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Paper towel

How to choose the paper towel?

Paper towel what are we talking about?

When we talk about "paper towel" this is a generic name in everyday language but technically speaking it covers several types of qualities, manufacturing methods, certifications and sometimes unpleasant surprises on the qualities of the products (non-food inks) .
Paper towels are made from wood pulp which is mixed with water to form a paste. This pulp is then rolled out in a thin layer and dried to form a sheet. The assembly of the sheets in one sheet, two sheets or even three sheets constitutes the "number of folds".
Some towels may also undergo additional processing, such as the addition of dyes or fragrances, before being packaged for sale.

Paper towel or rather wadding

What is called a paper towel is actually made from cellulose wadding .
Cellulose wadding can be recycled (from old paper for example) or pure wadding (from plants). Pure cotton napkins are made from freshly cut wood pulp, while recycled cotton napkins are made from recycled paper .
Pure wadding towels may be softer and more absorbent , but they also have a more negative environmental impact due to the deforestation required to produce the wood pulp. Recycled cotton napkins are more environmentally friendly as they reuse previously used paper, reducing waste and saving natural resources. However, they may be less soft and less absorbent due to the quality of the recycled paper used.
Cgmp wadding towels benefit from the French origin label and are Ecolabel certified.

Natural white towel without optical brightener

Without optical brightener this wadding is 100% natural. Indeed, optical brighteners are often used to achieve a whiteness of the wadding. Recommended to all those (but not only) for whom the raw aspect is a proof of natural quality

Paper towel (wadding) pure color paste and tinted in the mass

Soft to the touch and particularly absorbent, the wadding is guaranteed biodegradable
because it is made entirely from pure cellulose pulp. All the innumerable colors are tinted in the mass. Benefits from the Ecolabel.
The shade determines the price and generally the pastel-colored towel is cheaper than the bright-colored towel , regardless of the manufacturer.

Paper napkin Celi wadding the most embossing

Celi wadding is a technology developed by CGMP and commonly referred to as point-to-point embossing. The Celi-ouate towel has a more resistant material than classic wadding thanks to micro-embossing technology.
The towel, thicker, offers you maximum comfort and the finesse of its weaving aspect, a vaporous elegance.

Personalization of towels

We can customize all these materials from cocktail napkins to large format napkins, from one to several colors.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

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