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Paper towel is what speaks to you?

When speaking of "paper towel" it is a generic name of the current language, but technically speaking it covers several types of qualities, manufacturing methods, certifications and sometimes surprises on the quality of products (non-food inks) .

paper towel or cotton wool rather

That the paper towel called is in fact made of cellulose wadding.
The tissue can be recycled (from waste paper) or pure wool (from plants).
Our cotton towels have the original label and France are certified Ecolabel.

natural white towel without optical brightener

Without optical brightener that is 100% natural cotton. Indeed, the optical brighteners are often used to achieve a white cotton wool.
Recommended to all (but not only) for which the gross appearance is evidence of natural quality

paper towel (cotton) and pure pulp-dyed color

Soft to the touch and particularly absorbent, cotton wool is biodegradable guarantee
because made entirely from pure pulp. All the myriad colors are tinted in the mass. Enjoys the Ecolabel.

paper towel Celiouate most of embossing

The Celiouate is a technology developed by CGMP and that is commonly called the embossing tip to tip.
material more resistant than conventional cotton with technology of micro-embossing.
The towel, thicker, offers maximum comfort and finesse of its weaving aspect, a vaporous elegance

Customizing towels

We can customize all these materials to the cocktail napkin in large size towel, a one to several colors.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

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