

Safety shoe Upower London type city. AirToe composite toecap with perforated safety tip and breathable me…

Upower 22 In stock
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