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Steam: The key to cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace

Steam Cleaning Hygiene in accordance with the steam cleaner

Clean "hygienically" means eliminate any contact with the bacteria, germs, mites, fungi and pollen, removing any possibility of damaging pathogens and disease carriers. Nothing escapes the steam used in the steam cleaner, not even the smallest dirt particles and action beneficial against frequent dust allergies is guaranteed. Cultures of fungi and bacteria are eliminated effectively thanks to the high temperature generated by a steam cleaner and especially the models of professional steam cleaner Polti.

Just flip through the pages of a newspaper to realize how health and environmental concerns are fundamental to our well-being and proper notresanté.Un deep cleansing, able to disinfect and therefore destroy bacteria and fungi, is absolutely essential to prevent serious illness and even ensure a healthy environment and decontaminated. The bacteria of the family Enterobacteriaceae can for example proliferate in places where raw materials of plant and animal origin and feed are stored and processed. They may pose a threat and cause many pathologies. These bacteria are characterized by a high sensitivity to heat, as was shown by tests made with the Scientific Institute Breda MFDs Polti. Enterobacteriaceae were radically destroyed and brought to zero after only 5 seconds of exposure to the Polti steam, followed by aspiration! Temperature and high pressure steam Polti allow disinfects without detergents or disinfectants.

Science confirms

The University of Cambridge has shown that Polti steam generated by a steam cleaner arrives to destroy 98% of mites carpet, a carpet or mattress with allergen reduction of 86%.
Dermatological Hospital Lyon has checked against the effects of the Polti steam cleaner steam when it comes to decontaminate linen and premises carrying scabies mites. Mites, exposed for five seconds steam emitted by boilers steam cleaners Polti were eliminated completely. General clinical studies deTokyo Centre showed that Polti steam vapor cleaner arrives to remove any type of bactérie. These results leave no doubt: the steam at high temperature and high pressure boilers Polti is able to reduce not only the number of live mites but also denature allergens and their products carrying valuable decontaminating action. This has again been confirmed by the British Allergy Foundation, which issued the "Seal of Approval" for Polti products.

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