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Circle of sinnner in cleaning. How is the circle of sinner defined? The 4 axes of Sinner's circle. Product action in Sinner's circle

Sinner’s circle the common sense

In cleaning operations, the final result is influenced by 4 interdependent factors, grouped in the Sinner Circle.
If any of the factors are reduced, this loss must be compensated for by increasing one or more of the other factors.

1st Factor: Chemical Action

Represents the action of an alkaline or acidic detergent solution. This action is increased or decreased by the concentration of pure product contained in the solution (water + product mixture).
It is important to respect product dilution in cleaning operations.
Overdosing and underdosing have implications for the expected result.

2nd Factor: Mechanical Action

It is the action brought by the use of material (monobrush, scrubber) which generates a friction and a pressure.
In the absence of material, the agent is considered as mechanical action by its action of rubbing with a scraper or rubbing.
In cleaning operations, the mechanical action must be modulated in order to avoid alterations of the support.

3rd Factor: Temperature Action

The thermal action is absorbed in several cases in the cleaning activities.
The temperature of the water in the dilution of product: Hot water favors the detergency of a product, and the different powers (wetting power, sequestering).
This concept is found in the case of dishwashers and washing machines where the impact of temperature has a direct influence on the result.
The thermal action is provided by the friction of a disc on a support (spray method, dry etching).
It promotes the action of thermo-reactive products such as products for the spray method and dry cleaners.

4th factor: Time Action

The notion of time or duration of contact is often found in the duration of washing cycles (washing machine or dishwasher).
We also find it explicitly in respect of disinfection standards where any standard is linked to a contact time.

Circle of Sinner

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