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KEW no longer exists in time that mark since the early 2000s. The brand was acquired by Nilfisk Alto. The service and parts are still available for some generations and there are aftermarket.

Kew check what is written on your HP

And foremost thing to determine what generation your pressure washer KEW must check what is written on the handle.
Three possibilities: B150, C150 and D150.

KEW generation B150

On the B150 generation is the oldest there remains much room to this day. The difficulty is in the fact that there are more adaptable manufacturing large spears on these models.
This means changing the output of your HP all accessories. Namely, flexible, gun, tube door accessories and nozzles. By cons must check that the hose connection at the pump outlet is screwed. In this case the solution is ready to use the reference 126486741 which includes the hose handle bayonet fitting and pump side screw connection. There is 127440050 tube door accessory bayonet connector where you can put the spears 128500079 and 128500078. Note that the carrier tube accessory can be put on your gun Kew bayonet.

KEW generation C150 and D150

The C150 and D150 you still find the hoses, gun and compatible nozzles. Check if your cleaner is KEW with hose reel or not, because the connection of the hose will be different (screwed or swivel).
There are several flexible Nilfisk Alto adaptable. Must be by check well against gun connections or take flexible gun assembly.
You can then adjust the gun which as a rule is the reference 128 500 072 G5 for C150 generation.
You then put this behind G5 gun tube and accessory holder 127,440,050 128,500,079 128,500,078 and spears.
For HP whose pressure is less than 140 bars you can also refer you to a handful G4 128 500 071 tube with door accessory and click clean. For against this implies that you can put all accessories clean and click but more bayonet.

For the KEW accessories you can click on this link .
For specific parts like switch, fuse etc. ... you must have broke cleaner KEW to find room on this link .

France is ALTO KEW

If you do not have this burst you can contact directly Alto France at 869 0825 300 to get the part number or exploded the device and then order the part on the link above. We deliver these items within 72 hours (stock France) to 12 days (stock Germany).
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High pressure washers Nilfisk Alto Poseidon 2-22 XT

906,00 € HT 529,00 € HT
Ref: 128471354

MC 2C-120/520 XT cold water pressure washers combining performance, efficiency and ergonomics. The pressu…

Nilfisk Alto 6 In stock

Nilfisk Alto MC 3C-150/570 XT high pressure cleaner

1 360,00 € HT 998,00 € HT
Ref: 107146524

The Nilfisk MC 3C-150/570 XT cold water high pressure washer combining performance, efficiency, ergonomic…

Nilfisk Alto 4 In stock

Powerspeed bayonet nozzle high pressure Nilfisk Alto Kew P150 P160

37,50 € HT
Ref: 128500079

Powerspeed nozzle for pressure washer Nilfisk Alto P150 and P160 series and Kew bayonet connector C150. …

Nilfisk Alto 4 In stock

High pressure washer Nilfisk Alto MC 2C-T 120

796,00 € HT 494,00 € HT
Ref: 128471352

The MC 2C-120/520 T cold water high pressure cleaner combines performance, efficiency, ergonomics and lon…

Nilfisk Alto 3 In stock

Pressure washers Nilfisk Alto MC 3C-150/660

1 206,00 € HT 834,00 € HT
Ref: 107146376

High pressure cleaner MC 3C-150/660 Nilfisk Alto the professional generation. Mobile cold water high pres…

Nilfisk Alto 3 In stock

Nilfisk Alto MC 5C-280 Petrol High Pressure Cleaner

3 133,00 € HT 1 994,00 € HT
Ref: 106404538

The Nilfisk MC 5C-280/1000 PE range of high pressure washers are ideal for use in areas where electricity…

Nilfisk Alto 2 In stock

Extension hose pressure washer 7M Nilfisk Alto

69,90 € HT
Ref: 6410760

Flexible extension for Kew Dynamic high pressure cleaner without hose reel and Kew Hobby cleaner. Screw c…

Nilfisk Alto 2 In stock

High pressure hose Nilfisk C100

71,30 € HT
Ref: 126486802

High pressure hose Nilfisk C100. High Pressure Hose 5.20 meters for Nilfisk C 100 Pressure Washer

Nilfisk Alto 1 In stock

Anti-lime cleaner Nilfisk anti stone 6X1L

62,45 € HT
Ref: 105301631

Nilfisk anti stone is a liquid, neutral preventative formulated to prevent or inhibit performance-reducin…

Nilfisk Alto 1 In stock

Rimtop SV1 high pressure aluminum rim cleaner 10 L

54,00 € HT 48,60 € HT
Ref: 105301660

Nilfisk Rim Top Pressure Washer Rim Cleaner is a liquid, acidic, foaming, pre-spray agent that removes de…

Nilfisk Alto 1 In stock

Sandblasting Kit pressure washer Nilfisk ALTO red dot

96,20 € HT
Ref: 6410758

Sandblasting Kit for Nilfisk Alto high pressure for model 150 and 160. Allows you to effectively remove r…

Nilfisk Alto 1 In stock

Déboucheur pipe 15 m

49,80 € HT
Ref: 6410766

Unblocking drains length 15 m high-pressure cold water Nilfisk Alto. Fits all models of pressure washer a…

Nilfisk Alto 1 In stock

Nilfisk Alto MC 4M-180/740 XT high pressure cleaner

1 882,00 € HT 1 197,00 € HT
Ref: 107146410

High pressure cleaner MC 4M-180/740 XT Nilfisk Blue Line is part of the professional generation. Mobile c…

Nilfisk Alto 1 In stock

Nilfisk Alto MC 4C-210 Petrol High Pressure Washer

2 494,00 € HT 1 938,00 € HT
Ref: 106404535

The Alto MC 4C-210 range of High Pressure Washers is ideal for use in areas where electricity is not avai…

Nilfisk Alto 1 on supply

Vehicle wash Nilfisk allosil 10L

44,55 € HT
Ref: 105301630

Nilfisk Allosil SV1 is a liquid, medium-alkaline, slightly foaming detergent for washing in places where …

Nilfisk Alto AVAILABLE 12 DAYS

Nilfisk Alto MC 4M-160/620 high pressure cleaner

1 615,00 € HT 1 198,00 € HT
Ref: 107146400

High pressure cleaner MC 4M-160/620 230/1/50/13 EU Nilfisk Blue Line is part of the professional generati…

Nilfisk Alto AVAILABLE 12 DAYS

High pressure washers Nilfisk Alto Poseidon 2-29 XT 600l 160 bars

1 231,00 € HT 994,00 € HT
Ref: 128471359

The Nilfisk MC 2C-150/650 XT EU cold water high pressure cleaner combines performance, efficiency, ergono…

Nilfisk Alto AVAILABLE 12 DAYS

High pressure washer Nilfisk Alto 2C MC-150

947,00 € HT 774,00 € HT
Ref: 128471358

MC 2C-150/650 cold water high pressure cleaners combining performance, efficiency, ergonomics and longevi…

Nilfisk Alto AVAILABLE 12 DAYS

Nilfisk Alto ™ 3C-180 Petrol High Pressure Washer

2 112,00 € HT 1 685,00 € HT
Ref: 106404533

The Alto MC 3C-180/750 PE T range of High Pressure Washers is ideal for use in areas where electricity is…

Nilfisk Alto AVAILABLE 12 DAYS

High pressure washers Nilfisk Alto Poseidon 5-54 diesel

7 968,00 € HT 5 976,00 € HT
Ref: 106174740

Cold water high pressure cleaner combustion engine. Pump pressure 195 bars. 5.4 Impact on the pump. Water…

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